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Author(s): Puls, W (Puls, W.); van Bernem, KH (van Bernem, K. -H.); Eppel, D (Eppel, D.); Kapitza, H (Kapitza, H.); Pleskachevsky, A (Pleskachevsky, A.); Riethmuller, R (Riethmueller, R.); Vaessen, B (Vaessen, B.)

Source: HELGOLAND MARINE RESEARCH  Volume: 66  Issue: 3  Pages: 345-361  DOI: 10.1007/s10152-011-0275-y  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Symbiosis of sea anemones and hermit crabs: different resource utilization patterns in the Aegean Sea

Author(s): Vafeiadou, AM (Vafeiadou, Anna-Maria); Antoniadou, C (Antoniadou, Chryssanthi); Chintiroglou, C (Chintiroglou, Chariton)

Source: HELGOLAND MARINE RESEARCH  Volume: 66  Issue: 3  Pages: 385-392  DOI: 10.1007/s10152-011-0279-7  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Assessing fish collections from random and fixed site sampling methods on the Illinois River

Author(s): McClelland, MA (McClelland, Michael A.); Sass, GG (Sass, Greg G.)

Source: JOURNAL OF FRESHWATER ECOLOGY  Volume: 27  Issue: 3  Pages: 325-333  DOI: 10.1080/02705060.2012.658213  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Effects of the hydroperiod on the vegetative and community structure of freshwater forested wetlands, Chile

Author(s): Correa-Araneda, FJ (Correa-Araneda, F. J.); Urrutia, J (Urrutia, J.); Soto-Mora, Y (Soto-Mora, Y.); Figueroa, R (Figueroa, R.); Hauenstein, E (Hauenstein, E.)

Source: JOURNAL OF FRESHWATER ECOLOGY  Volume: 27  Issue: 3  Pages: 459-470  DOI: 10.1080/02705060.2012.668719  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Metabolic suppression in thecosomatous pteropods as an effect of low temperature and hypoxia in the eastern tropical North Pacific

Author(s): Maas, AE (Maas, Amy E.); Wishner, KF (Wishner, Karen F.); Seibel, BA (Seibel, Brad A.)

Source: MARINE BIOLOGY  Volume: 159  Issue: 9  Pages: 1955-1967  DOI: 10.1007/s00227-012-1982-x  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Molecular Survey of the Occurrence of Legionella spp., Mycobacterium spp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Amoeba Hosts in Two Chloraminated Drinking Water Distribution Systems

Author(s): Wang, H (Wang, Hong); Edwards, M (Edwards, Marc); Falkinham, JO (Falkinham, Joseph O., III); Pruden, A (Pruden, Amy)

Source: APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY  Volume: 78  Issue: 17  Pages: 6285-6294  DOI: 10.1128/AEM.01492-12  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Species richness measures fail in resolving diversity patterns of speciose forest moth assemblages

Author(s): Fiedler, K (Fiedler, Konrad); Truxa, C (Truxa, Christine)

Source: BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION  Volume: 21  Issue: 10  Pages: 2499-2508  DOI: 10.1007/s10531-012-0311-5  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Impacts of Argentine ants on invertebrate communities with below-ground consequences

Author(s): Stanley, MC (Stanley, Margaret C.); Ward, DF (Ward, Darren F.)

Source: BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION  Volume: 21  Issue: 10  Pages: 2653-2669  DOI: 10.1007/s10531-012-0324-0  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Altitudinal variation and conservation priorities of vegetation along the Great Rift Valley escarpment, northern Ethiopia

Author(s): Aynekulu, E (Aynekulu, Ermias); Aerts, R (Aerts, Raf); Moonen, P (Moonen, Pieter); Denich, M (Denich, Manfred); Gebrehiwot, K (Gebrehiwot, Kindeya); Vagen, TG (Vagen, Tor-Gunnar); Mekuria, W (Mekuria, Wolde); Boehmer, HJ (Boehmer, Hans Juergen)

Source: BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION  Volume: 21  Issue: 10  Pages: 2691-2707  DOI: 10.1007/s10531-012-0328-9  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Habitat-specific feeding by cownose rays (Rhinoptera bonasus) of the northern Gulf of Mexico

Author(s): Ajemian, MJ (Ajemian, Matthew Joseph); Powers, SP (Powers, Sean Paul)

Source: ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY OF FISHES  Volume: 95  Issue: 1  Special Issue: SI  Pages: 79-97  DOI: 10.1007/s10641-011-9858-3  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Comparative feeding ecology of shortfin mako, blue and thresher sharks in the California Current

Author(s): Preti, A (Preti, Antonella); Soykan, CU (Soykan, Candan U.); Dewar, H (Dewar, Heidi); Wells, RJD (Wells, R. J. David); Spear, N (Spear, Natalie); Kohin, S (Kohin, Suzanne)

Source: ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY OF FISHES  Volume: 95  Issue: 1  Special Issue: SI  Pages: 127-146  DOI: 10.1007/s10641-012-9980-x  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Coastline Dune Vegetation Dynamics: Evidence of No Stability

Author(s): Ciccarelli, D (Ciccarelli, Daniela); Bacaro, G (Bacaro, Giovanni); Chiarucci, A (Chiarucci, Alessandro)

Source: FOLIA GEOBOTANICA  Volume: 47  Issue: 3  Pages: 263-275  DOI: 10.1007/s12224-011-9118-5  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Characterization of hydraulic habitat and retention across different channel types; introducing a new field-based technique

Author(s): Milner, VS (Milner, V. S.); Gilvear, DJ (Gilvear, D. J.)

Source: HYDROBIOLOGIA  Volume: 694  Issue: 1  Pages: 219-233  DOI: 10.1007/s10750-012-1164-3  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Phylogenetic and ecological structure of Mediterranean caddisfly communities at various spatio-temporal scales

Author(s): Murria, C (Murria, Cesc); Bonada, N (Bonada, Nuria); Arnedo, MA (Arnedo, Miquel A.); Zamora-Munoz, C (Zamora-Munoz, Carmen); Prat, N (Prat, Narcis); Vogler, AP (Vogler, Alfried P.)

Source: JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY  Volume: 39  Issue: 9  Pages: 1621-1632  DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2699.2012.02729.x  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Long-term changes and ant-exclusion effects on the true bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) of an organic citrus grove

Author(s): Pinol, J (Pinol, Josep); Ribes, E (Ribes, Eva); Ribes, J (Ribes, Jordi); Espadaler, X (Espadaler, Xavier)

Source: AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT  Volume: 158  Pages: 127-131  DOI: 10.1016/j.agee.2012.06.004  Published: SEP 1 2012  

Title: Food web structure in Mediterranean streams: exploring stabilizing forces in these ecosystems

Author(s): Sanchez-Carmona, R (Sanchez-Carmona, R.); Encina, L (Encina, L.); Rodriguez-Ruiz, A (Rodriguez-Ruiz, A.); Rodriguez-Sanchez, MV (Rodriguez-Sanchez, M. V.); Granado-Lorencio, C (Granado-Lorencio, C.)

Source: AQUATIC ECOLOGY  Volume: 46  Issue: 3  Pages: 311-324  DOI: 10.1007/s10452-012-9400-5  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Changes in community composition, carbon and nitrogen stable isotope signatures and feeding strategy in epilithic aquatic nematodes along a depth gradient

Author(s): Peters, L (Peters, Lars); Faust, C (Faust, Carsten); Traunspurger, W (Traunspurger, Walter)

Source: AQUATIC ECOLOGY  Volume: 46  Issue: 3  Pages: 371-384  DOI: 10.1007/s10452-012-9408-x  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Influence of enumeration time periods on analyzing colonization features and taxonomic relatedness of periphytic ciliate communities using an artificial substratum for marine bioassessment

Author(s): Zhang, W (Zhang, Wei); Xu, HL (Xu, Henglong); Jiang, Y (Jiang, Yong); Zhu, MZ (Zhu, Mingzhuang); Al-Rasheid, KAS (Al-Rasheid, Khaled A. S.)

Source: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH  Volume: 19  Issue: 8  Pages: 3619-3627  DOI: 10.1007/s11356-012-0938-5  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Estimated copepod production rate and structure of mesozooplankton communities in the coastal Barents Sea during summer-autumn 2007

Author(s): Dvoretsky, VG (Dvoretsky, Vladimir G.); Dvoretsky, AG (Dvoretsky, Alexander G.)

Source: POLAR BIOLOGY  Volume: 35  Issue: 9  Pages: 1321-1342  DOI: 10.1007/s00300-012-1175-6  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Abundance and distribution of invertebrate larvae in the Bellingshausen Sea (West Antarctica)

Author(s): Ameneiro, J (Ameneiro, J.); Mourino-Carballido, B (Mourino-Carballido, B.); Parapar, J (Parapar, J.); Vazquez, E (Vazquez, E.)

Source: POLAR BIOLOGY  Volume: 35  Issue: 9  Pages: 1359-1373  DOI: 10.1007/s00300-012-1177-4  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Feeding ecology of dominant groundfish in the northern Bering Sea

Author(s): Cui, XH (Cui, Xuehua); Grebmeier, JM (Grebmeier, Jacqueline M.); Cooper, LW (Cooper, Lee W.)

Source: POLAR BIOLOGY  Volume: 35  Issue: 9  Pages: 1407-1419  DOI: 10.1007/s00300-012-1180-9  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Hexavalent chromium reduction, uptake and oxidative biomarkers in Halimione portulacoides

Author(s): Duarte, B (Duarte, B.); Silva, V (Silva, V); Cacador, I (Cacador, I)

Source: ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY  Volume: 83  Pages: 1-7  DOI: 10.1016/j.ecoenv.2012.04.026  Published: SEP 1 2012  

Title: A Before-After-Control-Impact Analysis of the Effects of a Mississippi River Freshwater Diversion on Estuarine Nekton in Louisiana, USA

Author(s): de Mutsert, K (de Mutsert, Kim); Cowan, JH (Cowan, James H., Jr.)

Source: ESTUARIES AND COASTS  Volume: 35  Issue: 5  Pages: 1237-1248  DOI: 10.1007/s12237-012-9522-y  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Composition and dynamics of biostimulated indigenous oil-degrading microbial consortia from the Irish, North and Mediterranean Seas: a mesocosm study

Author(s): Gertler, C (Gertler, Christoph); Nather, DJ (Naether, Daniela J.); Cappello, S (Cappello, Simone); Gerdts, G (Gerdts, Gunnar); Quilliam, RS (Quilliam, Richard S.); Yakimov, MM (Yakimov, Michail M.); Golyshin, PN (Golyshin, Peter N.)

Source: FEMS MICROBIOLOGY ECOLOGY  Volume: 81  Issue: 3  Pages: 520-536  DOI: 10.1111/j.1574-6941.2012.01377.x  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: A protective coat of microorganisms on macroalgae: inhibitory effects of bacterial biofilms and epibiotic microbial assemblages on barnacle attachment

Author(s): Nasrolahi, A (Nasrolahi, Ali); Stratil, SB (Stratil, Stephanie B.); Jacob, KJ (Jacob, Katharina J.); Wahl, M (Wahl, Martin)

Source: FEMS MICROBIOLOGY ECOLOGY  Volume: 81  Issue: 3  Pages: 583-595  DOI: 10.1111/j.1574-6941.2012.01384.x  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Molecular characterization of the microbial communities in the subcaudal gland secretion of the European badger (Meles meles)

Author(s): Sin, YW (Sin, Yung Wa); Buesching, CD (Buesching, Christina D.); Burke, T (Burke, Terry); Macdonald, DW (Macdonald, David W.)

Source: FEMS MICROBIOLOGY ECOLOGY  Volume: 81  Issue: 3  Pages: 648-659  DOI: 10.1111/j.1574-6941.2012.01396.x  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Analysis of Atlantic bluefin tuna catches from the last Tonnara in the Mediterranean Sea: 1993-2010

Author(s): Addis, P (Addis, Piero); Secci, M (Secci, Marco); Locci, I (Locci, Ivan); Cau, A (Cau, Angelo); Sabatini, A (Sabatini, Andrea)

Source: FISHERIES RESEARCH  Volume: 127  Pages: 133-141  DOI: 10.1016/j.fishres.2012.05.010  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: The effects of mechanical disturbance and burn intensity on the floristic composition of two-year old aggregated retention coupes in Tasmanian wet eucalypt forests

Author(s): Hindrum, L (Hindrum, Liam); Hovenden, MJ (Hovenden, Mark J.); Neyland, MG (Neyland, Mark G.); Baker, SC (Baker, Susan C.)

Source: FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT  Volume: 279  Pages: 55-65  DOI: 10.1016/j.foreco.2012.05.003  Published: SEP 1 2012  

Title: Accelerated succession following an intense wind storm in an oak-dominated forest

Author(s): Holzmueller, EJ (Holzmueller, Eric J.); Gibson, DJ (Gibson, David J.); Suchecki, PF (Suchecki, Paul F.)

Source: FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT  Volume: 279  Pages: 141-146  DOI: 10.1016/j.foreco.2012.05.036  Published: SEP 1 2012  

Title: Patterns of temporal community turnover are spatially synchronous across boreal lakes

Author(s): Angeler, DG (Angeler, David G.); Johnson, RK (Johnson, Richard K.)

Source: FRESHWATER BIOLOGY  Volume: 57  Issue: 9  Pages: 1782-1793  DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2427.2012.02838.x  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Responses of benthic macroinvertebrate communities to altitude and geology in tributaries of the Sepik River (Papua New Guinea): the influence of taxonomic resolution on the detection of environmental gradients

Author(s): Dudgeon, D (Dudgeon, David)

Source: FRESHWATER BIOLOGY  Volume: 57  Issue: 9  Pages: 1794-1812  DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2427.2012.02839.x  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Longitudinal variation in food sources and their use by aquatic fauna along a subtropical river in Taiwan

Author(s): Chang, HY (Chang, Hao-Yen); Wu, SH (Wu, Sheng-Hai); Shao, KT (Shao, Kwang-Tsao); Kao, WY (Kao, Wen-Yuan); Maa, CJW (Maa, Can-Jen W.); Jan, RQ (Jan, Rong-Quen); Liu, LL (Liu, Li-Lian); Tzeng, CS (Tzeng, Chyng-Shyan); Hwang, JS (Hwang, Jiang-Shiou); Hsieh, HL (Hsieh, Hwey-Lian); Kao, SJ (Kao, Shuh-Ji); Chen, YK (Chen, Yu-Kai); Lin, HJ (Lin, Hsing-Juh)

Source: FRESHWATER BIOLOGY  Volume: 57  Issue: 9  Pages: 1839-1853  DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2427.2012.02843.x  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Community structure of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) along an altitudinal gradient on Mt. Sobaeksan, Korea

Author(s): Jung, JK (Jung, Jong-Kook); Kim, ST (Kim, Seung-Tae); Lee, SY (Lee, Sue-Yeon); Park, CG (Park, Chang-Gyu); Park, JK (Park, Jong-Kyun); Lee, JH (Lee, Joon-Ho)

Source: JOURNAL OF ASIA-PACIFIC ENTOMOLOGY  Volume: 15  Issue: 3  Special Issue: SI  Pages: 487-494  DOI: 10.1016/j.aspen.2012.05.007  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Do macrophytes, diatoms and non-diatom benthic algae give redundant information? Results from a case study in Poland

Author(s): Schneider, SC (Schneider, Susanne C.); Lawniczak, AE (Lawniczak, A. E.); Picinska-Faltynowicz, J (Picinska-Faltynowicz, J.); Szoszkiewicz, K (Szoszkiewicz, K.)

Source: LIMNOLOGICA  Volume: 42  Issue: 3  Pages: 204-211  DOI: 10.1016/j.limno.2011.12.001  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Seeing the forest and the trees: multilevel models reveal both species and community patterns

Author(s): Jackson, MM (Jackson, Michelle M.); Turner, MG (Turner, Monica G.); Pearson, SM (Pearson, Scott M.); Ives, AR (Ives, Anthony R.)

Source: ECOSPHERE  Volume: 3  Issue: 9  Article Number:   DOI: 10.1890/ES12-00116.1  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: Sixteen microsatellite markers developed from Bretschneidera sinensis (Bretschneideraceae)

Author(s): Guan, BC (Guan, Bi-Cai); Song, GR (Song, Guang-Rong); Ge, G (Ge, Gang)

Source: CONSERVATION GENETICS RESOURCES  Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Pages: 673-675  DOI: 10.1007/s12686-012-9620-y  Published: SEP 2012  

Title: The impact of environmental factors on diversity of Ostracoda in freshwater habitats of subarctic and temperate Europe

Author(s): Iglikowska, A (Iglikowska, Anna); Namiotko, T (Namiotko, Tadeusz)

Source: ANNALES ZOOLOGICI FENNICI  Volume: 49  Issue: 4  Pages: 193-218  Published: AUG 31 2012  

Title: Evidence for a bacterial mechanism for group-specific social odors among hyenas

Author(s): Theis, KR (Theis, Kevin R.); Schmidt, TM (Schmidt, Thomas M.); Holekamp, KE (Holekamp, Kay E.)

Source: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS  Volume: 2  Article Number: 615  DOI: 10.1038/srep00615  Published: AUG 30 2012  

Title: Diel Variability in Seawater pH Relates to Calcification and Benthic Community Structure on Coral Reefs

Author(s): Price, NN (Price, Nichole N.); Martz, TR (Martz, Todd R.); Brainard, RE (Brainard, Russell E.); Smith, JE (Smith, Jennifer E.)

Source: PLOS ONE  Volume: 7  Issue: 8  Article Number: e43843  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0043843  Published: AUG 28 2012  

Title: General Relationships between Abiotic Soil Properties and Soil Biota across Spatial Scales and Different Land-Use Types

Author(s): Birkhofer, K (Birkhofer, Klaus); Schoning, I (Schoening, Ingo); Alt, F (Alt, Fabian); Herold, N (Herold, Nadine); Klarner, B (Klarner, Bernhard); Maraun, M (Maraun, Mark); Marhan, S (Marhan, Sven); Oelmann, Y (Oelmann, Yvonne); Wubet, T (Wubet, Tesfaye); Yurkov, A (Yurkov, Andrey); Begerow, D (Begerow, Dominik); Berner, D (Berner, Doreen); Buscot, F (Buscot, Francois); Daniel, R (Daniel, Rolf); Diekotter, T (Diekoetter, Tim); Ehnes, RB (Ehnes, Roswitha B.); Erdmann, G (Erdmann, Georgia); Fischer, C (Fischer, Christiane); Foesel, B (Foesel, Baerbel); Groh, J (Groh, Janine); Gutknecht, J (Gutknecht, Jessica); Kandeler, E (Kandeler, Ellen); Lang, C (Lang, Christa); Lohaus, G (Lohaus, Gertrud); Meyer, A (Meyer, Annabel); Nacke, H (Nacke, Heiko); Nather, A (Naether, Astrid); Overmann, J (Overmann, Joerg); Polle, A (Polle, Andrea); Pollierer, MM (Pollierer, Melanie M.); Scheu, S (Scheu, Stefan); Schloter, M (Schloter, Michael); Schulze, ED (Schulze, Ernst-Detlef); Schulze, W (Schulze, Waltraud); Weinert, J (Weinert, Jan); Weisser, WW (Weisser, Wolfgang W.); Wolters, V (Wolters, Volkmar); Schrumpf, M (Schrumpf, Marion)

Source: PLOS ONE  Volume: 7  Issue: 8  Article Number: e43292  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0043292  Published: AUG 22 2012  

Title: Post-Disturbance Plant Community Dynamics following a Rare Natural-Origin Fire in a Tsuga canadensis Forest

Author(s): Murray, BD (Murray, Bryan D.); Holmes, SA (Holmes, Stacie A.); Webster, CR (Webster, Christopher R.); Witt, JC (Witt, Jill C.)

Source: PLOS ONE  Volume: 7  Issue: 8  Article Number: e43867  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0043867  Published: AUG 21 2012  

Title: Stratification of Archaea in the Deep Sediments of a Freshwater Meromictic Lake: Vertical Shift from Methanogenic to Uncultured Archaeal Lineages

Author(s): Borrel, G (Borrel, Guillaume); Lehours, AC (Lehours, Anne-Catherine); Crouzet, O (Crouzet, Olivier); Jezequel, D (Jezequel, Didier); Rockne, K (Rockne, Karl); Kulczak, A (Kulczak, Amelie); Duffaud, E (Duffaud, Emilie); Joblin, K (Joblin, Keith); Fonty, G (Fonty, Gerard)

Source: PLOS ONE  Volume: 7  Issue: 8  Article Number: e43346  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0043346  Published: AUG 21 2012  

Title: Fatty acid profiling reveals seasonal and spatial shifts in zooplankton diet in a temperate estuary

Author(s): Goncalves, AMM (Goncalves, A. M. M.); Azeiteiro, UM (Azeiteiro, U. M.); Pardal, MA (Pardal, M. A.); De Troch, M (De Troch, M.)

Source: ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE  Volume: 109  Pages: 70-80  DOI: 10.1016/j.ecss.2012.05.020  Published: AUG 20 2012  

Title: Initial effects of a moderate-sized oil spill on benthic assemblage structure of a subtropical rocky shore

Author(s): Stevens, T (Stevens, Tim); Boden, A (Boden, Anna); Arthur, JM (Arthur, James Michael); Schlacher, TA (Schlacher, Thomas Alfred); Rissik, D (Rissik, David); Atkinson, S (Atkinson, Sally)

Source: ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE  Volume: 109  Pages: 107-115  DOI: 10.1016/j.ecss.2012.05.032  Published: AUG 20 2012  

Title: Opportunities for Web-Based Indicators in Environmental Sciences

Author(s): Malcevschi, S (Malcevschi, Sergio); Marchini, A (Marchini, Agnese); Savini, D (Savini, Dario); Facchinetti, T (Facchinetti, Tullio)

Source: PLOS ONE  Volume: 7  Issue: 8  Article Number: e42128  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0042128  Published: AUG 15 2012  

Title: Seasonal dynamics of ant community structure in the Moroccan Argan Forest

Author(s): El Keroumi, A (El Keroumi, Abderrahim); Naamani, K (Naamani, Khalid); Soummane, H (Soummane, Hassna); Dahbi, A (Dahbi, Abdallah)

Source: JOURNAL OF INSECT SCIENCE  Volume: 12  Article Number: 94  Published: AUG 12 2012  

Title: Lumbrineridae (Polychaeta) from the Portuguese continental shelf (NE Atlantic) with the description of four new species

Author(s): Martins, R (Martins, Roberto); Carrera-Parra, LF (Carrera-Parra, Luis F.); Quintino, V (Quintino, Victor); Rodrigues, AM (Rodrigues, Ana Maria)

Source: ZOOTAXA  Issue: 3416  Pages: 1-21  Published: AUG 9 2012  

Title: Fungal endophyte communities reflect environmental structuring across a Hawaiian landscape

Author(s): Zimmerman, NB (Zimmerman, Naupaka B.); Vitousek, PM (Vitousek, Peter M.)

Source: PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  Volume: 109  Issue: 32  Pages: 13022-13027  DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1209872109  Published: AUG 7 2012  

Title: Testing the Effects of an Introduced Palm on a Riparian Invertebrate Community in Southern California

Author(s): Talley, TS (Talley, Theresa Sinicrope); Nguyen, KC (Nguyen, Kim-Chi); Nguyen, A (Nguyen, Anthony)

Source: PLOS ONE  Volume: 7  Issue: 8  Article Number: e42460  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0042460  Published: AUG 3 2012  

Title: Different season, different strategies: Feeding ecology of two syntopic forest-dwelling salamanders

Author(s): Salvidio, S (Salvidio, Sebastiano); Romano, A (Romano, Antonio); Oneto, F (Oneto, Fabrizio); Ottonello, D (Ottonello, Dario); Michelon, R (Michelon, Roberta)

Source: ACTA OECOLOGICA-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY  Volume: 43  Pages: 42-50  DOI: 10.1016/j.actao.2012.05.001  Published: AUG 2012  

Title: Conservation of amphibians in Borneo: Relative value of secondary tropical forest and non-forest habitats

Author(s): Gillespie, GR (Gillespie, Graeme R.); Ahmad, E (Ahmad, Eddie); Elahan, B (Elahan, Berjaya); Evans, A (Evans, Alice); Ancrenaz, M (Ancrenaz, Marc); Goossens, B (Goossens, Benoit); Scroggie, MP (Scroggie, Michael P.)

Source: BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION  Volume: 152  Pages: 136-144  DOI: 10.1016/j.biocon.2012.03.023  Published: AUG 2012  

Title: Merging land-marine realms: Spatial patterns of seamless coastal habitats using a multispectral LiDAR

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fizika matematika
malakasini oshirish
universiteti fizika
kommunikatsiyalarini rivojlantirish
jizzax davlat
davlat sharqshunoslik