Past Simple or Present Perfect Exercise 1 Choose Past Simple or Present Perfect 1

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Past Simple or Present Perfect Exercise 1

Choose Past Simple or Present Perfect 1

Change the verb into the correct form of the past simple or present perfect

Exercise 1

1) Last night I lost(lose) my keys - I had to call my flatmate to let me in.

2) I've lost(lose) my keys - can you help me look for them?

3) I 've visited(visit) Paris three times.

4) Last year I visited (visit) Paris.

5) I knew(know) Julie for three years - we still meet once a month.

6) I  've known(know) Julie for three years - we still meet once a month.

7) I 've played (play) Hockey since I was a child - I'm pretty good!

8) She played(play) hockey at school but she didn't like it.

9) Sorry, I 've missed(miss) the bus - I'm going to be late.

10) I missed (miss) the bus and then I missed(miss) the aeroplane as well!

11) Last month I went  (go) to Scotland.

12) I'm sorry, John isn't here now. He's gone (go) to the shops.

13) Wefinished (finish) this room last week.

14) I've finished(finish) my exams finally - I'm so happy!

15) Yesterday, Isaw (see) all of my friends. It was great.

16) I've seen (see) Julie three times this week

17) She's lived (live) in London since 1994.

18) Shelived (live) in London when she was a child.

19) I've drunk(drink) three cups of coffee today.

20) Idrank(drink) three cups of coffee yesterday.

Choose Past Simple or Present Perfect 2

Make the correct form of the past simple or the present perfect

Exercise 2

1) I 've seen (see) three police cars this morning.

2) After he arrived(arrive) home, heunpacked (unpack) and  went (go) to bed early.

3) A:What'swrong?B: I 've broken(break) a glass.

4) My grandparents onlyknew  (know) each other for a few months before theygot (get) married.

5) I've been(be) in London for three years. I love it here.

6) Wesaw (see) Julie last night.

7) He was(be) a teacher before hebecame (become) a musician.

8) When the bosswalked (walk) into the room weknew (know) someone was going to get fired.

9) The childrenbroke (break) a window in the school last week.

10) Hesaw (see) that film last year.

Exercise 3

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or present perfect simple).

  1. A: (you / buy) Have you boughtthe tickets for our journey yet?

  2. B: Yes, I (go) went to the station yesterday and (buy) bought the tickets.

  3. A: What time (you / go) did you gothere?

  4. B: I (take) tooka friend to the station in the morning. His train (leave)left at 9:45.

  5. A: (you / pack) Have you packedyour bags yet?

  6. B: Of course. And I (ask / already) have already askedmy neighbour to empty my letter box. What about you?

  7. B: I (pack) packedmy bags two days ago.

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