Papers in sci-listed journals which cite one or more of the following primer primary sources

Author(s): Lotter, MC (Loetter, M. C.); Mucina, L (Mucina, L.); Witkowski, ETF (Witkowski, E. T. F.) Source

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Author(s): Lotter, MC (Loetter, M. C.); Mucina, L (Mucina, L.); Witkowski, ETF (Witkowski, E. T. F.)

Source: COMMUNITY ECOLOGY  Volume: 14  Issue: 1  Pages: 121-132  DOI: 10.1556/ComEc.14.2013.1.13  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Phthiraptera and Acari Collected from 13 Species of Waterfowl from Alabama and Georgia

Author(s): Garbarino, VR (Garbarino, Valentina R.); Campbell, JW (Campbell, Joshua W.); O'Brien, J (O'Brien, Joseph); Proctor, HC (Proctor, Heather C.); Dik, B (Dik, Bilal)

Source: SOUTHEASTERN NATURALIST  Volume: 12  Issue: 2  Pages: 413-426  DOI: 10.1656/058.012.0214  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Species diversity and community structure of ichthyofauna in the seagrass ecosystem of Minicoy Atoll, Lakshadweep, India

Author(s): Prabhakaran, MP (Prabhakaran, M. P.); Nandan, SB (Nandan, S. Bijoy); Jayachandran, PR (Jayachandran, P. R.); Pillai, NGK (Pillai, N. G. K.)

Source: INDIAN JOURNAL OF GEO-MARINE SCIENCES  Volume: 42  Issue: 3  Pages: 349-359  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Feeding ecology of the Ruivaco Achondrostoma oligolepis, a Portuguese endemic cyprinid fish

Author(s): Santos, JM (Santos, Jose M.); Encina, L (Encina, Lourdes); Oliveira, JM (Oliveira, Joao M.); Teixeira, A (Teixeira, Amilcar)

Source: LIMNETICA  Volume: 32  Issue: 1  Pages: 27-37  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Filtration rates of the non-native Chinese mystery snail (Bellamya chinensis) and potential impacts on microbial communities

Author(s): Olden, JD (Olden, Julian D.); Ray, L (Ray, Liza); Mims, MC (Mims, Meryl C.); Horner-Devine, MC (Horner-Devine, M. Claire)

Source: LIMNETICA  Volume: 32  Issue: 1  Pages: 107-120  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Psocopterans (Psocoptera: Insecta) from Zapotitlan Salinas, Puebla, Mexico: distribution of abundance and seasonality

Author(s): Casasola-Gonzalez, JA (Casasola-Gonzalez, Joso A.); Garcia-Aldrete, AN (Garcia-Aldrete, Alfonso N.); Herrera-Fuentes, MD (del Carmen Herrera-Fuentes, Maria)

Source: REVISTA MEXICANA DE BIODIVERSIDAD  Volume: 84  Issue: 2  Pages: 612-621  DOI: 10.7550/rmb.31991  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Short-term stability of estuarine benthic assemblages: are storms pattern-defining events?

Author(s): Negrello, OA (Negrello Filho, Oriel A.); Lana, PC (Lana, Paulo C.)

Source: ZOOLOGIA  Volume: 30  Issue: 3  Pages: 266-272  DOI: 10.1590/S1984-46702013000300003  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Community structure of zooxanthellate corals (Anthozoa: Scleractinia) in Carrizales coral reef, Pacific coast, Mexico

Author(s): Reyes-Bonilla, H (Reyes-Bonilla, Hector); Escobosa-Gonzalez, LE (Elena Escobosa-Gonzalez, Laura); Cupul-Magana, AL (Cupul-Magana, Amilcar L.); Medina-Rosas, P (Medina-Rosas, Pedro); Caderon-Aguilera, LE (Caderon-Aguilera, Luis E.)

Source: REVISTA DE BIOLOGIA TROPICAL  Volume: 61  Issue: 2  Pages: 583-594  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Composition and structure of the macrofauna associated with beds of two bivalve species in Cubagua Island, Venezuela

Author(s): Hernandez-Avila, I (Hernandez-Avila, Ivan); Tagliafico, A (Tagliafico, Alejandro); Rago, N (Rago, Nestor)

Source: REVISTA DE BIOLOGIA TROPICAL  Volume: 61  Issue: 2  Pages: 669-682  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Variations in dung beetles assemblages (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) within two rain forest habitats in French Guiana

Author(s): Feer, F (Feer, Francois)

Source: REVISTA DE BIOLOGIA TROPICAL  Volume: 61  Issue: 2  Pages: 753-768  Published: JUN 2013  

ISSN: 0034-7744

Title: Seasonal Variations and Structure of the Molluscan Assemblage in the Canakkale Strait (Turkey)

Author(s): Aslan-Cihangir, H (Aslan-Cihangir, Herdem); Ovalis, P (Ovalis, Panayotis)

Source: ACTA ZOOLOGICA BULGARICA  Volume: 65  Issue: 2  Pages: 233-250  Published: JUN 2013 


Author(s): Crimmins, TM (Crimmins, Theresa M.); Crimmins, MA (Crimmins, Michael A.); Bertelsen, CD (Bertelsen, C. David)

Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY  Volume: 100  Issue: 6  Pages: 1137-1147  DOI: 10.3732/ajb.1200633  Published: JUN 2013  


Author(s): Yorio, P (Yorio, Pablo); Marinao, C (Marinao, Cristian); Retana, MV (Valeria Retana, Maria); Suarez, N (Suarez, Nicolas)

Source: ARDEOLA  Volume: 60  Issue: 1  Pages: 29-44  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: A Southeast Atlantic deep-ocean observatory: first experiences and results

Author(s): Vardaro, MF (Vardaro, Michael F.); Bagley, PM (Bagley, Philip M.); Bailey, DM (Bailey, David M.); Bett, BJ (Bett, Brian J.); Jones, DOB (Jones, Daniel O. B.); Milligan, RJ (Milligan, Rosanna J.); Priede, IG (Priede, Imants G.); Risien, CM (Risien, Craig M.); Rowe, GT (Rowe, Gilbert T.); Ruhl, HA (Ruhl, Henry A.); Sangolay, BB (Sangolay, Bomba B.); Smith, KL (Smith, Kenneth L., Jr.); Walls, A (Walls, Anne); Clarke, J (Clarke, Jim)

Source: LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY-METHODS  Volume: 11  Pages: 304-315  DOI: 10.4319/lom.2013.11.304  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Dynamics of mammals in relation to tectonic and climatic history: comparison of three Neogene records from North America

Author(s): Badgley, C (Badgley, Catherine); Finarelli, JA (Finarelli, John A.)

Source: PALEOBIOLOGY  Volume: 39  Issue: 3  Pages: 373-399  DOI: 10.1666/12024  Published: SUM 2013  

Title: Geographical patterns and determinants of species richness in Mexico across selected families of vascular plants: implications for conservation

Author(s): Luna-Vega, I (Luna-Vega, Isolda); Espinosa, D (Espinosa, David); Rivas, G (Rivas, Gerardo); Contreras-Medina, R (Contreras-Medina, Raul)

Source: SYSTEMATICS AND BIODIVERSITY  Volume: 11  Issue: 2  Pages: 237-256  DOI: 10.1080/14772000.2013.797517  Published: JUN 1 2013  

Title: Effects of the invasive macroalgae Gracilaria vermiculophylla on two co-occurring foundation species and associated invertebrates

Author(s): Thomsen, MS (Thomsen, Mads S.); Staehr, PA (Staehr, Peter A.); Nejrup, L (Nejrup, Lars); Schiel, DR (Schiel, David R.)

Source: AQUATIC INVASIONS  Volume: 8  Issue: 2  Pages: 133-145  DOI: 10.3391/ai.2013.8.2.02  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Phytoplankton along the coastal shelf of an oligotrophic hypersaline environment in a semi-enclosed marginal sea: Qatar (Arabian Gulf)

Author(s): Quigg, A (Quigg, Antonietta); Al-Ansi, M (Al-Ansi, Mohsin); Al Din, NN (Al Din, Nehad Nour); Wei, CL (Wei, Chih-Lin); Nunnally, CC (Nunnally, Clifton C.); Al-Ansari, IS (Al-Ansari, Ibrahim S.); Rowe, GT (Rowe, Gilbert T.); Soliman, Y (Soliman, Yousria); Al-Maslamani, I (Al-Maslamani, Ibrahim); Mahmoud, I (Mahmoud, Ismail); Youssef, N (Youssef, Nabiha); Abdel-Moati, MA (Abdel-Moati, Mohamed A.)

Source: CONTINENTAL SHELF RESEARCH  Volume: 60  Pages: 1-16  DOI: 10.1016/j.csr.2013.04.015  Published: JUN 1 2013  

Title: Surface distribution of brachyuran megalopae and ichthyoplankton in the Columbia River plume during transition from downwelling to upwelling conditions

Author(s): Roegner, GC (Roegner, G. Curtis); Daly, EA (Daly, Elizabeth A.); Brodeur, RD (Brodeur, Richard D.)

Source: CONTINENTAL SHELF RESEARCH  Volume: 60  Pages: 70-86  DOI: 10.1016/j.csr.2013.04.007  Published: JUN 1 2013  

Title: Effects of food availability on the sexual reproduction and biochemical composition of the Mediterranean gorgonian Paramuricea clavata

Author(s): Gori, A (Gori, Andrea); Linares, C (Linares, Cristina); Viladrich, N (Viladrich, Nuria); Clavero, A (Clavero, Ana); Orejas, C (Orejas, Covadonga); Fiorillo, I (Fiorillo, Ida); Ambroso, S (Ambroso, Stefano); Gili, JM (Gili, Josep-Maria); Rossi, S (Rossi, Sergio)

Source: JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MARINE BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY  Volume: 444  Pages: 38-45  DOI: 10.1016/j.jembe.2013.03.009  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Multivariate analysis applied to agglomerated macrobenthic data from an unpolluted estuary

Author(s): Conde, A (Conde, Anxo); Novais, JM (Novais, Julio M.); Dominguez, J (Dominguez, Jorge)

Source: MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH  Volume: 87-88  Pages: 112-121  DOI: 10.1016/j.marenvres.2013.04.005  Published: JUN-JUL 2013  

Title: The nematode assemblage as a tool for the assessment of marine ecological quality status: a case-study in the Central Adriatic Sea

Author(s): Semprucci, F (Semprucci, F.); Moreno, M (Moreno, M.); Sbrocca, S (Sbrocca, S.); Rocchi, M (Rocchi, M.); Albertelli, G (Albertelli, G.); Balsamo, M (Balsamo, M.)

Source: MEDITERRANEAN MARINE SCIENCE  Volume: 14  Issue: 1  Pages: 48-57  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Feeding strategy assessment through fatty acid profiles in muscles of adult sea lampreys from the western Iberian coast

Author(s): Lanca, MJ (Lanca, Maria Joao); Machado, M (Machado, Maria); Ferreira, R (Ferreira, Rui); Alves-Pereira, I (Alves-Pereira, Isabel); Quintella, BR (Quintella, Bernardo Ruivo); De Almeida, PR (De Almeida, Pedro Raposo)

Source: SCIENTIA MARINA  Volume: 77  Issue: 2  Pages: 281-291  DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03779.27B  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Seasonal dynamics of fish assemblages in an intertidal mudflat of Indian Sundarbans

Author(s): Chaudhuri, A (Chaudhuri, Atreyee); Mukherjee, S (Mukherjee, Sudeshna); Homechaudhuri, S (Homechaudhuri, Sumit)

Source: SCIENTIA MARINA  Volume: 77  Issue: 2  Pages: 301-311  DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03766.15A  Published: JUN 2013  


Author(s): Beck, TJ (Beck, Tyler J.); Gawlik, DE (Gawlik, Dale E.); Pearlstine, EV (Pearlstine, Elise V.)

Source: WILSON JOURNAL OF ORNITHOLOGY  Volume: 125  Issue: 2  Pages: 329-341  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: The influence of natural flow regimes on macroinvertebrate assemblages in a semiarid Mediterranean basin

Author(s): Belmar, O (Belmar, O.); Velasco, J (Velasco, J.); Gutierrez-Canovas, C (Gutierrez-Canovas, C.); Mellado-Diaz, A (Mellado-Diaz, A.); Millan, A (Millan, A.); Wood, PJ (Wood, P. J.)

Source: ECOHYDROLOGY  Volume: 6  Issue: 3  Pages: 363-379  DOI: 10.1002/eco.1274  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Densities of Wintering Scoters in Relation to Benthic Prey Assemblages in a North Atlantic Estuary

Author(s): Loring, PH (Loring, Pamela H.); Paton, PWC (Paton, Peter W. C.); McWilliams, SR (McWilliams, Scott R.); McKinney, RA (McKinney, Richard A.); Oviatt, CA (Oviatt, Candace A.)

Source: WATERBIRDS  Volume: 36  Issue: 2  Pages: 144-155  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Enhancement of the benthic communities around an isolated island in the Antarctic Ocean

Author(s): Saiz, JI (Saiz, Jose I.); Anadon, N (Anadon, Nuria); Cristobo, J (Cristobo, Javier); Garcia-Alvarez, O (Garcia-Alvarez, Oscar); Garcia-Castrillo, G (Garcia-Castrillo, Gerardo); Lopez, E (Lopez, Eduardo); Palacin, C (Palacin, Cruz); Troncoso, JS (Troncoso, Jesus S.); Ramos, A (Ramos, Ana)

Source: ACTA OCEANOLOGICA SINICA  Volume: 32  Issue: 6  Pages: 47-55  DOI: 10.1007/s13131-013-0321-5  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Identifying common pressure pathways from a complex network of human activities to support ecosystem-based management

Author(s): Knights, AM (Knights, Antony M.); Koss, RS (Koss, Rebecca S.); Robinson, LA (Robinson, Leonie A.)

Source: ECOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS  Volume: 23  Issue: 4  Pages: 755-765  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: A tool for protected area management: multivariate control charts "cope' with rare variable communities

Author(s): Stringell, TB (Stringell, Thomas B.); Bamber, RN (Bamber, Roger N.); Burton, M (Burton, Mark); Lindenbaum, C (Lindenbaum, Charles); Skates, LR (Skates, Lucie R.); Sanderson, WG (Sanderson, William G.)

Source: ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION  Volume: 3  Issue: 6  Pages: 1667-1676  DOI: 10.1002/ece3.585  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Incorporating the hyporheic zone within the river discontinuum: Longitudinal patterns of subsurface copepod assemblages in an Alpine stream

Author(s): Di Lorenzo, T (Di Lorenzo, Tiziana); Stoch, F (Stoch, Fabio); Galassi, DMP (Galassi, Diana M. P.)

Source: LIMNOLOGICA  Volume: 43  Issue: 4  Pages: 288-296  DOI: 10.1016/j.limno.2012.12.003  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Middle Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous paleoclimate of Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago inferred from the palynostratigraphy

Author(s): Galloway, JM (Galloway, Jennifer M.); Sweet, AR (Sweet, Arthur R.); Swindles, GT (Swindles, Graeme T.); Dewing, K (Dewing, Keith); Hadlari, T (Hadlari, Thomas); Embry, AF (Embry, Ashton F.); Sanei, H (Sanei, Hamed)

Source: MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY  Volume: 44  Pages: 240-255  DOI: 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2013.01.001  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Fungal endophytes from cactus Cereus jamacaru in Brazilian tropical dry forest: a first study

Author(s): Bezerra, JDP (Bezerra, Jadson D. P.); Santos, MGS (Santos, Marilia G. S.); Barbosa, RN (Barbosa, Renan N.); Svedese, VM (Svedese, Virginia M.); Lima, DMM (Lima, Debora M. M.); Fernandes, MJS (Fernandes, Maria Jose S.); Gomes, BS (Gomes, Bruno S.); Paiva, LM (Paiva, Laura M.); Almeida-Cortez, JS (Almeida-Cortez, Jarcilene S.); Souza-Motta, CM (Souza-Motta, Cristina M.)

Source: SYMBIOSIS  Volume: 60  Issue: 2  Pages: 53-63  DOI: 10.1007/s13199-013-0243-1  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Introduction of exotic fish species and decline of native species in the lower Po basin, north-eastern Italy

Author(s): Castaldelli, G (Castaldelli, Giuseppe); Pluchinotta, A (Pluchinotta, Angela); Milardi, M (Milardi, Marco); Lanzoni, M (Lanzoni, Mattia); Giari, L (Giari, Luisa); Rossi, R (Rossi, Remigio); Fano, EA (Fano, Elisa Anna)

Source: AQUATIC CONSERVATION-MARINE AND FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS  Volume: 23  Issue: 3  Pages: 405-417  DOI: 10.1002/aqc.2345  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Short-term effects of dam removal on macroinvertebrates in a Taiwan stream

Author(s): Chiu, MC (Chiu, Ming-Chih); Yeh, CH (Yeh, Chao-Hsien); Sun, YH (Sun, Yuan-Hsun); Kuo, MH (Kuo, Mei-Hwa)

Source: AQUATIC ECOLOGY  Volume: 47  Issue: 2  Pages: 245-252  DOI: 10.1007/s10452-013-9439-y  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Conservation value of alternative land-use systems for dung beetles in Amazon: valuing traditional farming practices

Author(s): Korasaki, V (Korasaki, Vanesca); Braga, RF (Braga, Rodrigo F.); Zanetti, R (Zanetti, Ronald); Moreira, FMS (Moreira, Fatima M. S.); Vaz-de-Mello, FZ (Vaz-de-Mello, Fernando Z.); Louzada, J (Louzada, Julio)

Source: BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION  Volume: 22  Issue: 6-7  Pages: 1485-1499  DOI: 10.1007/s10531-013-0487-3  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Temporal dynamics of diversity in a tropical fruit fly (Tephritidae) ensemble and their implications on pest management and biodiversity conservation

Author(s): Ordano, M (Ordano, M.); Guillen, L (Guillen, L.); Rull, J (Rull, J.); Lasa, R (Lasa, R.); Aluja, M (Aluja, M.)

Source: BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION  Volume: 22  Issue: 6-7  Pages: 1557-1575  DOI: 10.1007/s10531-013-0468-6  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Comparative metagenomic and rRNA microbial diversity characterization using archaeal and bacterial synthetic communities

Author(s): Shakya, M (Shakya, Migun); Quince, C (Quince, Christopher); Campbell, JH (Campbell, James H.); Yang, ZMK (Yang, Zamin K.); Schadt, CW (Schadt, Christopher W.); Podar, M (Podar, Mircea)

Source: ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY  Volume: 15  Issue: 6  Pages: 1882-1899  DOI: 10.1111/1462-2920.12086  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Survival and colonization of nematodes in a composting process

Author(s): Steel, H (Steel, Hanne); Verdoodt, F (Verdoodt, Freija); Cerevkova, A (Cerevkova, Andrea); Couvreur, M (Couvreur, Marjolein); Fonderie, P (Fonderie, Pamela); Moens, T (Moens, Tom); Bert, W (Bert, Wim)

Source: INVERTEBRATE BIOLOGY  Volume: 132  Issue: 2  Pages: 108-119  DOI: 10.1111/ivb.12020  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Demography and feeding behavior of the kelp crab Taliepus marginatus in subtidal habitats dominated by the kelps Macrocystis pyrifera or Lessonia trabeculata

Author(s): Madariaga, DJ (Jofre Madariaga, David); Ortiz, M (Ortiz, Marco); Thiel, M (Thiel, Martin)

Source: INVERTEBRATE BIOLOGY  Volume: 132  Issue: 2  Pages: 133-144  DOI: 10.1111/ivb.12021  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Early development of marine catfishes (Ariidae): from mouth brooding to the release of juveniles in nursery habitats

Author(s): Lima, ARA (Lima, A. R. A.); Barletta, M (Barletta, M.); Dantas, DV (Dantas, D. V.); Ramos, JAA (Ramos, J. A. A.); Costa, MF (Costa, M. F.)

Source: JOURNAL OF FISH BIOLOGY  Volume: 82  Issue: 6  Pages: 1990-2014  DOI: 10.1111/jfb.12128  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Diversity and distribution of free-living and particle-associated bacterioplankton in Sandusky Bay and adjacent waters of Lake Erie Western Basin

Author(s): Mou, XZ (Mou, Xiaozhen); Jacob, J (Jacob, Jisha); Lu, XX (Lu, Xinxin); Robbins, S (Robbins, Steven); Sun, SL (Sun, Shulei); Ortiz, JD (Ortiz, Joseph D.)

Source: JOURNAL OF GREAT LAKES RESEARCH  Volume: 39  Issue: 2  Pages: 352-357  DOI: 10.1016/j.jglr.2013.03.014  Published: JUN 2013  


Author(s): De Jager, NR (De Jager, N. R.); Rohweder, JJ (Rohweder, J. J.); Nelson, JC (Nelson, J. C.)

Source: RIVER RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS  Volume: 29  Issue: 5  Pages: 608-618  DOI: 10.1002/rra.1615  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Effects of municipal wastewater on aquatic ecosystem structure and function in the receiving stream

Author(s): Englert, D (Englert, Dominic); Zubrod, JP (Zubrod, Jochen P.); Schulz, R (Schulz, Ralf); Bundschuh, M (Bundschuh, Mirco)

Source: SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT  Volume: 454  Pages: 401-410  DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2013.03.025  Published: JUN 1 2013  

Title: Spatial and Temporal Variation in Enterococcal Abundance and Its Relationship to the Microbial Community in Hawaii Beach Sand and Water

Author(s): Cui, HL (Cui, Henglin); Yang, K (Yang, Kun); Pagaling, E (Pagaling, Eulyn); Yan, T (Yan, Tao)

Source: APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY  Volume: 79  Issue: 12  Pages: 3601-3609  DOI: 10.1128/AEM.00135-13  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: The smell of desperadoes? Beavers distinguish between dominant and subordinate intruders

Author(s): Tinnesand, HV (Tinnesand, Helga Veronica); Jojola, S (Jojola, Susan); Zedrosser, A (Zedrosser, Andreas); Rosell, F (Rosell, Frank)

Source: BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY AND SOCIOBIOLOGY  Volume: 67  Issue: 6  Pages: 895-904  DOI: 10.1007/s00265-013-1512-y  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Assessing the suitability of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to study the fish community associated with offshore gas platforms in the Ionian Sea: a comparative analysis with underwater visual censuses (UVCs)

Author(s): Andaloro, F (Andaloro, Franco); Ferraro, M (Ferraro, Maria); Mostarda, E (Mostarda, Edoardo); Romeo, T (Romeo, Teresa); Consoli, P (Consoli, Pierpaolo)

Source: HELGOLAND MARINE RESEARCH  Volume: 67  Issue: 2  Pages: 241-250  DOI: 10.1007/s10152-012-0319-y  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: An illustrated key to the soft-bottom caprellids (Crustacea: Amphipoda) of the Iberian Peninsula and remarks to their ecological distribution along the Andalusian coast

Author(s): Guerra-Garcia, JM (Guerra-Garcia, Jose M.); Navarro-Barranco, C (Navarro-Barranco, Carlos); Corzo, J (Corzo, Juan); Cobos-Munoz, V (Cobos-Munoz, Vanessa); Garcia-Adiego, EM (Garcia-Adiego, Emilio M.); Gimenez, FS (Sempere Gimenez, Francisco); Garcia-Gomez, JC (Carlos Garcia-Gomez, J.)

Source: HELGOLAND MARINE RESEARCH  Volume: 67  Issue: 2  Pages: 321-336  DOI: 10.1007/s10152-012-0324-1  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Mollusks as indicators of historical changes in an estuarine-lagoonal system (Cananeia-Iguape, SE Brazil)

Author(s): Martinez, S (Martinez, Sergio); Mahiques, MM (Mahiques, Michel M.); Burone, L (Burone, Leticia)

Source: HOLOCENE  Volume: 23  Issue: 6  Pages: 888-897  DOI: 10.1177/0959683612470175  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Marine habitat mapping in support of Marine Protected Area management in a subarctic fjord: Gilbert Bay, Labrador, Canada

Author(s): Copeland, A (Copeland, Alison); Edinger, E (Edinger, Evan); Devillers, R (Devillers, Rodolphe); Bell, T (Bell, Trevor); LeBlanc, P (LeBlanc, Philippe); Wroblewski, J (Wroblewski, Joe)

Source: JOURNAL OF COASTAL CONSERVATION  Volume: 17  Issue: 2  Pages: 225-237  DOI: 10.1007/s11852-011-0172-1  Published: JUN 2013  

Title: Acquisition of species-specific perfume blends: influence of habitat-dependent compound availability on odour choices of male orchid bees (Euglossa spp.)

Author(s): Pokorny, T (Pokorny, T.); Hannibal, M (Hannibal, M.); Quezada-Euan, JJG (Quezada-Euan, J. J. G.); Hedenstrom, E (Hedenstrom, E.); Sjoberg, N (Sjoberg, N.); Bang, J (Bang, J.); Eltz, T (Eltz, T.)

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