Negative pronouns and conjunctions

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No + a noun. No = not a or not any: there was no bus (= there wasn’t a bus). I can’t talk to you now. I’ve got no time. (=I haven’t got any time)

Translate the next conjunctions: after, although, and, as soon as, as…as, as if, as well as, before, because (of), both and, but, despite, either…or, even (though), how, however, in case,in order to, in spite of, only, or, like, otherwise, neither…nor, not so as, since, so, so as, that, till, therefore, that’s why, then, though, unless, untill, while, when.

I. Translate and change into interrogative sentences using what, when, where, why, how, who, whom.

1. He never speaks about himself. 2. Nobody believed him. 3. I’ve never heard about it before. 4. He has never been here. 5. We have gone nowhere. 6. She has eaten nothing for breakfast. 7. He has seen nobody in the street. 8. Nothing has happened there. 9. I understood nothing. 10. I am on a diet, I eat nothing all day.

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