P rominent t ajik f igures of the

Prominent Tajik Figures of the Twentieth Century

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Prominent Tajik Figures of the Twentieth Century



Central Scientific Library

The Library was founded in 1932.  It is the greatest scientific treasure in the

Republic. The library consists of 115 departments and 9 branches.  It contains more

than 1.5 million books and attracts about 17 thousand patrons who take out an

average of 500,000 books per year.

The library conducts research in the bibliographical area. The History of

Tajikistan is one of the bibliographic editions.  The series of books entitled

Bibliographical Information About Tajik Scholars has been printed more than 70


The Fund of Rare Books is housed at the Library.  Among the books belonging

to the Fund there are many books from the private libraries of famous scholars,

including S. Oldenburg, M. Andreev, E. Pavlovsky, A. Mirzoev, and M. Osimi.

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