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Navoiy viloyati Navbahor tuman XTMFMTTEga qarashli 4- umumiy o‘rta ta’lim maktabi

Ingliz tili fani o’qituvchisi Radjabova Nargizaning

Ingliz tili fanidan dars ishlanmalari

( o’qituvchilar uchun metodik qo’llanma)



Darsda va darsdan tashqari ishlarning samaradorligini oshirish, avvalo komil insonni shakllantirishning eng zamonaviy va qulay yo’nalishlarini topib, joriy etishdir. Zero, bunda o’quvchilarning qiziqishlari, istaklari, tiyojlari hisobga olinadi. U o’quvchilarning ijodiy qobiliyatlari va tashabbuskorligini oshirishga imkoniyat yaratadi.

Ushbu metodik qo’llanmai umumta’lim maktablarining ingliz tili fani o’qituvchilari uchun tavsiya etiladi.

Ushbu metodik tavsiya (ommallashtirish) 4-umumiy o’rta maktabining 2015 yil 7-apreldagi 7- sonli yigilishida tasdiqlandi va mazkur yig’ilish qarori bilan foydalanishga ruxsat etildi.

Tuzuvchi: N. Radjabova – Navbahor tumani 4- umumiy o’rta ta’lim maktabi ingliz tili fani o’qituvchisi.

Taqrizchi: N. Yuldoshova - Navbahor tumani 4- umumiy o’rta ta’lim maktabi direktori.

N.Radjabova - Navbahor tumani 4- umumiy o’rta ta’lim maktabi xorijiy tillar metod birlashmasi.

Mundarija Contents

  1. Lesson 1. ABC .........................................

  2. Lesson 2. Colours ...................................

  3. Lesson 3. Parts of the body....................

  4. Lesson 4. Seasons ...................................

  5. Lesson 5. Weather ..................................

  6. Lesson 6. Domestic animals ...................

  7. Lesson 7. Numbers .................................

  8. Crosswords .............................................

  9. Dictionary ...............................................

  10. Poems .....................................................


Lesson 1. ABC

Let’s learn englisn alphabet.

g:\rangli pechatga rasm\инглиз тили\5.jpg

Listen and repeat.

A for apple ..... G for glass .......

B for ball ....... H for hat ........

C for cup ....... I for Indian ......

D for doll ...... J for jam .......

E for egg ....... K for kite .......

F for frog ...... L for lemon ....

Listen song, what the letter say.

A- Apples here apples day apples apples everywhere.

B- Bats bats it is my ball it does not want to stop at all.

C- I am a cat. My name is hat, I am not fat, I am so chat.

D- I am a dog, my name is Jaсk , my coat is white , my nose is black.

E- Little yellow be be be flowers can you see .

F- One fish three and four and five I have lost a of life.

I-Spring is coming warm and mice ice melting po ices.

J– Merry Jimmy came is jumping in his Jens.

K He King is strong, He king is bright, what is his name, he is Nick Grey.

L - Who lives in Africa, he, she or me ,one line, two line three

M – Little mice, little mice would you like a pice, we would like to pice a chees

N – How much is one plus one, two big nuts for little sun.

O – Tic –tok tic –tok play in bold sister clock.

P – I have got a pat, my pat is pick, his name is pick. He is not big.

R – One, two, three, one, two, three nice sweet roses you can see

S – O Mary come in see, a big snake in the tree

T – Where is Trice, Where is he, he is under the table o I see

U – I have got a flower above my hat blue and yellow green and red

V – Can you dance, can you sing, I can play a Violen

W – Tim is Slim, Tim is tall, he can see over the world

X - I see two funny foxes with two small boxes

Y – Fly, fly in the sky, My nice and funny kite

Z - We go, we go we go to the zoo, we can see Zebra and Tiger too.

Lesson 2. Colours.

The purpose of this activite to check pupil’s individual memorizing. The teacher show colours and says to repeat this words. T stick pictures of each colour pepars on the BL.

New words:

Black – qora

White – oq

Yellow – sariq

Red – qizil

Pink – pushti

Brown – jigari

Activity 1. Listen and repeat.


Pink Whute

Activity 2. Show pupils coloured pencils or other coloured objects and name the coloured. Check if they understand the words by asking questions.

Is it brown/ red?

It’s brown.

Is it white/ black?

It’s black.

Sing song

Pink pink the paint is pink. Pink pink the paint is pink.

Pink pink the paint is pink. The paint is pink pink pink.

White white the egg is white. White white the egg is white. White white the egg is white. The egg is white white white white.

Brown brown the mouse is brown. Brown brown the mouse is brown.

Brown brown the mouse is brown. The mouse is brown brown brown.

Red red the car is red. Red red the car is red.

Red red the car is red. The car is red red red.

Game: Make up sentences. So’z uyini The first pp make up sentence and throw a ball the next pp.

P 1.I see red colour.

P 2. I see red colour. I like pink.

P 3. I see red colour. I like pink but I don’t like black.

P 4. I see red colour. I like pink but I don’t like black.I have got brown car.

Lesson 3. Pats of the body.

Activity 1.Teacher uses multimedia. Teacher shows pictures about parts of body from slides and while showing teacher says their names and pp repeat the words after a teacher.

New vocobulary:

Head – bosh

Hair – soch

Teeth – tish

Foot – oyoq

Hand – qo’l

Nose – burun

Mouse – og’iz

Eye – ko’z

Ear – quloq

Activity 2.

The purpose of the activity to check their memorizing, the activity is done with the whole class

Before doing this activity teacher gives instructions and gives an example

All PP stand up and show their part of the body which teacher asks.

Teacher uses the phrase

Show ME YOUR ........................


The purpose of this activity to check pupil’s individual memorizing.

T sticks pictures of each part of body on the blackboard or on the wall anywhery she wants.

T asks WHERE IS THE ..................?

PP find and show it.

Pupils do this activity individually. Who finds right that pp is marked.

Homework: To draw a picture of a man. Durind the next lesson pp says the name part of body using their pictures.

Lesson 4. Seasons.

New words.

Winter – qish Spring – bahor

Summer – yoz Autumn – kuz

Snow –qor warm – iliq

Ice – muz cool - salqin

Cold – sovuq hot – issiq

Snowman –qorbobo flower - gul

Look at the picture & repeat after a teacher.

d:\mohinur\'s photo\pictures\new year.jpg

Winter. It’s winter. Winter is cold.


Spring. It’s spring. Spring is green.

Summer. It’s summer. Summer is hot.

d:\mohinur\'s photo\pictures\nature_000073.jpg Autumn. It’s autumn. Autumn is cool.

Game: Snowball. Use words. (May be poems)

Hokrey, badminton, sledge, skake, favourite, cold, freezing, ice, plaesant, birds, sing, go for a walk, green, the sky, trees, cool, nice, rain, warm, very, snow,holiday, must,yellow, leaves,swim, village

PP1. I like summer./I spend summer in the village./ I go to at comp every summer. / I had good time in summer./

PP2. Winter..................................

PP3. Spring...................................

PP4. Autumn ...............................

Picture dictation.

It’s very nice with its sunny frosty days. It often snows. Sometimes much snow on the ground. It gets dark early in the evening. The days are short and the nights are long. It is good time for sport. Children can sledge and play snowballs. (Winter)

It’s very nice in this season. There are many green tree and beautiful flowers. The sky is often blue. The sun is sunning. It’s warm and sometimes if rains, but the rain is warm and pleasant. We celebrate a lot of holidays, 8 March-is Mother’s Day, 21 March –Navruz holiday, 1 April – April Fools day. 9 may – Memorial Day. (Spring).

It’s comes after spring. It’s the honest season of the year. It’s the sun shines brightly. The day are long; the nights are short. The longest day of the year is June 21. Children don’t go to school. (Summer)

It’s yellow season. There are September, October, and November are in this season. It’s not cold yet outdoors. It’s warm in September. But in October cold winds begin to blow, leaves fall to the ground, it gets colder and sometimes it begins raining. The days get shorter and the nights get longer. There are a lot of fruits

begins in December and in March. It’s the coldest season of the year. It’s very nice with and vegetables in this season in Uzbekistan. On the first day we celebrate the independence of our Republic. (Autumn)

Lesson 5.The weather.

A teacher uses multemedia.

O’qituvchi yordamida o’quvchilar yangi so’zlarni o’rganishadi va gap tuzadilar.

Sunny. It’s hot.

Rainy. It’s rainy.

Cloudly. It’s cloudly.

Snowy. It’s snowy.

Foggy. It’s foggy.

Windy. It’s windy.

Stormy. It’s stormy.

Say that now they will not talk about today’s weather but about the weather at different times of the year. So ask the pupils to choose a flashcard with the weather for each season.


It’s winter.

It’s snowy.


It’s spring.

It’s rainy.

It’s windy.


It’s summer.

It’s sunny.


It’s autumn.

It’s cloudy.

Lesson 6. Domestic animals.

Teacher shows pictures about domestic animals from slides. Teacher says animals names and pupils repeat the new words after a teacher.

Listen and repeat.

Rabbit -quyon hen- tovuq donkey- eshak chick-jo’ja Pig-cho’chqa cat-mushuk

Kitten-mushukcha cow - sigir

Horse -ot dog-it sheep – qo’y goat- echki

Turkey-kurka goose- qoz duck-o’rdak

Play. “What animal is it?” Look at the picture and find it.

Pupils choose a picture and make up sentence. O’quvchi rasm tanlaydi va gap tuzadi.

It’s a cat. I have a cat.

It’s a bull. I haven’t bull.

It’s a duck. My sister has two ducks.

PP: I see a pig. It is pink

PP: I see a cow. It’s black & whait.

PP: I see a rabbit. Rabbit is brawn.

Teacher: Who can tell me? O’qituvchi so’raydi o’quvchilar javob berishadi.

What cow says? Moo ...moo...moo.

What cat says? Meow ...meow.

What dog says? Woof ....woof ...woof.

What sheep says? Baa...baa...baa....

What duck says? Quack...quack ...

Make up sentense with the structure I have got.....

Dilbar: I have a cat.

Muhammad: I have a cow.

Dilbar: It’s black.

Muhammad: My cow is brown.

Dilbar: My brather has a horse. It’s white.

Muhammad: My brather has a horse too. It’s black and white.

Ask the pp to look at the picture. Explain that all the animals on the farm are hiding. Ask the pupils to help you find and name them.

Together with you, the children find a cow, horse, goat, sheep .

This is a dog. This is a donkey. This is .................. .

This is a horse. This is a goat. This is ................. .

Lesson 7. Numbersd:\nargiz\thumbnails\istock_000005703940xsmall.jpg

Listen and repeat

0-hero 6-six

1-one 7-seven

2-two 8-eight

3-three 9-nine

4-four 10-ten


Activity 1. Listen song.

c:\documents and settings\user\рабочий стол\безимени-4.jpg

Game: Fine the number. Two pupils come to the blackboard & put’s the numbers in order.


4 5

  1. 2


10 5



2 4


1 9 7

Game: Fine the number.

Pupil A: Say a number. ( nine)

Pupil B: Say the number after it. (ten)

Pupil C: Say the number after it. (eleven)

PP D: ……………….

Game. Bingo. Choose and circle

5 one four five

8 seven eight three

1 two three ten

6 two nine six

9 six nine hero

2 five four two

10 seven five ten

3 one three ten

English - Uzbek dictionary

Add –
Afternoon- tushki vaqt

Again – qayta

Alligator- timsoh

always- har doim

American- Amerikalik

Animal- hayvon

Answer- javob

Bread- non

Bird- qush

Bee- ari


Breakfast- nonushta

bicycle- veloseped uchmoq

Brazilian- Brazilyalik

Cake- tort

Camel- tuya


Canadian- Kanadalik

Game- uyin

Go to bed-


Key- kalit


Kite- varrak

Match- matematika

Milk- sut

Money- pul

Morning- ertalab

new- yangi

now- hozir


onion- piyoz



picture- rasm

pizza- pitsa


rich- boy


season- fasl

shoes- oyo’q kiyim



Spanish- Ispaniyalik


T- shirt-

theatre- teatr

toy- uyinchoq

try- harakat qilmoq


wardrobe- kiyim javon

weekend- hafta ohiri

winter- qish

year- yil

zebra- zebra

zoo- hayvonot bogi



Qizil rangni – RED derlar

Oqni WHITE deb atanglar.

Ko’kchi BLUE – Bu aniq

BLACK – qora, YELLOW – sariq

Archa GREEN – yam – yashil

Qo’limizda mo’y qalam,

Bo’yab qo’ydik bir qarang.

WE love to count

We love to count –

It’s so much fun!

We love to count

Until we done.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

We love to count –

Both high and low.

We love to count

Let’s make it slow.

1 ...2 ...3 ...4 ...5 ...6 ...7 ...8 ...9 ...10 ...

One two – what must do?

Three, four – close the door!

Five, six – look at the chicks.

Seven, eight – put the plate

Nine, ten – feed our fat hen.


Pussy cat, pussy cat

Can you catch

That big fat rat

If you catch that big fat rat

I’ll give you milk for that.


  • Monkey, monkey

in a tree

Tell me, tell me,

What do you see?

  • I see a monkey

just like me!


I love my dear Mummy,

I love her very much.

And do you love your mummy?

  • Of course, and very much.

I know a face, a lovely face

As full of beauty as of grace

A face of pleasure and of smile

In darkness it gives light.

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