Official transcript with current gpa from pchs. Include at least two letters of recommendation

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Cheryl Knuchel left a legacy to not only her nieces and nephews, but also to the many children she taught at Wamsutter, Wyoming and Garrison, Montana. She began her career in teaching way before she enrolled at Montana State University in Bozeman. She worked with many children during the summers as the Summer Recreation Director at the Jaycee Park from the time she graduated from Powell County High School in 1967. She taught in Wyoming for three years before moving back to Deer Lodge to teach at Garrison where she remained until her diagnosis of ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Schlerosis) in 2006. She chose to put off treatment until Christmas break so that her “children” would not worry about her. She received the Gold Star for teaching award. Her treatments were always scheduled for the last appointment of the day in Missoula so that her students did not have to have a substitute and disrupt their day. Cheryl passed away on May 1, 2009. She was a perpetual student and unselfish professional teacher, always trying to learn something new and loving when “the light bulb” went off with her students. She never asked “why me” but rather “why not me?”



This $750 scholarship is for a student who is in good standing, involved in his/her community, and committed to attending either Montana State University or Montana Tech pursuing a degree in education.


Complete information below, include an official transcript with current GPA from PCHS. Include at least two letters of recommendation and an essay (not to exceed one typed page) which states the dreams of what you would like to accomplish as a teacher.

Applicant’s Full Name: __________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________ City ___________________, MT

Date of Birth _______________________ Institution Attending in the Fall ________________________

Father’s Name _______________________________ Mother’s Name __________________________

Sibling Names and Ages _________________________________________________________________

List (on separate sheet of paper) all activities, honors/awards and community involvement and service.

Essay (1 page)—stating hopes and dreams of what you would like to accomplish as a teacher.

Signed: ______________________________________________________ Date: ______________

Submit all application materials to the PCHS Counseling Office by April 30th.

Download 14.13 Kb.

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