Neptune City Mayor Visits Coral Harbor Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

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Tryko Partners

575 Route 70, 2nd Floor

Brick, N.J. 08723
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Neptune City Mayor Visits Coral Harbor Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

$2.5M Upgrade Underway at Marquis Health Services Skilled Nursing Facility
NEPTUNE CITY, N.J., Aug. 24, 2016 – Neptune City Mayor Robert Brown recently visited Coral Harbor Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center to view the early progress of a $2.5 million upgrade at the local skilled nursing property. Marquis Health Services, which purchased Coral Harbor earlier this year, is fully modernizing the environment and enhancing services at the 110-bed facility formerly named Medicenter Rehabilitation & Nursing.
The improvements center on creating a modern, home-like atmosphere for residents and staff. On the long-term care floor, this includes a complete overhaul of common areas and patient rooms – including private showers, updated flooring, wallpaper, artwork and the installation of flat-screen TVs. Marquis Health Services is also creating subacute rehabilitation suites as part of the renovation effort.
The firm will also construct a new therapy gym with state-of-the-art equipment; renovate the building’s dining room, public spaces and elevators; and improve the grounds with general landscaping upgrades and a resurfaced parking lot. New specialty pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation programs will offer services seven days per week. Free WiFi will be installed for residents and guests as part of an upgrade of the property’s data-related IT and networking equipment.
“It was a pleasure to visit Coral Harbor Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center,” Mayor Brown said. “I enjoyed meeting both Norman Rokeach, CEO of Marquis Health Services, and the Coral Harbor management team. It was great to learn of the investment being made into our local community in the form of subacute rehabilitation and long-term care services. I am very pleased to welcome this new provider to Neptune City.”
Coral Harbor is located at 2050 6th Ave., directly across the street from Jersey Shore University Medical Center. “Coral Harbor’s proximity to the hospital is a terrific advantage,” Rokeach noted. “Jersey Shore University Medical Center is home to a number of specialized programs and is recognized as one of the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.”
The property is also located just 15 minutes from Marquis Health Services’ headquarters in Brick, N.J. That local corporate support and the renovation project position Coral Harbor to become a market leader, according to Rokeach. “Our long-time existing relationships within the regional healthcare community will be instrumental in achieving our goal to provide a flagship skilled nursing option for area residents,” he said. “We are bundling a first-class environment here with our trademark customer service and outstanding patient care.”
PHOTO: (L-R) Coral Harbor’s Director of Physician and Hospital Relations Pam Montemurno and Administrator Jeremy Schuster, Marquis Health Services Chief Executive Officer Norman Rokeach, and Neptune City Mayor Robert Brown and City Administrator Joel Popkin.

Marquis Health Services is the healthcare subsidiary of local private equity investment group Tryko Partners, LLC. Through dedication to quality of care and unparalleled customer service, Marquis Health Services is recognized as a leading provider for long-term care and rehabilitation services in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Marquis Health Services presently owns and operates 15 facilities. More information can be found at

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