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Suhrab, 1935), and Shurishi Vose' (The Vose' Uprising,  1936). It is not,

however, until 1956 and 1957 that his Sharafi Inson (Man's Honor) and

Surudi Kuhsor (The Song of the Mountains) appeared on the Tajik stage.

Then, a year later, his Tufon (Storm) brought the life of V. I. Lenin to

the Tajik theater for the first time. His other plays, including Hurriat

(Freedom) and Mo az Bomi Jahon (We, From the Roof of the World,

1965) were staged shortly thereafter.

Ghani Abdullo was a People's Distinguished Artist of Tajikistan. He

joined the Union of Writers of Tajikistan in 1934 and was awarded the

Rudaki State Prize for literature in 1972. He passed away in Dushanbe

in 1984.

Abdullo, Rashid

Tajik poet, journalist, and translator, Rashid Abdullo was born into a

family of laborers in Samarqand in 1910. He was Ghani Abdullo's

brother. Rashid received his early education in traditional Samarqand


Abdullo graduated from the Faculty of Literature of the Uzbekistan

Academy of Education in 1932. Thereafter, he became the Secretary of

Baroi Adabiyoti Sotsialisti and Tojikistoni Surkh in Dushanbe. He also

served as the Director of the Literary Division of the Republic, and the

Director of the Censors of Dushanbe Film Studio. Later on, the

Tajikistan Central Komsomol Committee recommended that Abdullo be

assigned to the education center of the Vakhsh Rural District as an

instructor. His tasks included the elimination of illiteracy in the region.

Rashid Abdullo's poetry appears in the literary journals of the 1930s.

His story entitled "Qodir" ("Qodir"), depicts the feelings of a youth

upon taking control of a tractor for the first time; it was published in

1933 by the Tajikistan government press. His collection of poetry

appeared in 1935, followed in 1936 by Vakhsh (Vakhsh) which depicts

the Soviets' recovery of the Vakhsh marshes for cultivation.

As a translator, Abdullo brought some of the works of Lermontov

and Nazim Hikmat into Tajiki.

Rashid Abdullo joined the Union of Writers of Tajikistan in 1934. In

1937, he was accused of slander, a charge that placed him in Stalin's

prisons. He died in prison shortly after that.

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