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1. Summer school will be June 1-June 26 at CJHS, from 8:00-10:55 a.m. lunch, then from 11:25.-2:20 p.m.

2. A sack lunch will be served-Full price lunch is $2.15; reduced lunch price is .40

3. Students are allowed only two absences per session. Upon the 3rd absence per session, the student will be removed

from the class. Three tardies of any length count as one absence.

4. Students will be removed from summer school upon first discipline referral.

5. Summer school courses are not computed for GPA.

6. A final report will be sent home with your student upon completion of his/her credit.

7. Driver’s Education will be offered for students 15 years old by June 1.

8. Incoming 2015-16 freshmen can take Physical Education and Online Digital Computer Apps.

9. Incoming 2015-16 freshmen can take Driver Education if they are 15 by June 1st.

Bus services will be offered (modified routes)

Will your student ride the school bus? ______Yes ______No

Complete the information requested below and return this entire sheet to Mary McWethy, registrar,

by Monday, May 11th if you are interested in enrolling in summer school.
Student Name _______________________________Grade (next year): ______Student Cell # ________________
Address________________________________________ Male or Female Birthdate _____________________
School attending next year if not CJHS: ____________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian 1 Name ___________________________________ Phone ___________________________
Parent/Guardian 2 Name ___________________________________ Phone ___________________________
Each of the following classes count as .5 credit toward high school graduation except Driver’s Education.


Physical Education


Driver’s Education (no cr.)


Online Digital Comp. Apps.

_____AM or ______PM

(see description-p.4)


Credit Recovery Course (s)

(Complete Page 2)

(Dr. Ed. Instructions on Page 3)

If you signed up for credit recovery,

Please select the class or classes on the back side of this form that you need to take.

(Students taking early morning Weights-must sign up for PM Dr. Ed. class.)

My signature indicates knowledge of and agreement to summer school requirements.
________________________________________________ _____________________________

Student Signature Date

_______________________________________________ _____________________________

Parent Signature Date

Page 2


Credit Recovery is designed for students who have failed a course and wish or need to make up the credit to stay “on track” with credits. All classes will use PLATO, a web-based, computerized curriculum. PLATO courseware modules contain tutorials, drills, applications, problem-solving activities, reviews, practice, and tests. PLATO keeps track of each student’s progress and time on task. To ensure accountability, students may work on Plato assignments at home. The mastery tests, post- tests, and end-of-semester tests must be taken at CJHS. Any test completed off-site will NOT be counted toward completion of the course, and no credit will be issued. Students WILL be allowed to redo tests if there is sufficient time left before the end of the summer school session. Other courses will be offered only to those students who need to take it in order to accommodate the schedules for classes offered on a limited basis during the regular school year. ONLY CJ students may enroll in Credit Recovery summer school.
INSTRUCTIONS: Prioritize with a 1, then 2… the class(es) you should/want to take AND CIRCLE which semester you wish to take for credit recovery.

Algebra IA – Sem 1 or 2

Chemistry I – Sem 1 or 2

LA I - Sem 1 or 2

Algebra IB – Sem 1 or 2

Biology – Sem 1 or 2

LA II – Sem 1 or 2

Algebra I-Sem 1 or 2

Phy. Science – Sem 1 or 2

LA III – Sem 1 or 2

Geometry-Sem 1 or 2

Am.History – Sem 1 or 2

LA IV – Sem 1 or 2

Algebra II-Sem 1 or 2

Am. Gov’t.- Sem 1 or 2

Other Class

Art Hist/App.

Wld.Studies – Sem 1 or 2

Pers. Finance. - Sem 1 or 2

I have read the Summer School information on the reverse side of this contract and agree to the following terms:

  • For PLATO credit recovery courses, I understand that upon completion of the assigned curriculum, I will receive ½ credit and will no longer have to attend summer school.

  • To ensure accountability, I understand that students may work on the Plato assignments at home.

The mastery tests, post-tests, and end-of-semester tests must be taken at CJHS.

  • I understand that any test completed off-site will not be counted toward completion of the course, and that no credit will be issued. Students will be allowed to retake tests if there is sufficient time left before the end of the summer school session.

  • I understand that I will be removed from summer school upon my third absence.

  • I understand that I will be removed from summer school upon my first discipline referral.

  • Bus transportation will be provided (modified routes)

  • A certificate of completion will be presented to student upon completion of Credit Recovery course.

__________________________________________________ _________________

Student signature Date
__________________________________________________ _________________

Parent signature Date

Page 3

Students must be 15 by the first day of summer school – June 1

Students will receive Pass or Fail grades and no credit will be given toward graduation.

The course is divided into two sessions:

  1. Classroom portion – Beginning June 1st at 8:00 am or 11:25 pm

  2. Actual behind-the-wheel driving & observation

Students must pass both sections in order to pass the class.


Students are required to have 30 full hours of classroom instruction. Classroom portion of Driver Education will start on June 1, 2015 and end on June 12, 2015. Students can only miss one day of the class time and are required to make it up. Make up day is scheduled for June 15th. A student’s second absence will result in the student being dropped from the class. There are no exceptions for camps, sickness, doctor’s appointments, etc. Also, two tardies count as one absence since this is only a two week classroom session.


This is in addition to the class time; students are required to have 6 hours of driving time. They also have to have 12 hours of observation time (passenger in the car). The driving & observation part will be scheduled by the actual driving instructors during the first week of summer school and will be scheduled around their summer school schedule. The teacher will collect your requested driving dates and times the first day of class. The driving takes approximately 6 weeks to complete, but occasionally a student may finish sooner. Students should be aware that it may be mid-July before their driving portion is completed. Students are expected to attend all scheduled driving sessions. Any student that needs to miss a scheduled driving time for any reason, such as a doctor’s appointment, camp, going out of town, etc., needs to let his/her driving instructor know as early as possible. We are not opposed to working with the students as long as we know their situation ahead of time. Students that miss a scheduled driving time without notifying their driving instructor in advance could be dropped, resulting in failing the class. Students must pass the classroom portion in order to complete the driving time. If the student has already started driving before the class time is completed and they fail the classroom portion, they will not be allowed to continue their driving.
When students are in the driver education vehicles, they are expected to be on their best behavior. Horseplay will NOT be tolerated by the student driver, or the passengers in the back seat! Students in the back seat are expected to observe what’s going on at all times, and learn from each situation. Cell phones, electronic devices, magazines, etc. will not be allowed during driving times. Students’ personal belongings will be stored in the trunk of the vehicle. Students should also be well-prepared to drive. Sandals, flip flops, etc. are not acceptable footwear for Driver Education. Hairstyles should be such that no hair is hanging in front of the eyes, blocking the vision of the student driver.
Driver Education is offered to Carl Junction students first. Mary, High School Registrar will keep a list of Carl Junction students and out-of-district students who have requested to be placed on the waiting list. If there are any openings (no shows), these students will be contacted on the 1st day of summer school.

Page 3

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