Nominating Trustee: Please fill out this form completely and return to Office Manager, yhc or fax to 406-646-7461

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Nominating Trustee: Please fill out this form completely and return to Office Manager, YHC or fax to 406-646-7461

Trustee Candidate for YHC Consideration

Name of Candidate: ____William J Smith III, AKA Chip Smith__________________________

Recommended by: ___Rawhide Johnson_________________ Date: January 16, 2014____________
Candidate’s Address (Work & Home):

Work: 311 Hayden Street, West Yellowstone, MT 59758

Home: 175 Grayling Canyon Rd., West Yellowstone, MT 58758

Mailing: PO Box 415, West Yellowstone, MT 59758

Candidate’s Phone Numbers & Preferred Email Address:
Cell: 406-220-7778


Why do you think this candidate will make a good addition to the Board of Trustees?

Chipper has a passion for the history of West Yellowstone, and particularly for the renovation and preservation of the buildings in the Oregon Short Line Terminus Historic District. He understands the importance of preservation and conservation in this ever-evolving world. He grew up in West Yellowstone, graduated from High School here in the 1970s, and has raised his family here. He established his business, CS Construction, here in West Yellowstone in 1980. His OVER 30 years of experience with hiring and performance monitoring have instilled in him realistic expectations of performance and progress speed. He formerly served on the West Yellowstone Town Council. He has many business and personal connections both in the community and throughout the region and state.

History with YHC (volunteer, donor, event attendance, etc.):

Chipper has been a member of the YHC for many years. He has attended events. He has donated construction services for YHC projects, including the Walk into History and the Snowplow exhibit.

Geography Represented (check all that apply)

___X_ Local (lives within an hour’s drive of West Yellowstone)

_____ Greater Yellowstone areas (specify town/area) ____________________________

_____ National or International (specify city, state) _______________________________

Experience and /or Interest (check all that apply, and specify as appropriate)

__X___ History of the American West

__X___ Railroads

______ Stagecoaches

__X___ Yellowstone Park

______ Tourist industry (nature of business) ____________________________________

______ National or State Parks management

______ Educator associated with (institution/department) __________________________

______ Other_____________________________________________________________
Expertise and/or Skills (check all that apply, and circle or specify as appropriate)

______ Museum management

______ Non-profit leadership

__X___ Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner

______ Corporate leadership

______ Philanthropy experience (as fundraiser or donor)

______ Facilities planning / construction / maintenance

______ Marketing/Media/Advertising/Retailing

______ Finance/Accounting

______ Law

___X__ Elected Official (current or former) or Public Policy experience (Former Town Council Member)

______ Other _____________________________________________________________


Download 31.5 Kb.

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