Open Sourcing Proposal To Samsung Electronics (Embassy of Canada) Due Date: December 17, 2014

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Open Sourcing Proposal


Samsung Electronics
(Embassy of Canada)

**Due Date: December 17, 2014**

Company Profile:

Company Name


Business Address

Number of Employees



Main Business Areas/


Key Technologies

Major Customers

Main Competitors

Annual Sales




Sales (US$)

Contact Information









(Describe your products, technologies and solutions)

(Expected potential benefit to Samsung Electronics of your technologies/solutions)



(Competitive points compared with existing technologies/solutions)


  1. Your corporate brochure.

  2. Introductory document on your technologies*

*It is important to provide as much information as possible within the limit that does not require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Samsung Electronics Business Lines and Product Groups:
IT & Mobile Communications Business (IM):

-Mobile Communications


-Digital Imaging

-Miscellaneaous (apps, contents & services, etc.)
Consumer Electronics Business (CE):

-Visual Displays

-Printing Solutions

-Digital Home Appliances

-Medical Devices
Device Solutions Business (DS):


-System LSI


*Each business line has a President and CEO reporting to the Vice Chairman and CEO.

**For further information on the detailed product lines, visit

***The proposal that is not relevant to Samsung Electronics’ business and product lines will not be delivered to Samsung Electronics for their review.
About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.:

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Suwon, South Korea. It is the flagship subsidiary of the Samsung Group, amounting to 70% of the group's revenue in 2012, and has been the world's largest information technology company by revenues since 2009. Samsung Electronics has assembly plants and sales networks in 80 countries and employs around 370,000 people with annual sale exceeding US$200 billion. Since 2012, the CEO is Kwon Oh-Hyun.
Samsung has long been a major manufacturer of electronic components such as lithium-ion batteriessemiconductorschipsflash memory and hard drive devices for clients such as Apple, SonyHTC and Nokia. In recent years, the company has diversified into consumer electronics. It is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones fueled by the popularity of its Samsung Galaxy line of devices. The company is also a major vendor of tablet computers, particularly its Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab collection, and is generally regarded as pioneering the phablet market through the Samsung Galaxy Note family of devices.
Samsung has been the world's largest manufacturer of LCD panels since 2002, the world's largest television manufacturer since 2006, and world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones since 2011. Samsung Electronics displaced Apple Inc. as the world's largest technology company in 2011 and is a major part of the South Korean economy. In June 2014 Samsung published the Tizen OS with the new Samsung Z. For more informa­tion, visit

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