Narrative for Mount Joy 010 and 085

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Narrative for Mount Joy 010 and 085

Project Gob Pile Ranking 11th as to site, 18th and 23rd as to pile
The 11th ranked site in Westmoreland County contains two piles 65-010 (18th) and 65-085 (23rd). 010 scored a 101 out of 150 points, and 085 scored a 93 out of 150 points. These piles are in both in Mount Pleasant Township and are in the Sewickley Creek watershed. They are both eyesores and are affecting the community.

010 is owned by Eugene Gowton, and 085 is owned by ?. 010 (longitude 79/30/36 latitude 41/09/24) is located on Shope Hill Road in the small village of Mount Joy. 085 (longitude 79/30/60 latitude 40/09/40) is adjacent and behind 010. These piles are close enough together to be worked as a single project. Brush Creek flows near both sites and had pH readings of 6.2 above and 7.8 below, with little impact from erosion.

010 is made up of Pittsburgh Bituminous coal, and was underground/surface mined until 1958. Gowton is currently selling some of the pile for fill, in the past he has sold tons of red dog to the township for roads. He had also talked to a man from Somerset who was interested in removing the waste, but the Gowtons were cautious because he did not have any permits. The Gowtons have had many problems with people trespassing on the site. ATV riders and teenagers frequent the site. Gowton has chased people off of the property, but that led to vandalism of his machinery. There is also a problem of illegal dumping on the site. Neighbors and the Gowtons would like to see the site removed, because of aesthetics and ATVs, and would accept trucking to do so. Gowton had the waste tested and the found, 12,887 BTUs and 1.06 sulfur. This information is from Commercial Testing & Engineering Co. circa November 19, 1991. The volume is unknown and the pile has slopes ranging from 45-70 degrees.

085 is also made of Pittsburgh Bituminous coal and was created by conventional mining in the 1930s. There have been several attempts for removal, and some reprocessing was done. The pile and the area around it is a junkyard, which is a severe eyesore. However, nobody lives very close to the site. Neighbors complain about ATVs, dumping and overall safety of children playing on the property. Neighbors would like to see it cleaned up, and would accept the trucking involved in reclamation. The pile is not very high, but long, with slopes of 20-30 degrees. There is a gate on one side, but can be easily driven to from a small gravel road on the other side. The BTUs are unknown with a volume of 15,000 tons.

Both of these piles ranked high, because of the aesthetic affect they are having on the community, and concerns for the safety of children by both the owners and the neighbors. Reclamation would be ideal for both cases, because of location, high BTUs, access, and support for removal (the high BTUs make the waste useable in co-generation). Early estimates of reclamation set the cost at $1 million.

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