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Outreach Notice

Region 1

Helena – Lewis and Clark National Forest

Hydrologic Technician



The Helena – Lewis and Clark National Forest will soon be recruiting to fill a permanent Hydrologic Technician (GS-1316-09) position.

Position Title: Hydrologic Technician, GS-1316-09

Tour of Duty: permanent, full-time

Duty Station: Great Falls or Helena, Montana

Description of duties:

The hydrologic technician spends most of the time in the field from May to October. Duties of the position include the following:

  • Preparation and oversight of watershed restoration projects and contracts

  • All field data collection efforts for the hydrology program (e.g. streamflow gauging and measurement and sediment measurement)

  • Installation of field monitoring equipment

  • Seasonal hydrology field crew hiring and oversight

  • Watershed improvement needs inventory

  • Hydrologic data input and analysis

  • Support of hydrology and watershed NEPA and NFMA analysis

This position will likely be advertised in early 2017, though it may be advertised earlier. We hope to select a candidate for this position by February 2017.

Qualification Requirements:

Those who are interested must meet the qualification requirements for the GS-1316–9 as outlined under qualification standards for Technical and Medical Support Positions from the Office of Personnel Management. The Office of Personnel Management qualifications for this position can be reviewed at http://www.opm.gov/qualifications/standards/IORs/gs1300/1316.htm and http://www.opm.gov/qualifications/standards/group-stds/gs-tech.asp.

Outreach response and for more information:

Interested applicants should fill out the attached response form and return it to Dave Callery at dcallery@fs.fed.us or mail it to Dave Callery, Helena National Forest, 2880 Skyway Drive, Helena, MT 59602 by November 11, 2016.

How to Apply:

The vacancy announcement has not been issued yet. On-line applications for this position will be accepted through USA Jobs at www.usajobs.gov. A follow-up outreach notice will be sent out concurrently with the vacancy announcement on USA Jobs.

About the Watershed Program and the Helena – Lewis and Clark National Forest:

The Helena – Lewis and Clark Watershed Program conducts water and soil resource analyses and reporting for a wide range of forest management activities, plans and implements diverse watershed, stream, and wetland restoration projects, and monitors water and soil quality conditions across the forest. The Helena – Lewis and Clark National Forest is located in west-central Montana and covers roughly 2.8 million acres. It straddles the Continental Divide and encompasses headwaters of both the Missouri and Columbia River systems. Elevations range from about 3,500 to over 9,000 feet above sea level. Precipitation varies from 10 to 60 inches/year across the forest. The Forest is characterized by coniferous forests, woody valley bottoms, high mountain peaks and broad grassy meadows. The Bob Marshall, Scapegoat, and Gates of the Mountains Wilderness Areas cover almost half of the forest area. Additional information on the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest can be found at the following websites:



USDA Forest Service

Helena – Lewis and Clark National Forest

2880 Skyway Drive, Helena Montana 59602

ATTN: Dave Callery

E-MAIL: dcallery@fs.fed.us

Hydrologic Technician GS-1316-09

******PLEASE RESPOND BY November 11, 2016******


Telephone number

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Briefly, explain how you qualify for this position:

Your level of interest in this potential vacancy:

Just Inquiring

Serious consideration

Would definitely apply

Comments, including related skills and experience:

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