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Title: Biodiversity change after climate-induced ice-shelf collapse in the Antarctic

Author(s): Gutt, J (Gutt, Julian); Barratt, I (Barratt, Iain); Domack, E (Domack, Eugene); d'Acoz, CD (d'Acoz, Cedric d'Udekem); Dimmler, W (Dimmler, Werner); Gremare, A (Gremare, Antoine); Heilmayer, O (Heilmayer, Olaf); Isla, E (Isla, Enrique); Janussen, D (Janussen, Dorte); Jorgensen, E (Jorgensen, Elaina); Kock, KH (Kock, Karl-Hermann); Lehnert, LS (Lehnert, Linn Sophia); Lopez-Gonzales, P (Lopez-Gonzales, Pablo); Langner, S (Langner, Stephanie); Linse, K (Linse, Katrin); Manjon-Cabeza, ME (Eugenia Manjon-Cabeza, Maria); Meissner, M (Meissner, Meike); Montiel, A (Montiel, Americo); Raes, M (Raes, Maarten); Robert, H (Robert, Henri); Rose, A (Rose, Armin); Schepisi, ES (Sane Schepisi, Elisabet); Saucede, T (Saucede, Thomas); Scheidat, M (Scheidat, Meike); Schenke, HW (Schenke, Hans-Werner); Seiler, J (Seiler, Jan); Smith, C (Smith, Craig)

Source: DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART II-TOPICAL STUDIES IN OCEANOGRAPHY  Volume: 58  Issue: 1-2  Special Issue: SI  Pages: 74-83  DOI: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2010.05.024  Published: JAN 2011  

Title: Is there a distinct continental slope fauna in the Antarctic?

Author(s): Kaiser, S (Kaiser, Stefanie); Griffiths, HJ (Griffiths, Huw J.); Barnes, DKA (Barnes, David K. A.); Brandao, SN (Brandao, Simone N.); Brandt, A (Brandt, Angelika); O'Brien, PE (O'Brien, Philip E.)

Source: DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART II-TOPICAL STUDIES IN OCEANOGRAPHY  Volume: 58  Issue: 1-2  Special Issue: SI  Pages: 91-104  DOI: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2010.05.017  Published: JAN 2011  

Title: Termites as Bioindicators of Habitat Quality in the Caatinga, Brazil: Is There Agreement Between Structural Habitat Variables and the Sampled Assemblages?

Author(s): Alves, WD (Alves, W. de F.); Mota, AS (Mota, A. S.); de Lima, RAA (de Lima, R. A. A.); Bellezoni, R (Bellezoni, R.); Vasconcellos, A (Vasconcellos, A.)

Source: NEOTROPICAL ENTOMOLOGY  Volume: 40  Issue: 1  Pages: 39-46  Published: JAN-FEB 2011  

Title: Diatoms as indicators of long-term nutrient enrichment in metal-contaminated urban lakes from Sudbury, Ontario

Author(s): Tropea, AE (Tropea, Amy E.); Paterson, AM (Paterson, Andrew M.); Keller, W (Keller, Wendel (Bill)); Smol, JP (Smol, John P.)

Source: LAKE AND RESERVOIR MANAGEMENT  Volume: 27  Issue: 1  Pages: 48-60  Article Number:   DOI: 10.1080/07438141.2011.555935  Published: 2011  

Title: Tracking postfire successional trajectories in a plant community adapted to high-severity fire

Author(s): Freeman, JE (Freeman, Johanna E.); Kobziar, LN (Kobziar, Leda N.)

Source: ECOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS  Volume: 21  Issue: 1  Pages: 61-74  Published: JAN 2011  

Title: Statistical Significance of BioMonitoring of Marine Algae for Trace Metal Levels in a Coral Environment

Author(s): Gopinath, A (Gopinath, Anu); Muraleedharan, NS (Muraleedharan, Nair S.); Chandramohanakumar, N (Chandramohanakumar, N.); Jayalakshmi, KV (Jayalakshmi, K. V.)

Source: ENVIRONMENTAL FORENSICS  Volume: 12  Issue: 1  Pages: 98-105  Article Number:   DOI: 10.1080/15275922.2011.547440  Published: 2011  

Title: Ecological Characteristics of Macrobenthic Communities in the Chaohu Lake Basin and Their Relationship with Environmental Factors

Author(s): Gao, F (Gao, Feng); Deng, JC (Deng, Jiancai); Xu, ZB (Xu, Zhibo); Ning, Y (Ning, Yi); Yin, HB (Yin, Hongbin); Gao, JF (Gao, Junfeng)

Source: JOURNAL OF ANIMAL AND VETERINARY ADVANCES  Volume: 10  Issue: 5  Pages: 627-634  Published: 2011  

Title: A global seamount classification to aid the scientific design of marine protected area networks

Author(s): Clark, MR (Clark, Malcolm R.); Watling, L (Watling, Les); Rowden, AA (Rowden, Ashley A.); Guinotte, JM (Guinotte, John M.); Smith, CR (Smith, Craig R.)

Source: OCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT  Volume: 54  Issue: 1  Pages: 19-36  DOI: 10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2010.10.006  Published: JAN 2011  

Title: Characteristics of mammal communities in Tasmanian forests: exploring the influence of forest type and disturbance history

Author(s): Flynn, EM (Flynn, Erin M.); Jones, SM (Jones, Susan M.); Jones, ME (Jones, Menna E.); Jordan, GJ (Jordan, Gregory J.); Munks, SA (Munks, Sarah A.)

Source: WILDLIFE RESEARCH  Volume: 38  Issue: 1  Pages: 13-29  DOI: 10.1071/WR10025  Published: 2011  

Title: Aegean Bath Sponges: Historical Data and Current Status

Author(s): Voultsiadou, E (Voultsiadou, E.); Dailianis, T (Dailianis, T.); Antoniadou, C (Antoniadou, C.); Vafidis, D (Vafidis, D.); Dounas, C (Dounas, C.); Chintiroglou, CC (Chintiroglou, C. C.)

Source: REVIEWS IN FISHERIES SCIENCE  Volume: 19  Issue: 1  Pages: 34-51  Article Number:   DOI: 10.1080/10641262.2010.531794  Published: 2011  

Title: Contrasting macrobenthic activities differentially affect nematode density and diversity in a shallow subtidal marine sediment

Author(s): Braeckman, U (Braeckman, Ulrike); Van Colen, C (Van Colen, Carl); Soetaert, K (Soetaert, Karline); Vincx, M (Vincx, Magda); Vanaverbeke, J (Vanaverbeke, Jan)

Source: MARINE ECOLOGY-PROGRESS SERIES  Volume: 422  Pages: 179-+  DOI: 10.3354/meps08910  Published: 2011  

Title: Occurrence of Ophidonais serpentina in Potamon persicum from Jajrood River, Iran

Author(s): Ardalan, AA Ardalan, AA (Ardalan, A. A.); Mooraki, N (Mooraki, N.); Sadeghi, MS (Sadeghi, M. S.)

Source: IRANIAN JOURNAL OF FISHERIES SCIENCES  Volume: 10  Issue: 1  Pages: 177-180  Published: JAN 2011  

Title: Effects of Saharan dust on the microbial community during a large in situ mesocosm experiment in the NW Mediterranean Sea

Author(s): Laghdass, M (Laghdass, M.); Blain, S (Blain, S.); Besseling, M (Besseling, M.); Catala, P (Catala, P.); Guieu, C (Guieu, C.); Obernosterer, I (Obernosterer, I.)

Source: AQUATIC MICROBIAL ECOLOGY  Volume: 62  Issue: 2  Pages: 201-213  DOI: 10.3354/ame01466  Published: 2011  

Title: A polyphasic approach for the differentiation of environmental Vibrio isolates from temperate waters

Author(s): Oberbeckmann, S (Oberbeckmann, Sonja); Wichels, A (Wichels, Antje); Maier, T (Maier, Thomas); Kostrzewa, M (Kostrzewa, Markus); Raffelberg, S (Raffelberg, Sarah); Gerdts, G (Gerdts, Gunnar)

Source: FEMS MICROBIOLOGY ECOLOGY  Volume: 75  Issue: 1  Pages: 145-162  DOI: 10.1111/j.1574-6941.2010.00998.x  Published: JAN 2011  

Title: Robustness of fish assemblages derived from three hierarchical agglomerative clustering algorithms performed on Icelandic groundfish survey data

Author(s): Singh, W (Singh, Warsha); Hjorleifsson, E (Hjorleifsson, Einar); Stefansson, G (Stefansson, Gunnar)

Source: ICES JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE  Volume: 68  Issue: 1  Pages: 189-200  DOI: 10.1093/icesjms/fsq144  Published: JAN 2011  

Title: Sex- and maturity-based differences in movement and migration patterns of grey nurse shark, Carcharias taurus, along the eastern coast of Australia

Author(s): Bansemer, CS (Bansemer, C. S.); Bennett, MB (Bennett, M. B.)

Source: MARINE AND FRESHWATER RESEARCH  Volume: 62  Issue: 6  Pages: 596-606  DOI: 10.1071/MF10152  Published: 2011  

Title: Fine-scale spatial and seasonal partitioning among large sharks and other elasmobranchs in south-eastern Queensland, Australia

Author(s): Taylor, S (Taylor, Stephen); Sumpton, W (Sumpton, Wayne); Ham, T (Ham, Tony)

Source: MARINE AND FRESHWATER RESEARCH  Volume: 62  Issue: 6  Pages: 638-647  DOI: 10.1071/MF10154  Published: 2011  

Title: Foraging effort does not influence body condition and stress level in little auks

Author(s): Jakubas, D (Jakubas, Dariusz); Guchowska, M (Guchowska, Marta); Wojczulanis-Jakubas, K (Wojczulanis-Jakubas, Katarzyna); Karnovsky, NJ (Karnovsky, Nina J.); Keslinka, L (Keslinka, Liliana); Kidawa, D (Kidawa, Dorota); Walkusz, W (Walkusz, Wojciech); Boehnke, R (Boehnke, Rafa); Cisek, M (Cisek, Magorzata); Kwasniewski, S (Kwasniewski, Sawomir); Stempniewicz, L (Stempniewicz, Lech)

Source: MARINE ECOLOGY-PROGRESS SERIES  Volume: 432  Pages: 277-290  DOI: 10.3354/meps09082  Published: 2011  

Title: Small macrobenthic invertebrates affect the mortality and growth of early post-settlement sea urchins and sea stars in subtidal cobble habitat

Author(s): Jennings, LB (Jennings, Lindsay B.); Hunt, HL (Hunt, Heather L.)

Source: MARINE ECOLOGY-PROGRESS SERIES  Volume: 431  Pages: 173-182  DOI: 10.3354/meps09131  Published: 2011  

Title: Irradiance and pH affect coccolithophore community composition on a transect between the North Sea and the Arctic Ocean

Author(s): Charalampopoulou, A (Charalampopoulou, Anastasia); Poulton, AJ (Poulton, Alex J.); Tyrrell, T (Tyrrell, Toby); Lucas, MI (Lucas, Mike I.)

Source: MARINE ECOLOGY-PROGRESS SERIES  Volume: 431  Pages: 25-43  DOI: 10.3354/meps09140  Published: 2011  

Title: Analysis of cultivable aerobic bacteria isolated from bottom sediments in the Wijdefjorden region, Spitsbergen

Author(s): Konieczna, I (Konieczna, Iwona); Wojtasik, B (Wojtasik, Barbara); Kwinkowski, M (Kwinkowski, Marek); Burska, D (Burska, Dorota); Nowinski, K (Nowinski, Kamil); Zarnowiec, P (Zarnowiec, Paulina); Kaca, W (Kaca, Wieslaw)

Source: POLISH POLAR RESEARCH  Volume: 32  Issue: 2  Pages: 181-195  DOI: 10.2478/v10183-011-0012-x  Published: 2011  

Title: Fish assemblages in two sandy beaches in lower Purus river, Amazonas, Brazil

Author(s): Duarte, C (Duarte, Cleber); Py-Daniel, LHR (Rapp Py-Daniel, Lucia H.); de Deus, CP (de Deus, Claudia Pereira)

Source: IHERINGIA SERIE ZOOLOGIA  Volume: 100  Issue: 4  Pages: 319-328  Published: DEC 30 2010  

Title: Diet of the grey gurnard, Eutrigla gurnardus in the Adriatic Sea, north-eastern Mediterranean

Author(s): Montanini, S (Montanini, Stefano); Stagioni, M (Stagioni, Marco); Vallisneri, M (Vallisneri, Maria)

Source: CYBIUM  Volume: 34  Issue: 4  Pages: 367-372  Published: DEC 30 2010  

Title: Nutritional support of estuary perch (Macquaria colonorum) in a temperate Australian inlet: Evaluating the relative importance of invasive Spartina

Author(s): Hindell, JS (Hindell, J. S.); Warry, FY (Warry, F. Y.)

Source: ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE  Volume: 90  Issue: 3  Pages: 159-167  DOI: 10.1016/j.ecss.2010.08.012  Published: DEC 20 2010  

Title: Short time-scale impacts of hydropeaking on benthic invertebrates in an Alpine stream (Trentino, Italy)

Author(s): Bruno, MC (Bruno, Maria Cristina); Maiolini, B (Maiolini, Bruno); Carolli, M (Carolli, Mauro); Silveri, L (Silveri, Luana)

Source: LIMNOLOGICA  Volume: 40  Issue: 4  Pages: 281-290  DOI: 10.1016/j.limno.2009.11.012  Published: DEC 2010  

Title: Microdistribution of macroinvertebrates in a temporary pond of Central Italy: Taxonomic and functional analyses

Author(s): Bazzanti, M (Bazzanti, Marcello); Coccia, C (Coccia, Cristina); Dowgiallo, MG (Dowgiallo, Maria Giuseppina)

Source: LIMNOLOGICA  Volume: 40  Issue: 4  Pages: 291-299  DOI: 10.1016/j.limno.2009.10.006  Published: DEC 2010  

Title: Small-scale spatial variation of benthic algal assemblages in a peat bog

Author(s): Cerna, K (Cerna, Katerina)

Source: LIMNOLOGICA  Volume: 40  Issue: 4  Pages: 315-321  DOI: 10.1016/j.limno.2009.11.015  Published: DEC 2010  

Title: Golden Horn Estuary: Description of the ecosystem and an attempt to assess its ecological quality status using various classification metrics

Author(s): Albayrak, S (Albayrak, S.); Balkis, N (Balkis, N.); Balkis, H (Balkis, H.); Zenetos, A (Zenetos, A.); Kurun, A (Kurun, A.); Karhan, SU (Karhan, S. U.); Caglar, S (Caglar, S.); Balci, M (Balci, M.)

Source: MEDITERRANEAN MARINE SCIENCE  Volume: 11  Issue: 2  Pages: 295-313  Published: DEC 2010  

Title: Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) and Black Mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis (Linnaeus, 1758) Culture in Izmir Bay (Iskele-Urla)-Turkey: Preliminary Results on the Annual Feeding Cycle Using a Qualitative Approach

Author(s): Lok, A (Lok, Aynur); Metin, G (Metin, Gulnur); Acarli, S (Acarli, Sefa); Goulletquer, P (Goulletquer, Philippe)

Source: TURKISH JOURNAL OF FISHERIES AND AQUATIC SCIENCES  Volume: 10  Issue: 4  Pages: 527-536  DOI: 10.4194/trjfas.2010.0413  Published: DEC 2010

Title: High Diversity and Abundance of Legionella spp. in a Pristine River and Impact of Seasonal and Anthropogenic Effects

Author(s): Parthuisot, N (Parthuisot, N.); West, NJ (West, N. J.); Lebaron, P (Lebaron, P.); Baudart, J (Baudart, J.)

Source: APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY  Volume: 76  Issue: 24  Pages: 8201-8210  DOI: 10.1128/AEM.00188-10  Published: DEC 2010  

Title: Establishing mollusk colonization and assemblage patterns in planted mangrove stands of different ages in Lingayen Gulf, Philippines

Author(s): Salmo, SG (Salmo, Severino G., III); Duke, NC (Duke, Norman C.)

Source: WETLANDS ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT  Volume: 18  Issue: 6  Pages: 745-754  DOI: 10.1007/s11273-010-9189-8  Published: DEC 2010  

Title: Dimensionality Reduction on the Cartesian Product of Embeddings of Multiple Dissimilarity Matrices

Author(s): Ma, ZL (Ma, Zhiliang); Cardinal-Stakenas, A (Cardinal-Stakenas, Adam); Park, Y (Park, Youngser); Trosset, MW (Trosset, Michael W.); Priebe, CE (Priebe, Carey E.)

Source: JOURNAL OF CLASSIFICATION  Volume: 27  Issue: 3  Pages: 307-321  DOI: 10.1007/s00357-010-9059-3  Published: NOV 2010  

Title: Testing taxonomic resolution levels for detecting environmental impacts using macrobenthic assemblages in tropical waters

Author(s): Naser, HA (Naser, Humood A.)

Source: ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT  Volume: 170  Issue: 1-4  Pages: 435-444  DOI: 10.1007/s10661-009-1244-7  Published: NOV 2010  

Title: Spatiotemporal Variation of Scarab Beetle Assemblages (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae, Melolonthinae, Rutelinae) in the Premontane Rain Forest in Costa Rica: A Question of Scale

Author(s): Garcia-Lopez, A (Garcia-Lopez, Alejandra); Mico, E (Mico, Estefania); Numa, C (Numa, Catherine); Galante, E (Galante, Eduardo)

Source: ANNALS OF THE ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA  Volume: 103  Issue: 6  Pages: 956-964  DOI: 10.1603/AN10078  Published: NOV 2010  

Title: Spatial and temporal variability in the larval fish assemblage of a warm temperate South African estuary, with notes on the effects of artificial channelling

Author(s): Kruger, M (Kruger, M.); Strydom, NA (Strydom, N. A.)

Source: AFRICAN ZOOLOGY  Volume: 45  Issue: 2  Pages: 195-212  DOI: 10.3377/004.045.0221  Published: OCT 2010  

Title: Towards a standardized and optimized protocol for rapid biodiversity assessments: spider species richness and assemblage composition in two savanna vegetation types

Author(s): Muelelwa, MI (Muelelwa, M. I.); Foord, SH (Foord, S. H.); Dippenaar-Schoeman, AS (Dippenaar-Schoeman, A. S.); Stam, EM (Stam, E. M.)

Source: AFRICAN ZOOLOGY  Volume: 45  Issue: 2  Pages: 273-290  DOI: 10.3377/004.045.0206  Published: OCT 2010  

Title: Frankia bacteria in Alnus rubra forests: genetic diversity and determinants of assemblage structure

Author(s): Kennedy, PG (Kennedy, Peter G.); Weber, MG (Weber, Marjorie G.); Bluhm, AA (Bluhm, Andrew A.)

Source: PLANT AND SOIL  Volume: 335  Issue: 1-2  Pages: 479-492  DOI: 10.1007/s11104-010-0436-9  Published: OCT 2010  

Title: Modeling the chemical and toxic water status of the Scheldt basin (Belgium), using aquatic invertebrate assemblages and an advanced modeling method

Author(s): Gevrey, M Gevrey, M (Gevrey, Muriel); Comte, L (Comte, Lise); de Zwart, D (de Zwart, Dick); de Deckere, E (de Deckere, Eric); Lek, S (Lek, Sovan)

Source: ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION  Volume: 158  Issue: 10  Pages: 3209-3218  DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2010.07.006  Published: OCT 2010  

Title: Comparison of methods for integrating biological and physical data for marine habitat mapping and classification

Author(s): Shumchenia, EJ (Shumchenia, E. J.); King, JW (King, J. W.)

Source: CONTINENTAL SHELF RESEARCH  Volume: 30  Issue: 16  Pages: 1717-1729  DOI: 10.1016/j.csr.2010.07.007  Published: SEP 30 2010  

Title: Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers from Lagerstroemia caudata (Lythraceae) and cross-amplification in other related species

Author(s): Cai, M (Cai, Ming); Meng, R (Meng, Rui); Pan, HT (Pan, Hui-Tang); Gao, YK (Gao, Yi-Ke); Sun, M (Sun, Ming); Song, P (Song, Ping); Wang, XF (Wang, Xue-Feng); Zhang, QX (Zhang, Qi-Xiang)

Source: CONSERVATION GENETICS RESOURCES  Volume: 2  Pages: 89-91  DOI: 10.1007/s12686-010-9197-2  Supplement: 1  Published: SEP 2010  

Title: Spatial variability of planktonic invertebrate larvae in the Canary Islands area

Author(s): Landeira, JM (Landeira, J. M.); Lozano-Soldevilla, F (Lozano-Soldevilla, F.); Hernandez-Leon, S (Hernandez-Leon, S.); Barton, ED (Barton, E. D.)

Source: JOURNAL OF THE MARINE BIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED KINGDOM  Volume: 90  Issue: 6  Special Issue: SI  Pages: 1217-1225  Published: SEP 2010  

Title: Prediction and verification of possible reef-fish spawning aggregation sites in Los Roques Archipelago National Park, Venezuela

Author(s): Boomhower, J (Boomhower, J.); Romero, M (Romero, M.); Posada, J (Posada, J.); Kobara, S (Kobara, S.); Heyman, W (Heyman, W.)

Source: JOURNAL OF FISH BIOLOGY  Volume: 77  Issue: 4  Pages: 822-840  DOI: 10.1111/j.1095-8649.2010.02704.x  Published: SEP 2010  

Title: Ecological assessment of highly heterogeneous systems: The importance of taxonomic sufficiency

Author(s): Trigal-Dominguez, C (Trigal-Dominguez, Cristina); Fernandez-Alaez, C (Fernandez-Alaez, Camino); Garcia-Criado, F (Garcia-Criado, Francisco)

Source: LIMNOLOGICA  Volume: 40  Issue: 3  Pages: 208-214  DOI: 10.1016/j.limno.2009.06.011  Published: SEP 2010  

Author(s): Toerien, DF (Toerien, D. F.); Seaman, MT (Seaman, M. T.)

Title: Ecology, water and enterprise development in selected rural South African towns

Source: WATER SA, 37 (1): 47-56 JAN 2011

Author(s): Maraslioglu, F (Maraslioglu, Faruk); Soylu, EN (Soylu, Elif Neyran); Gonulol, A (Gonulol, Arif)

Title: Chlorococcal chlorophyte composition, community structure, and seasonal variations in the shallow lakes of the Kizilirmak Delta, Turkey

Source: TURKISH JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY, 35 (1): 117-124 2011

Author(s): Wischnewski, J (Wischnewski, Juliane); Mischke, S (Mischke, Steffen); Wang, YB (Wang, Yongbo); Herzschuh, U (Herzschuh, Ulrike)

Title: Reconstructing climate variability on the northeastern Tibetan Plateau since the last Lateglacial - a multi-proxy, dual-site approach comparing terrestrial and aquatic signals

Source: QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS, 30 (1-2): 82-97 JAN 2011

Author(s): Eddy, TD (Eddy, T. D.)

Title: Recent observations of reef fishes at the Kermadec Islands Marine Reserve, New Zealand


Author(s): Jiang, Y (Jiang, Yong); Xu, HL (Xu, Henglong); Hu, XZ (Hu, Xiaozhong); Zhu, MZ (Zhu, Mingzhuang); Al-Rasheid, KAS (Al-Rasheid, Khaled A. S.); Warren, A (Warren, Alan)

Title: An approach to analyzing spatial patterns of planktonic ciliate communities for monitoring water quality in Jiaozhou Bay, northern China

Source: MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN, 62 (2): 227-235 FEB 2011

Author(s): de Juan, S (de Juan, S.); Hewitt, J (Hewitt, J.)

Title: Relative importance of local biotic and environmental factors versus regional factors in driving macrobenthic species richness in intertidal areas

Source: MARINE ECOLOGY-PROGRESS SERIES, 423: 117-129 2011

Author(s): Cook, GS (Cook, Geoffrey S.)

Title: Changes in otolith microchemistry over a protracted spawning season influence assignment of natal origin

Source: MARINE ECOLOGY-PROGRESS SERIES, 423: 197-209 2011

Author(s): Urra, J (Urra, Javier); Gofas, S (Gofas, Serge); Rueda, JL (Rueda, Jose L.); Marina, P (Marina, Pablo)

Title: Molluscan assemblages in littoral soft bottoms of the Alboran Sea (Western Mediterranean Sea)

Source: MARINE BIOLOGY RESEARCH, 7 (1): 27-42 2011

Author(s): Fagundes-Netto, EB (Fagundes-Netto, Eduardo Barros); Gaelzer, LR (Gaelzer, Luiz Ricardo); Coutinho, R (Coutinho, Ricardo); Zalmon, IR (Zalmon, Ilana R.)

Title: Influence of a shipwreck on a nearshore-reef fish assemblages off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Author(s): Goncalves-Souza, T (Goncalves-Souza, Thiago); Brescovit, AD (Brescovit, Antonio D.); Rossa-Feres, DD (Rossa-Feres, Denise de C.); Romero, GQ (Romero, Gustavo Q.)

Title: Bromeliads as biodiversity amplifiers and habitat segregation of spider communities in a Neotropical rainforest

Source: JOURNAL OF ARACHNOLOGY, 38 (2): 270-279 2010      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Author(s): Buchholz, S (Buchholz, Sascha)

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