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Name _________________________________________________

Westview Scholar Application
Your transcript indicates that you may be eligible to earn the designation of Westview Scholar at this year’s senior assembly. The symbol of this designation is a red stole that is worn at graduation. To earn this designation, you must meet the criteria stated below, complete the application on the reverse side and return it to the Counseling Office by Tuesday, May 5th. All parts of the application must be complete and accurate. Applications will be reviewed and students will be notified via email the end of May if they have earned the Westview Scholar award. If you lose this application, you may find it on the Westview website under “Academics.”
Westview Scholar criteria:

  1. Earn a cumulative 4.0 or higher weighted GPA

  2. Complete a full load of courses in four years of high school (maintain at least six classes throughout the senior year at Westview for a total of at least 26 credits)

  3. Be an active participant in at least one co-curricular or extra curricular activity each year of high school (e.g. athletics, clubs, leadership, performing arts)

  4. Maintain a high level of personal and academic integrity (no issues relevant to forgery, plagiarism, substance abuse, or other serious violations of school behavioral expectations)

  5. Earn a Career Pathway OR an Honors Diploma

Congratulations on maintaining such a high GPA so far. Grades will be reviewed again toward the end of this semester, so keep up the good work!

We look forward to reviewing your application.

Valedictorian Criteria:

The Valedictorian is the graduating senior with the highest cumulative weighted GPA who also earns a Westview Scholar designation.

Westview Scholar Application
Name __________________________________________________________ ID# __________________________
Email address for notification (write clearly) ___________________________________________________
Westview Scholars are an elite group of students with significant accomplishments during their four years of high school. If you believe that you will be eligible for this honor, you must complete this application and return it to the Counseling Office by Tuesday, May 5th. Each part of this application must be complete to be considered for Westview Scholar status.

  1. 4.0 or higher weighted GPA and a full schedule of courses each semester of high school. Students must have at least 6 classes each semester and a total of at least 26 credits at the time of graduation. Grades will be checked at the end of this semester to ensure students continue to qualify.

  1. Completion of either a Career Pathway OR Honors Diploma

    1. Career Pathway _________________________________________________________

(which Pathway is being completed)

__________Pathway requirements are complete (assuming student passes current courses)

__________ Pathway requirements/activities are still in process
Mentor’s Signature ______________________________________________________

    1. Honors Diploma

__________ Requirements are complete (assuming student passes current courses)

__________ Project is still in process

Honors Diploma Advisor’s Signature __________________________________________

  1. Participation in co- or extra-curricular activities each year of high school (you need only identify one activity for each year with the signature of a staff member or other adult to confirm this activity). Activities can be Westview related or outside of Westview.

9th Grade: ____________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________

Activity Signature Phone (if not WHS)
10th Grade: ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________

Activity Signature Phone (if not WHS)

11th Grade: ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________

Activity Signature Phone (if not WHS)

12th Grade: ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________

Activity Signature Phone (if not WHS)

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