P rominent t ajik f igures of the

Prominent Tajik Figures of the Twentieth Century

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Prominent Tajik Figures of the Twentieth Century



  Search for the varieties, types and select lines of crop plants which are

prospects for growing in mountainous conditions

  Investigation of scientific approaches in the regulation of harmful

invertebrates through the use of their natural enemies. Protection of the

animal kingdom of the Pamirs, and elaboration of the methods of

optimization for natural ecosystems;

  Creation and study of crop plants and their gene-fund in the Pamirs.  Seed

growing and technology of growing new types and lines of crop plants in the


  Introduction and acclimatization of plants in the conditions of high

mountains.  Protection of the vegetable kingdom in the high mountains and

measures  for reconstruction of the ecosystems that have been destroyed by


The major scientific results of the Institute have been:

  the parameters of UV-radiation influence on the growth, morphogenesis and

mesostructure of leaves and some physiological processes (i.e. total

combination of adaptive reactions in connection with the influence of UV-

radiation on the growth, productivity and hormones of the plants) were


  the stock of medicinal materials of plant origin in Western Pamir was

determined and studied for the first time.  The chemical composition of

biologically active substances was revealed ;

  taking stock of the fruit plants in Western Pamir has been completed. There

are promising varieties of fruit plants which do not need additional selection:

10 varieties of apricot, 11 - apples, 4 - pears, 3 - peaches, 2 - walnuts, and so


  new data on insects have been collected, regularities of formation and

dissemination of insects through the high mountainous ecosystems of the

Pamir were established.  Altitude distribution of specific contents of insects

was determined;

  technologies for growing certain fodder and medicinal plants were


  they continue to work on the technology of growing vegetable plants in

green-houses by applying the heat of geothermal water and polymeric light-


  new varieties of peas "Shaftal," "Safedak," and triticale "Badakhshan" were

bred.  Potato "Polet" and alfalfa "Blavez" (foreign selection) varieties were

bred and recommended for industrial introduction in the Pamirs;

  every year, they supply the agricultural institutions of Pamir with dozens of

tons of elite seeds of wheat, barley, rye, horse legumes and potato, which

were bred on the basis of the best high-productive varieties of crop plants;

they also prepared 10-12 thousand standard seedlings for the foundation of

new gardens in the Western Pamirs.

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