North Arlington Packing List note: You Do Not Need to Over Pack for this Trip

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North Arlington Packing List

NOTE: You Do Not Need to Over Pack for this Trip

Pillow & Blanket/Sheets for bedding – OR – a Sleeping Bag

Air Mattress or Cot (TWIN size only – No King or Queen Sizes) we sleep on the floor

Bathing Suit for Showers (MANDATORY)

Clothing Items:

4 T-Shirts to work in (Must have sleeves)

6-7 Shirts to wear at Camp (Must have Sleeves)

1 Hoodie or Long Sleeve tee (in case it’s cool at night, e.g. in A/C for sleeping)

1 Pair of work Jeans/Shorts (maybe more if you are particularly dirty)

2-3 Pairs of Relaxing Shorts (No Short Shorts… Check Handout for dress code)

Underwear to last you the week (Think 2 pairs a day)

Socks to last you the week (Think 2 pairs a day)

Work Shoes (MUST COVER TOES – work boots if you have them, don’t buy new)

Relax Shoes/Sandals (including comfy shoes for Free Day on Friday)

Bathing Suit (If going to water park or the beach. No bikinis or a tshirt must be worn on top)

Trash Bag(s) for dirty clothes

Hat – (possibly working outdoors all day)

Sunscreen (Optional but Recommended)

Towel & Wash Cloth

Shampoo & soap

Deodorant – (please – oh please – do bring deodorant)

Toothbrush & tooth paste & floss

1 re-usable water bottle (e.g. Nalgene or stainless steel)

Extra Cash (T-Shirts and other materials are for sale at the Camp and Free Day)

  • Anything else you forget (There is a CVS nearby for emergency use/replenishment)

  • CHWC memorabilia @ camp (OPTIONAL)

NOTE: If you have food allergies or sensitivities we do need to provide our own foods. There will be some refrigerator space available to store required items and we can go shopping there as needed to make sure our gluten-sensitive and any other allergy-sufferers are fed.

Download 27.15 Kb.

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