Notes on Bond Head Cemetery

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Notes on Bond Head Cemetery

The community of Bond Head was named after the Lieutentant –Governor of upper Canada\in the late 1830’s. Sir Frances Bond Head was in charge of the government during the rebellion of 1837. The community itself was established about 1838. Newcastle Harbour was developed at this time. In 1851 Bond Head and Newcastle amalgamated into one community.

St. George’s Church established the bond Head cemetery sometime in the early 1840’s and it was under their jurdisdiction until 1972. St. George’s is an Anglican Church but this cemetery was used as a community cemetery.

Elias Walbridge died april 1825 was earliest stone of death. It is possible that was buried here prior to becoming a cemetery or was moved to here to this site.

The Bowmanville Legion has been kind enough to mark all our veterans for today. Also you will see jars with flowers in them at certain places. This has been done by one of your guides Pam.

Welcome To the home of our ancestors. Throughout the tour you will visit with some well known people who made Newcastle what it is today. We are also going to point out some markings on the stones and explain what they represent. There are some interesting things in this home. Come find out.

Oh by the way we may have occassional visits from the undertaker. (give him the script of where his is at the time)

We will do the left side first. Here we have

Mr. Murray Patterson, was a local Merchant. He ran Toms and Sons a grocery /clothing store. The store was where the current Home Hardware store is. Murray ran the clothing side. Morning Glory on stone meaning Beginning Life.

Friedlander, Edwin Julius. The STAR OF David is an international Jewish symbol . We think Edwin was Dean's father, who owned the Dr. Farncomb (Britton) house downtown. 

Clark, Merkley- Morning Glory Beginning of Life.

Martin, Laura-The stone markings are first a Willow tree meaning Perpetual Mourning or Grief and the second is Ivy? Meaning Immortality, Friendship.

Holubenko (peter, sophie, Fred) The stone markings two cross with third opposite is a Russian Orthodox cross.

Woodland, Rev Elgora Claude- Stone markings are beautiful. Morning glory meaning beginning Life also a cross meaning Christianity symbol of sovereignity of the Lord and Praying hands meaning asking God for Eternal Life.

Lumsden Family Woodstock/ Relict of the late/ Meaning family. April 30, 1863. Francis Squairs sell 50 cords of wood at 1.90 a cord to George

Beacham Family Willowtree meaning earthly sorrow has 3 stones in front old. Sayings on this stone are I am the resurrect-and the life/blessed are the pure in heart for-they shall see god/My purposes are-broken off,yea,even-the thoughts of my-heart

Legresley, Philip Fred - history direct descendants of the Farncomb family; ran large dairy operation just east on Bond Head Cemetery

McBride – Arnott Family –Notice the Curtain over the top of this stone. It is a symbol of Morning; End of Life on earth. Interesting reading at top of this stone “Just as I am, without one plea-but that thy blood was shed for me-and that thou bidst me come to thee- o lamb of God I come” .Interesting carving at bottom P&D Cobourg believed to be the stone makers.

Hunter Family on side 4 “Suffer little children to come unto me .”

There are 3 unreadable stones today. When last readable are

Roantree Reading: “Hark! Angels whisper me away-my parents dear adieu-in the sweetest realms of endless day-our love we will renew.”

Ivory, John Reading: “Friends nor Physicians could not save- This mortal body from the grave-Nor can the grave confine it here-when Christ in judgement shall appear.”

Clark, Frankie J Reading: “My boy - aged 5 mths”

Pool, John Marking on stone “Thy Kingdom Gone”. John was assigned as the builder,carpenter and joinery for St. Georges Church.

Rev George Riddell - script reading –“First be seeded(ceeded)in Christ-then bring forth fruit-the fruit of righteousness.” George was the Presbyterian Church in Newcastle and Newtonville for 10 years. He died while still in charge of his congregation.

Clarke , Robt Stone marking -Wreath-Saintliness; Glory; Victory in Death/Doves -Eternal Life.

Clarke, Mary - old markings carving of doves & ribbons, means innocence, peace, eternal life

Clarke , Alice Robert Stone markings are old- Hand holding thistles signifies Scottish decent, remembrance

Clark , Latham Stone markings are a urn with/wreath or crepe - Mourning

Walbridge Family- Elias Walbridge died april 1825. Important early settlers coming to Newcastle

about 1819, acquiring 600 acres; most of the town today is built on former Wallbridge farmland

Willow tree signifies earthly sorrow; roses – signifies loss in the prime of life

Asa E Walbridge’s father-in-law was John Every (pronounced starting with a long e). “John Every was a

Baptist deacon, ran a distillery, kept tavern, and preached the gospel”.

Lovina J script reading : “Death comes unheard & goes away unseen-his darts are sudden & arrows keen.”

Walton-Ball Family –Stone marking Dragon Script- family Crest- murus/aeneus/virtus. On all the side of this stone you will find D.S.S. meaning Doctor of Dentistry . Also the Initials U.E. And U.E.L. Meaning United Emporial Loyalists. Dr. Walton Ball was a part time Dentist in Newcastle in 1939. Captain Nathan Ball founder of Port Hope.

Gordon, Rev Russell- Stone marking is a Cross-General Symbol of Christianity. Represents the Ressurection to many Christian religions. Presbyterian Minister 1910 to 1985

Singer, John A- Stone marking on side 3 symbol B of RR T * brotherhood of railway trainsmen

Atkinson, John - Raised plot John was the father of Joseph Atkinson (1865-1948).  He grew up in Newcastle under impoverished circumstances.  In 1899 he became manager of the Toronto Star, made it Canada’s largest daily newspaper and became a millionaire in the process.  Most of his wealth was left to the Atkinson Charitable Foundation. Also was paid to play the bellows at United Church. John was killed on the tracks walking home from a tavern apparently.... this apparently explains Joseph Aktinsons fury with alcoholism... which forced him to leave school and go out and work at 14 to help feed his family.

McKeen , John - Possible member of the Mechanics Institute which was an organization that provided reading material, lectures and study courses for the working classes.

Rowland ,William- son of James and Susanna Rowland- Interesting use of age AE 18 Y's 7m's 12d's

Rowland ,John- son of James and Susanna - Marking Tree- willow Earthly Sorrows

Rowland, Catherine and John- script reading : “Respect to your memory how sacred the trust-hath raised this pale marble an emblem of dust- but Jesus hath called us in faith to arise- in hope to regain thee again in the skies.”

Rowland , james and susanna- Native of Co. Monaghan North Ireland. Emigrated to Canada in 1830

8 stones in front of Walbridge

Pope, James -script reading : “Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not, the son of man cometh.”

Lowery , Robert- Beautiful scrolling on stone.

Parnal, Minnie -script reading : “Short was my time. Yet long my rest may be cut off in youth as you may plainly see Nursed us with parents dear was I. They loved me well and grieved to see me die.”

Pope, Frederick - A carving of open book on top with script reading”He is not dead-but sleepeth – meaning is Teacher or minister.

Wolcott, William- Beautiful scrolling on stone. Circle with a Sun and Roses.

Goodhind, Arthur- Stone is hard to read but on the top you find Goodhind

As you can see we have an empty space in the North Center area. It is said that sailors were buried in this section however it is a folklore...that being said there are indentations in the middle area where it is obvious there is a burial.

Also in the north center section near the fence are a set of small graves. We are guessing these are cremation plots . Their are some very interesting marking on these stones.

Donnelly, Florine-Angels and Rose Meaning Angels Flying Rebirth , Resurrection. The rose is fully open meaning Death in the prime of Life

Bate, Thomas-Dove

Roberts, Rita and Lindsay- Map of Gaspe

Adams- Plane

Blair, John -Canadian Air Force Service Symbol

Blair, Jean- Canadian Air Force Service Symbol

Now the North East Section most of this section we are only looking at the interesting laser designs on he stones.

Stiggants,Charles/ Cussels, Charolotte - Interesting Script: “Gone but not forgotten he giveth his beloved sleep”

Arnot, Duncan- Some Script on this stone: “Who was taken from us. Gone but not forgotten. Erected by her loving children”

Durkin ,Terrence -Books- Terry was an entrepreneur and one of his most successful companies was called Listen for Pleasure. He was the first person to introduce talking books to the North American market. His last company was called HIP Books the HIP stood for High Interest Publishing...the books were geared to struggling readers at school...the interest keel was high and the vocabulary limited so struggling readers would have success.

Thompson, Nancy- Angels Flying Rebirth , Resurrection.

Sellers- Ninjas grave of a 5 year old child

McCrae, Scott and Deborah, Beautiful etching of a tree with both cpouples initials craved in tree. Also a thistle in left corner meaning Rememberance. A butterfly on the right corner meaning shortened life.

Garrod- Golf men and woman

Wade, Michael - Zamboni- Municipality of Clarington employee.

Nuttall , Leslie - Map of the Gulf of Mexico

We are nearing the end and entering the main section. This is also an old section.

Haigh , Ernest – old - marking IHS/ in hoc salus (there is safety in this)

Cook, George-This stone is in hedge. A native of Berwickshire, Scotland

Barrie, Thomas-Family Plot. Interesting tower as it is 7 tiers.

Casselman carved handshake – means farewell Script read: "Man dieth and wasteth away; he

cometh-forth,like a flower, and is cut down."

McAllister, Margaret- Hand down -Script Reading “Her mind was calm and serene-As sorrow in her face was seen-Her saviour smiled, dispersed the gloom-and smoothed her passage to the tomb.”

Katie Ann- Lamb Very old currently unreadable with carved lamb – lamb signifies innocence

When last readable stone script side 1 "beloved babe of Wm & M Wolf- died Mar 7, 1880 aged

13 mths"- Side 2-"Beneath this stone in sweet repose-Is laid a mother's dearest pride A tender

flower that scarce had waked-to life and beauty ere it died"

Martin, Frances – Interesting Family plot notice the stone pillars around large stone

William Nicholson Rose RNS and family- stone is a cross the RNS is Royal Naval Service

Gray, Louise- script reading :Dearest children thou hast left us and thy loss we deeply feel. Tis the Lord who hath berrft us. Of the dear ones so well.

Gray, John Rice- script reading :Their spirits are in their Father’s house where the children of his love are gathered.

Gray, Peter- Hand Pointing up Pathway to Heaven- script reading : "Gone Home. Gone but not Forgotten"

Gray, George- script reading : "Gone but not Forgotten/ What is life to me without thee. Darkness and despair alone. When with sighs I seek to find thee. This tomb proclaims that thou art gone." George also exhibited Cotswolds at fair in 1880. These are a type of Sheep or Lamb.

Gray, Lizzy- script reading : Side 1 "Her kind devotion to her mother -forms one of the noblest-monuments to her memory." /Side 2 "Budded on earth to bloom-in heaven /side 3 She was loved and esteemed by all who knew"

Greives, William Unreadable shaped like window or a door, dies at Cleveland. Masonic symbol are

only readable today. When last readable stone script reads:" In Memory of William Grieve

who died at Cleveland, Ohio Dec 12,1870 aged 25 years 7 months & 19 days- My life is run, my

grave you see. Prepare in time to follow. So friends go home and shed no tears. For here I lie till

Christ appears."

Dickson, John-Gibson, Elizabeth- The first Bonspiel was held on Sabine's pond( north part of 3rd Concession) in 1850. At this time John Dickson had produced a pair of stones. Many of the Bond Spiels were held at Bond Head on the Harbour Ice.

Gibson ,Frances - scrollwork on stone. Francis was the son of John Gibson and one of the last son to

come over from England. The Gibson's were also of the English Church and Conservatives.

Burrows, Mary- Another interesting Stone in a scroll shape.

Waldon, Frances- Long , tall and Flat stone.

Treleaven, John- Family Plot- large tower style-In 1857 was assigned as the was assigned as the builder,carpenter and joinery on St. Georges . 1857-1858 Canada Directory for Newcastle businessmen lists John Trevelen as having a Cabinet ,Sash and door factory. In february 1872 Newcastle Boasted one of the largest woolen mills in Upper Canada, employing 60 persons. This was the Newcastle Woolen Manufacturing Co., which had been incorporated in July 1866 as the Durham Woolen Manufacturing Co. Perhaps the aspirations of this company exceeded its supply of wool because by 1870 it was in financial difficulty. Its capital stock was 40,000and the trustees were James P.Lovekin, Frederick Farncomb, John J. Robson, Asa Walbridge, Hart A. Massey, Thomas Tamblyn, George Jacobs, John Treleaven, and Andrew Mc Naughton. It is difficult to see how such men, successful in their own lives, should fail to make the mill succeed.

We have two Double Family Plots here

Strowger Family raised family 1856 Wm Stowger was an inkeeper and owner of the Temperance Inn in Port of Newcastle and 1of 14 in township issue a tavern License. Wm was granted a tavern License in 1863 for 20.

Tambyln, Thomas -Varcoe, John -Thirza -raised family (Not sure if this site former foundation of small chapel?) Thomas had a 1 of the 3 Tanneries in Clarke township 1851. a Second Battalion Ensign 1851. St Georges Building Committee 1857. Justice of the peace 1866. Charles had a son Albert. They were Bible Christian Family and firm Temperance people. Charles was initiated into the Son Of Temperance Mar 1851 and Albert Jan 1866.

Curtis, Albert Bradford - stone script reads: side 2 "Forever with the Lord- Peace be thine"

Wagstaff, William family was a Possible Flour mill owner.

Waldon, Francis- Old and age is in years and months

DeLong, William- script reads: " Peacefully at rest"

Flower Gardens and Service Garden and flag. this area was done by the Newcastle Cemetery Committee in 1970.

Hilts, Leta- Grand Daughter of Capt Frank Gibson

Gibson, Capt Frank- Newcastle Village Historical Society has a ledger of Captain Gibson for the Schooner Ariadne

Toms, Norman, Arthur- Interesting script reads: side 2 "Gone to be an angel" side 3 "Farewell my wife and children all-from you a father Christ doth call"

Jose ,William Walbridge – Son of ASA Walbridge. Fell at Vimy Ridge. France Mar 1917. .(ww1)

John, son of O.& M.A.Thomas- script reads: "Farewell dear child- and take thy rest-God called thee home- he thought it best"

Kirkpatrick, Reva, son William,- A coat of arms on this stone with” I make sure” under the coat of arms. Possibly a military or Family coat of arms. Thistles are a symbol of Rememberance.

Adair, Alfred A- Lance Bomadier R.C.A. His miltary # is on the stone. Was a private.

Atkinson, Robert- script reads: May he rest in peace./ Asleep in Jesus.

Anderson , Christopher- native of Dumfriesshires. " Be thou faithful unto death-and I will give thee a crown-of life"

Steen Family Plot- script reads: - Side 2/"A man who did unto others as he would have others do unto him"/side 3 "Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me"/side 4 "The Lord is my rock and my deliverer, my God in whom I will trust."

Minnie- Interesting as only one name on this stone. No dates nothing just name

Baskerville , Simmon,Minnie- Family Plot

Gomme , Charles, L.Corp. Percy- L.Corp. Percy Cecil killed in action in defence of his country at the Battle of Passchendale, France Oct 31, 1917.(ww1) script reads: "Thy way not mine oh Lord however dark it be Lead me by thine own hand , choose out the path for me."

Veterans Plot- Bronze Plaque

Adair, HaroldPTE,- Service # on stone 18674 (WW2)

LLyod, Gordon PTE,- Interesting letter on stone L & W REGT. (WW2)

Paterson , Capt Victor Royal Air Force 1918 .(ww1) carving of roses signifies died in the prime of life

Drummond, Agnes-Wife of Rev A.A. Drummond. The Rev had two churches Newtonville and Newcastle until 1877. He was charged to solely Newcastle at that time. He served in Newcastle until his demission in Feb 1890.

Wager, Bud-a local Merchant. He ran Toms and Sons a grocery /clothing store. The store was where the current Home Hardware store is. Bud ran the grocery side

Law, John William- script reads: "Blessed are the dead that die in the lord." /side#2" PTE. David Law- killed in action at Hill 70, France Aug 15,1917."(ww1)

Parker, William - Wings-Royal Air Force insigna (per ardum ad astra) 71420 1st. I am Happy

Parker,William Donner - In memory of GLK.1 William Donner son of James and Isabella Parker who succumbed Oct 23, 1918 ."(ww1) whilst on duty in service of his King and his country aged 23 years.

Gibson, Emily- A different stone with Scott on top of stone

Toms, Joseph Family- A family Plot -several family names on this stone. Stone scroll work. Could be the divine Harvest

This concludes our tour. Hope you enjoyed. At the table there is a book that has different listings of symbols and grave listings. Please feel free to look through this book.

Thank You

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