Papers in sci-listed journals which cite one or more of the following primer primary sources

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Title: Temporal variability in soil microbial communities across land-use types

Author(s): Lauber, CL (Lauber, Christian L.); Ramirez, KS (Ramirez, Kelly S.); Aanderud, Z (Aanderud, Zach); Lennon, J (Lennon, Jay); Fierer, N (Fierer, Noah)

Source: ISME JOURNAL  Volume: 7  Issue: 8  Pages: 1641-1650  DOI: 10.1038/ismej.2013.50  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Energy, water and space use by free-living red kangaroos Macropus rufus and domestic sheep Ovis aries in an Australian rangeland

Author(s): Munn, AJ (Munn, A. J.); Dawson, TJ (Dawson, T. J.); McLeod, SR (McLeod, S. R.); Dennis, T (Dennis, T.); Maloney, SK (Maloney, S. K.)

Source: JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY B-BIOCHEMICAL SYSTEMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL PHYSIOLOGY  Volume: 183  Issue: 6  Pages: 843-858  DOI: 10.1007/s00360-013-0741-8  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Diversity and distribution of the Siphonophora (Cnidaria) in Sagami Bay, Japan, and their association with tropical and subarctic water masses

Author(s): Grossmann, MM (Grossmann, Mary M.); Lindsay, DJ (Lindsay, Dhugal J.)

Source: JOURNAL OF OCEANOGRAPHY  Volume: 69  Issue: 4  Pages: 395-411  DOI: 10.1007/s10872-013-0181-9  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Elevation and Plant Community Distribution in a Microtidal Salt Marsh of the Western Gulf of Mexico

Author(s): Rasser, MK (Rasser, Michael K.); Fowler, NL (Fowler, Norma L.); Dunton, KH (Dunton, Kenneth H.)

Source: WETLANDS  Volume: 33  Issue: 4  Pages: 575-583  DOI: 10.1007/s13157-013-0398-9  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Predation Modifies Larval Amphibian Communities in Urban Wetlands

Author(s): Hamer, AJ (Hamer, Andrew J.); Parris, KM (Parris, Kirsten M.)

Source: WETLANDS  Volume: 33  Issue: 4  Pages: 641-652  DOI: 10.1007/s13157-013-0420-2  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Comparing Bird Community Composition Among Boreal Wetlands: Is Wetland Classification a Missing Piece of the Habitat Puzzle?

Author(s): Morissette, JL (Morissette, J. L.); Kardynal, KJ (Kardynal, K. J.); Bayne, EM (Bayne, E. M.); Hobson, KA (Hobson, K. A.)

Source: WETLANDS  Volume: 33  Issue: 4  Pages: 653-665  DOI: 10.1007/s13157-013-0421-1  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Ecology and Evolution Affect Network Structure in an Intimate Marine Mutualism

Author(s): Thompson, AR (Thompson, Andrew R.); Adam, TC (Adam, Thomas C.); Hultgren, KM (Hultgren, Kristin M.); Thacker, CE (Thacker, Christine E.)

Source: AMERICAN NATURALIST  Volume: 182  Issue: 2  Pages: E58-E72  DOI: 10.1086/670803  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Effects of isolation and fishing on the marine ecosystems of Easter Island and Salas y Gomez, Chile

Author(s): Friedlander, AM (Friedlander, Alan M.); Ballesteros, E (Ballesteros, Enric); Beets, J (Beets, Jim); Berkenpas, E (Berkenpas, Eric); Gaymer, CF (Gaymer, Carlos F.); Gorny, M (Gorny, Matthias); Sala, E (Sala, Enric)

Source: AQUATIC CONSERVATION-MARINE AND FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS  Volume: 23  Issue: 4  Pages: 515-531  DOI: 10.1002/aqc.2333  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Consequences of connectivity alteration on riverine fish assemblages: potential opportunities to overcome constraints in applying conventional monitoring designs

Author(s): Rolls, RJ (Rolls, Robert J.); Ellison, T (Ellison, Tanya); Faggotter, S (Faggotter, Stephen); Roberts, DT (Roberts, David T.)

Source: AQUATIC CONSERVATION-MARINE AND FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS  Volume: 23  Issue: 4  Pages: 624-640  DOI: 10.1002/aqc.2330  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Ovarian indexes as indicators of reproductive investment and egg-laying activity in social insects: a comparison among methods

Author(s): Cini, A (Cini, A.); Meconcelli, S (Meconcelli, S.); Cervo, R (Cervo, R.)

Source: INSECTES SOCIAUX  Volume: 60  Issue: 3  Pages: 393-402  DOI: 10.1007/s00040-013-0305-7  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Does lake habitat alteration and land-use pressure homogenize European littoral macroinvertebrate communities?

Author(s): McGoff, E (McGoff, Elaine); Solimini, AG (Solimini, Angelo G.); Pusch, MT (Pusch, Martin T.); Jurca, T (Jurca, Tamara); Sandin, L (Sandin, Leonard)

Source: JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY  Volume: 50  Issue: 4  Pages: 1010-1018  DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.12106  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Correcting widespread misidentifications of the highly abundant and commercially important sardine species Sardinella lemuru, Bleeker, 1853 in the Philippines

Author(s): Willette, DA (Willette, D. A.); Santos, MD (Santos, M. D.)

Source: JOURNAL OF APPLIED ICHTHYOLOGY  Volume: 29  Issue: 4  Pages: 881-885  DOI: 10.1111/jai.12051  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Effects of disturbance intensity on seasonal dynamics of alpine meadow soil seed banks on the Tibetan Plateau

Author(s): Ma, MJ (Ma, Miaojun); Zhou, XH (Zhou, Xianhui); Du, GZ (Du, Guozhen)

Source: PLANT AND SOIL  Volume: 369  Issue: 1-2  Pages: 283-295  DOI: 10.1007/s11104-012-1560-5  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Epiphytic diatom communities of Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea, Antarctica: structural analysis and relations to algal host

Author(s): Majewska, R (Majewska, Roksana); Gambi, MC (Gambi, Maria Cristina); Totti, CM (Totti, Cecilia Maria); De Stefano, M (De Stefano, Mario)

Source: ANTARCTIC SCIENCE  Volume: 25  Issue: 4  Pages: 501-513  DOI: 10.1017/S0954102012001101  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Bacterial community structure of nirK-bearing denitrifiers and the development of properties of soils in created mitigation wetlands

Author(s): Peralta, RM (Peralta, Rita M.); Ahn, C (Ahn, Changwoo); Voytek, MA (Voytek, Mary A.); Kirshtein, JD (Kirshtein, Julie D.)

Source: APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY  Volume: 70  Pages: 70-77  DOI: 10.1016/j.apsoil.2013.04.008  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Small-scale patterns of genetic variation in a headwater specialist mayfly: No influence of selective forest harvesting on diversity

Author(s): Young, BA (Young, B. A.); Schmidt, DJ (Schmidt, D. J.); Sheldon, F (Sheldon, F.)

Source: AUSTRAL ECOLOGY  Volume: 38  Issue: 5  Pages: 504-515  DOI: 10.1111/j.1442-9993.2012.02440.x  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Combining a photocatalyst with microtopography to develop effective antifouling materials

Author(s): Vucko, MJ (Vucko, M. J.); Poole, AJ (Poole, A. J.); Sexton, BA (Sexton, B. A.); Glenn, FL (Glenn, F. L.); Carl, C (Carl, C.); Whalan, S (Whalan, S.); de Nys, R (de Nys, R.)

Source: BIOFOULING  Volume: 29  Issue: 7  Pages: 751-762  DOI: 10.1080/08927014.2013.803193  Published: AUG 1 2013  

Title: Environmental and ecological changes associated with a marina

Author(s): Rivero, NK (Rivero, Natalie K.); Dafforn, KA (Dafforn, Katherine A.); Coleman, MA (Coleman, Melinda A.); Johnston, EL (Johnston, Emma L.)

Source: BIOFOULING  Volume: 29  Issue: 7  Pages: 803-815  DOI: 10.1080/08927014.2013.805751  Published: AUG 1 2013  

Title: Functional diversity and climate change: effects on the invasibility of macroalgal assemblages

Author(s): Vaz-Pinto, F (Vaz-Pinto, F.); Olabarria, C (Olabarria, C.); Gestoso, I (Gestoso, I.); Cacabelos, E (Cacabelos, E.); Incera, M (Incera, M.); Arenas, F (Arenas, F.)

Source: BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS  Volume: 15  Issue: 8  Pages: 1833-1846  DOI: 10.1007/s10530-013-0412-4  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Changes in deep-water epibenthic megafaunal assemblages in relation to seabed slope on the Nigerian margin

Author(s): Jones, DOB (Jones, Daniel O. B.); Mrabure, CO (Mrabure, Charles O.); Gates, AR (Gates, Andrew R.)

Source: DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART I-OCEANOGRAPHIC RESEARCH PAPERS  Volume: 78  Pages: 49-57  DOI: 10.1016/j.dsr.2013.04.005  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Phytoplankton chemotaxonomy in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean during late summer 2009

Author(s): Gibberd, MJ (Gibberd, Michael-John); Kean, E (Kean, Erika); Barlow, R (Barlow, Ray); Thomalla, S (Thomalla, Sandy); Lucas, M (Lucas, Michael)

Source: DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART I-OCEANOGRAPHIC RESEARCH PAPERS  Volume: 78  Pages: 70-78  DOI: 10.1016/j.dsr.2013.04.007  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Environmental drivers of megafaunal assemblage composition and biomass distribution over mainland and insular slopes of the Balearic Basin (Western Mediterranean)

Author(s): Fanelli, E (Fanelli, E.); Cartes, JE (Cartes, J. E.); Papiol, V (Papiol, V.); Lopez-Perez, C (Lopez-Perez, C.)

Source: DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART I-OCEANOGRAPHIC RESEARCH PAPERS  Volume: 78  Pages: 79-94  DOI: 10.1016/j.dsr.2013.04.009  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Multiple spatial scale analyses provide new clues on patterns and drivers of deep-sea nematode diversity

Author(s): Danovaro, R (Danovaro, Roberto); Carugati, L (Carugati, Laura); Corinaldesi, C (Corinaldesi, Cinzia); Gambi, C (Gambi, Cristina); Guilini, K (Guilini, Katja); Pusceddu, A (Pusceddu, Antonio); Vanreusel, A (Vanreusel, Ann)

Source: DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART II-TOPICAL STUDIES IN OCEANOGRAPHY  Volume: 92  Special Issue: SI  Pages: 97-106  DOI: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2013.03.035  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Distribution of cold-water corals in the Whittard Canyon, NE Atlantic Ocean

Author(s): Morris, KJ (Morris, Kirsty J.); Tyler, PA (Tyler, Paul A.); Masson, DG (Masson, Doug G.); Huvenne, VIA (Huvenne, Veerle I. A.); Rogers, AD (Rogers, Alex D.)

Source: DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART II-TOPICAL STUDIES IN OCEANOGRAPHY  Volume: 92  Special Issue: SI  Pages: 136-144  DOI: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2013.03.036  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Maximum ecological potential of tropical reservoirs and benthic invertebrate communities

Author(s): Molozzi, J (Molozzi, Joseline); Feio, MJ (Feio, Maria Joao); Salas, F (Salas, Fuensanta); Marques, JC (Marques, Joao Carlos); Callisto, M (Callisto, Marcos)

Source: ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT  Volume: 185  Issue: 8  Pages: 6591-6606  DOI: 10.1007/s10661-012-3049-3  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Linkages between rocky reefs and soft-bottom habitats: Effects of predation and granulometry on sandy macrofaunal assemblages

Author(s): Martins, GM (Martins, Gustavo M.); Faria, J (Faria, Joao); Rubal, M (Rubal, Marcos); Neto, AI (Neto, Ana I.)

Source: JOURNAL OF SEA RESEARCH  Volume: 81  Pages: 1-9  DOI: 10.1016/j.seares.2013.03.007  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: The amphipod (Crustacea: Peracarida) fauna of the Aegean Sea, and comparison with those of the neighbouring seas

Author(s): Christodoulou, M (Christodoulou, Magdalini); Paraskevopoulou, S (Paraskevopoulou, Sofia); Syranidou, E (Syranidou, Evdokia); Koukouras, A (Koukouras, Athanasios)

Source: JOURNAL OF THE MARINE BIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED KINGDOM  Volume: 93  Issue: 5  Pages: 1303-1327  DOI: 10.1017/S002531541200183X  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Biogeography and Host Fidelity of Bacterial Communities in Ircinia spp. from the Bahamas

Author(s): Pita, L (Pita, Lucia); Lopez-Legentil, S (Lopez-Legentil, Susanna); Erwin, PM (Erwin, Patrick M.)

Source: MICROBIAL ECOLOGY  Volume: 66  Issue: 2  Pages: 437-447  DOI: 10.1007/s00248-013-0215-2  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Relatedness communicated in lemur scent

Author(s): Morelli, TL (Morelli, Toni Lyn); Hayes, RA (Hayes, R. Andrew); Nahrung, HF (Nahrung, Helen F.); Goodwin, TE (Goodwin, Thomas E.); Harelimana, IH (Harelimana, Innocent H.); MacDonald, LJ (MacDonald, Laura J.); Wright, PC (Wright, Patricia C.)

Source: NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN  Volume: 100  Issue: 8  Pages: 769-777  DOI: 10.1007/s00114-013-1074-x  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Effects of exotic fish farms on bird communities in lake and marine ecosystems

Author(s): Jimenez, JE (Jimenez, Jaime E.); Arriagada, AM (Arriagada, Aldo M.); Fonturbel, FE (Fonturbel, Francisco E.); Camus, PA (Camus, Patricio A.); Avila-Thieme, MI (Avila-Thieme, M. Isidora)

Source: NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN  Volume: 100  Issue: 8  Pages: 779-787  DOI: 10.1007/s00114-013-1076-8  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Seasonal synchronicity of algal assemblages in three Midwestern agricultural streams having varying concentrations of atrazine, nutrients, and sediment

Author(s): Andrus, JM (Andrus, J. Malia); Winter, D (Winter, Diane); Scanlan, M (Scanlan, Michael); Sullivan, S (Sullivan, Sean); Bollman, W (Bollman, Wease); Waggoner, JB (Waggoner, J. B.); Hosmer, AJ (Hosmer, Alan J.); Brain, RA (Brain, Richard A.)

Source: SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT  Volume: 458  Pages: 125-139  DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2013.03.070  Published: AUG 1 2013  

Title: Leaf litter decomposition of native and introduced tree species of contrasting quality in headwater streams: How does the regional setting matter?

Author(s): Casas, JJ (Jesus Casas, J.); Larranaga, A (Larranaga, Aitor); Menendez, M (Menendez, Margarita); Pozo, J (Pozo, Jesus); Basaguren, A (Basaguren, Ana); Martinez, A (Martinez, Aingeru); Perez, J (Perez, Javier); Gonzalez, JM (Gonzalez, Jose M.); Molla, S (Molla, Salvador); Casado, C (Casado, Carmen); Descals, E (Descals, Enrique); Roblas, N (Roblas, Neftali); Lopez-Gonzalez, JA (Antonio Lopez-Gonzalez, J.); Valenzuela, JL (Luis Valenzuela, J.)

Source: SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT  Volume: 458  Pages: 197-208  DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2013.04.004  Published: AUG 1 2013  

Title: Bacterial community response to petroleum contamination and nutrient addition in sediments from a temperate salt marsh

Author(s): Ribeiro, H (Ribeiro, Hugo); Mucha, AP (Mucha, Ana P.); Almeida, CMR (Almeida, C. Marisa R.); Bordalo, AA (Bordalo, Adriano A.)

Source: SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT  Volume: 458  Pages: 568-576  DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2013.04.015  Published: AUG 1 2013  

Title: Differential settlement of associated species on Ostrea puelchana d'Orbigny, 1842 (Ostreidae) in Patagonia (Argentina)

Author(s): Romero, MV (Romero, M. V.); Brezina, SS (Brezina, S. S.); Hernandez, D (Hernandez, D.); Casadio, S (Casadio, S.); Bremec, C (Bremec, C.)

Source: AMERICAN MALACOLOGICAL BULLETIN  Volume: 31  Issue: 2  Pages: 311-321  Published: AUG 2013  


Author(s): Xie, CX (Xie, Chun-Xiang); Zhao, MS (Zhao, Ming-Shui); Fu, CX (Fu, Cheng-Xin); Zhao, YP (Zhao, Yun-Peng)

Source: APPLICATIONS IN PLANT SCIENCES  Volume: 1  Issue: 8  Article Number: 1300019  DOI: 10.3732/apps.1300019  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Response of bacterial communities to short-term pyrene exposure in red soil

Author(s): Peng, JJ (Peng, Jingjing); Li, H (Li, Hong); Su, JQ (Su, Jianqiang); Zhang, QF (Zhang, Qiufang); Rui, JP (Rui, Junpeng); Cai, C (Cai, Chao)

Source: FRONTIERS OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & ENGINEERING  Volume: 7  Issue: 4  Pages: 559-567  DOI: 10.1007/s11783-013-0501-8  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Environmental forcing on the interactions of plankton communities across a continental shelf in the Eastern Atlantic upwelling system

Author(s): Sobrinho-Goncalves, L (Sobrinho-Goncalves, L.); Moita, MT (Moita, M. T.); Garrido, S (Garrido, S.); Cunha, ME (Cunha, M. E.)

Source: HYDROBIOLOGIA  Volume: 713  Issue: 1  Pages: 167-182  DOI: 10.1007/s10750-013-1500-2  Published: AUG 2013  

Title: Fish composition and assemblage structure in the estuarine mixing zone of a tropical estuary: comparisons between the main channel and an adjacent lagoon

Author(s): Neves, LM (Neves, Leonardo Mitrano); Teixeira, TP (Teixeira, Tatiana Pires); Franco, TP (Franco, Taynara Pontes); Pereira, HH (Pereira, Hamilton Hissa); Araujo, FG (Araujo, Francisco Gerson)

Source: MARINE BIOLOGY RESEARCH  Volume: 9  Issue: 7  Pages: 661-675  DOI: 10.1080/17451000.2013.765575  Published: AUG 1 2013  

Title: Multiple environmental factors influence the spatial distribution and structure of reef communities in the northeastern Arabian Peninsula

Author(s): Bauman, AG (Bauman, Andrew G.); Feary, DA (Feary, David A.); Heron, SF (Heron, Scott F.); Pratchett, MS (Pratchett, Morgan S.); Burt, JA (Burt, John A.)

Source: MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN  Volume: 72  Issue: 2  Pages: 302-312  DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2012.10.013  Published: JUL 30 2013  

Title: Urban breakwaters as reef fish habitat in the Persian Gulf

Author(s): Burt, JA (Burt, John A.); Feary, DA (Feary, David A.); Cavalcante, G (Cavalcante, Georgenes); Bauman, AG (Bauman, Andrew G.); Usseglio, P (Usseglio, Paolo)

Source: MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN  Volume: 72  Issue: 2  Pages: 342-350  DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2012.10.019  Published: JUL 30 2013  

Title: Effects of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42 on Lettuce Growth and Health under Pathogen Pressure and Its Impact on the Rhizosphere Bacterial Community

Author(s): Chowdhury, SP (Chowdhury, Soumitra Paul); Dietel, K (Dietel, Kristin); Randler, M (Raendler, Manuela); Schmid, M (Schmid, Michael); Junge, H (Junge, Helmut); Borriss, R (Borriss, Rainer); Hartmann, A (Hartmann, Anton); Grosch, R (Grosch, Rita)

Source: PLOS ONE  Volume: 8  Issue: 7  Article Number: e68818  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0068818  Published: JUL 23 2013  

Title: Living on the edge: how philopatry maintains adaptive potential

Author(s): Stiebens, VA (Stiebens, Victor A.); Merino, SE (Merino, Sonia E.); Roder, C (Roder, Christian); Chain, FJJ (Chain, Frederic J. J.); Lee, PLM (Lee, Patricia L. M.); Eizaguirre, C (Eizaguirre, Christophe)

Source: PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES  Volume: 280  Issue: 1763  Article Number:   DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2013.0305  Published: JUL 22 2013  

Title: Shift in Black Rhinoceros Diet in the Presence of Elephant: Evidence for Competition?

Author(s): Landman, M (Landman, Marietjie); Schoeman, DS (Schoeman, David S.); Kerley, GIH (Kerley, Graham I. H.)

Source: PLOS ONE  Volume: 8  Issue: 7  Article Number: e69771  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0069771  Published: JUL 17 2013  

Title: High coral cover and subsequent high fish richness on mature breakwaters in Taiwan

Author(s): Wen, CKC (Wen, Colin Kuo-Chang); Chen, KS (Chen, Kao-Song); Hsieh, HJ (Hsieh, Hernyi Justin); Hsu, CM (Hsu, Chia-Min); Chen, CA (Chen, Chaolun Allen)

Source: MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN  Volume: 72  Issue: 1  Pages: 55-63  DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2013.04.031  Published: JUL 15 2013  

Title: Application of the CARLIT index along a biogeographical gradient in the Alboran Sea (European Coast)

Author(s): Bermejo, R (Bermejo, Ricardo); de la Fuente, G (de la Fuente, Gina); Vergara, JJ (Vergara, Juan J.); Hernandez, I (Hernandez, Ignacio)

Source: MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN  Volume: 72  Issue: 1  Pages: 107-118  DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2013.04.011  Published: JUL 15 2013  

Title: The effects of mercury on the dynamics of the peracarida community in a temperate coastal lagoon (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal)

Author(s): Cardoso, PG (Cardoso, P. G.); D'Ambrosio, M (D'Ambrosio, M.); Marques, SC (Marques, S. C.); Azeiteiro, UM (Azeiteiro, U. M.); Coelho, JP (Coelho, J. P.); Pereira, E (Pereira, E.)

Source: MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN  Volume: 72  Issue: 1  Pages: 188-196  DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2013.04.004  Published: JUL 15 2013  

Title: Changes in Benthos Associated with Mussel (Mytilus edulis L.) Farms on the West-Coast of Scotland

Author(s): Wilding, TA (Wilding, Thomas A.); Nickell, TD (Nickell, Thomas D.)

Source: PLOS ONE  Volume: 8  Issue: 7  Article Number: e68313  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0068313  Published: JUL 12 2013  

Title: Croatian aquatic dance flies (Diptera: Empididae: Clinocerinae and Hemerodromiinae): species diversity, distribution and relationship to surrounding countries

Author(s): Ivkovic, M (Ivkovic, Marija); Gracan, R (Gracan, Romana); Horvat, B (Horvat, Bogdan)

Source: ZOOTAXA  Volume: 3686  Issue: 2  Pages: 255-276  Published: JUL 11 2013  

Title: Buffer strips can pre-empt extinction debt in boreal streamside habitats

Author(s): Selonen, VAO (Selonen, Ville A. O.); Kotiaho, JS (Kotiaho, Janne S.)

Source: BMC ECOLOGY  Volume: 13  Article Number: 24  DOI: 10.1186/1472-6785-13-24  Published: JUL 10 2013  

Title: Small copepods structuring mesozooplankton community dynamics in a tropical estuary-coastal system

Author(s): Rakhesh, M (Rakhesh, M.); Raman, AV (Raman, A. V.); Ganesh, T (Ganesh, T.); Chandramohan, P (Chandramohan, P.); Dehairs, F (Dehairs, F.)

Source: ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE  Volume: 126  Pages: 7-22  DOI: 10.1016/j.ecss.2013.03.025  Published: JUL 10 2013  

Title: Ectomycorrhizal-Dominated Boreal and Tropical Forests Have Distinct Fungal Communities, but Analogous Spatial Patterns across Soil Horizons

Author(s): McGuire, KL (McGuire, Krista L.); Allison, SD (Allison, Steven D.); Fierer, N (Fierer, Noah); Treseder, KK (Treseder, Kathleen K.)

Source: PLOS ONE  Volume: 8  Issue: 7  Article Number: e68278  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0068278  Published: JUL 9 2013  

Title: Prevalent genome streamlining and latitudinal divergence of planktonic bacteria in the surface ocean

Author(s): Swan, BK (Swan, Brandon K.); Tupper, B (Tupper, Ben); Sczyrba, A (Sczyrba, Alexander); Lauro, FM (Lauro, Federico M.); Martinez-Garcia, M (Martinez-Garcia, Manuel); Gonzalez, JM (Gonzalez, Jose M.); Luo, HW (Luo, Haiwei); Wright, JJ (Wright, Jody J.); Landry, ZC (Landry, Zachary C.); Hanson, NW (Hanson, Niels W.); Thompson, BP (Thompson, Brian P.); Poulton, NJ (Poulton, Nicole J.); Schwientek, P (Schwientek, Patrick); Acinas, SG (Acinas, Silvia G.); Giovannoni, SJ (Giovannoni, Stephen J.); Moran, MA (Moran, Mary Ann); Hallam, SJ (Hallam, Steven J.); Cavicchioli, R (Cavicchioli, Ricardo); Woyke, T (Woyke, Tanja); Stepanauskas, R (Stepanauskas, Ramunas)

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matematika fakulteti
pedagogika universiteti
таълим вазирлиги
sinflar uchun
Nizomiy nomidagi
tibbiyot akademiyasi
maxsus ta'lim
ta'lim vazirligi
махсус таълим
bilan ishlash
o’rta ta’lim
fanlar fakulteti
Referat mavzu
Navoiy davlat
haqida umumiy
umumiy o’rta
Buxoro davlat
fanining predmeti
fizika matematika
malakasini oshirish
universiteti fizika
kommunikatsiyalarini rivojlantirish
jizzax davlat
davlat sharqshunoslik