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Date: ___________


Task 1.Match words 1–13 to definitions a–m.



beautiful (adj)

easy to see, hear, or understand

clear (adj)

enjoyable and amusing

easy-to-use(adj phr)

helping you do or get what you want

exciting (adj)

things make you laugh

fun (adj)

you give it your attention because it seems unusual or exciting or provides information that you did not know about

funny (adj)

if something is reliable, you can trust it to do what you want it to do and you can trust it not to break or stop working

informative (adj)

something that is made or developed very well for a particular job or purpose

interesting (adj)

not difficult to use

reliable (adj)

something that is beautiful is attractive to look at

useful (adj)

something that makes you feel excited

well-designed (adj phr)

perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to acquire, improve or maintain proficiency in it

promote (v)

help or encourage something to happen, increase, or spread.

practise (v)

provides useful information














Task 2. Complete the words in these sentences.

  1. That website is very _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. (interesting)

  2. These websites _ _ _ _ _ _ _ environmentally friendly shopping. (promote)

  3. On I can _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ my Spanish. (practise)

  4. The flight website is very _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ It gives you details of thousands of flights.( informative)

5. A principle of _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ websites is not to put too many links on one page - people may lose patience or get distracted. (well-designed)

6. A database is a ___________ of records.

Task 3. Complete these questions with the words in the box. You do not need all the words.

how long how many how much how often

what when where which who why
1. A: ____________ hits do they get each week? B: About 1,500.

2. A: ____________ do people visit entertainment sites? B: Because they want to relax.

3. A: ____________ website do you go to? B: I like news websites.

4. A: ____________ do you use CNN for? B: Finding out about world news.

5. A: ____________ do you use Facebook? B: In the evening.

6. A: ____________ can I buy electronic products? B: Try

7. A: ____________ do you visit Myspace? B: Every day.

8. A: ____________ do you spend on the site each day? B: About an hour.

9. A: ____________ traffic does each site get? B: It gets a lot of visitors.
Task 4. Complete this text with the correct form of be or have.

There (1) ____________ a lot of information on the first site but there (2) ____________ many photos and there (3) ____________ a site map. The second site (4) ____________ a lot of features and there (5) ____________ excellent graphics

Task 5. Read the text and do the following task.


A database is a collection of related data, and the software used in databases to store, organize and retrieve the data is called the database management system, or DBMS. However, we often use the word database to cover both meanings. A database can manage any type of data, including text, numbers, images, sound, video and hyperlinks (links to websites).

Information is entered into the database via fields. Each field holds a separate piece of information, and the fields are grouped together in records. Therefore, a record about an employee might consist of several fields which give their name, address, phone number, date of birth, salary and length of employment with the company.

Records are grouped together into files which hold large amounts of information. Files can easily be updated - you can always change fields, add new records or delete old ones. An electronic database is much faster to consult and update than a card index system and occupies a lot less space. With the right software, you can keep track of stock, sales, market trends, orders and other information that can help your company stay successful.

A database program lets you create an index - a list of records ordered according to the content of certain fields. This helps you to search the database and sortrecords into numerical or alphabetical order very quickly. Modern databases are relational - that is, they are made up of related files: customers and orders, vendors and purchases, students and tutors, etc. Two database files can be related as long as they have a common field. A file of students, for example, could include a field called Tutor ID and another file with details of the tutors could include the same field. This key field can be used to relate the two files. Databases like Oracle, DB2 and MySQL can manage these relationships.

A database query function allows you to extract information according to certain conditions or criteria. For example, if a managing director wanted to know all the customers that spend more than €8,000 per month, the program would search on the name field and the money field simultaneously.

The best database packages also include network facilities, which can make businesses more productive.

For example, managers of different departments can have direct access to a common database. Most aspects of the program can be protected by user-defined passwords and other security devices. For example, if you wanted to share an employee's personal details but not their commission, you could protect the commission field.

Task 6. Are these sentences true or false.

1. A database is able to control any type of data, text, images…_____________

2. Information cannot be entered into the database through fields._____________

3. Employee record consists of 5 fields._____________

4. Card index system is much faster than an electronic database._____________

5. Any software can keep track of stock, sales, market trends…_____________

6. Index assists you to search the database._____________

7. Two database files might be related as long as they have common field._____________

8. A database query function does not let you to extract information according to criteria.

9. Network consists of database packages._____________

10. Security devices must be protected by aspects of the program._____________

Task 7. Writing

Make a list of as many possible applications for databases as you can think of.

Example: Companies use databases to store information about customers, suppliers and their own personnel. (10 examples)


Task 8. Speaking

About what database software do you know? What is it used for?
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