Mount Dora Middle School

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Mount Dora Middle School

SAC Meeting

Tuesday January 8, 2013
Meeting called to order @ 6:06 PM
Attendance: Chris DeLibro, Sannye Jones, Albert Larry, Stephanie Canna, Robert Durant, Cheryl Feuerstein, Leticia Goodreau,Sheik Islam, Deborah Merkle, Sue Schmidt, Debbie Seabrook, Jody Woodson-Schwartzmann, Karen Hart and Karen Oates.
Mr. DeLibro informed the body we did not have a quorum – 2 members short. Mr. DeLibro explains confusion about the vote and SAC committees’ official position.
Mr. Durant posed change in minutes referring to his request for MDMS admin to look at the backpack policy; clarified again he asked for further review and discussion.
DeLibro asked for affirmed the number required for quorem 50% +1.
Sannye Jones made a request for the minutes to be read and then corrections indicated after reading. The motion was made and second by Mr. Larry.
DeLibro clarified the meeting minutes should not come to him and he cannot make corrections. He did request since Ms. Dan Lorenzo’s absence we wait until we have her official copy of the minutes—corrections could have already been made.
Mr. Larry made a motion to table the approval of meeting minutes until the next meeting. Sannye Jones seconded the motion.
Delibro next agenda item the SAC budget.
Ms. Hart indicated there were no changes.

Delibro next agenda item old business—Mr. Durant indicates the discussion on backpacks.

Mr. Larry indicates the staff was requested to vote on an amendment to the present backpack policy. He values input. Mr. Larry indicates that there are 46 responses which is 60% of teachers for amending and 40% against. Wants to do what is best for the kids.
Mr. Durant asks if the staff is aware of what is being asked.

Mr. Larry clarified just asking for input.

Mr. Durant indicates his question was voting yes/no vote for amending the backpack policy could be 1 day week/ 3 days a week.
Mr. Larry answered any change is an amendment and goes on to further explain the situation about a potential weapon. I do not know if it changes someone’s position.
Sannye Jones clarified the email sent to teachers and stated she did not realize “the no backpack policy” was not a school board policy.
Mr. Larry safety is a big issue but these students are lugging books—it is an issue that needs to be address.
Mrs. Schmidt expresses she is okay with the no backpack policy. She understands might not be a reality but for her it is a hidden safety net. She explained her sons’ textbooks are kept at home.
Mrs. Seabrook indicated the science textbook is completely available for students to access online.
Mr. DeLibro explained his career field and his daughters list of daily books. He previously worked as an SRO; he understands school life. He is safety minded. He sees the backpack as a tool—why aren’t we giving students the tool that they need. Mr. DeLibro equates the backpack to a women’s purse. In his experience, if a student wants to bring a weapon he does not care about a backpack. His son has a backpack at elementary school.
Sannye Jones indicates students leave backpacks in their locker. There are scheduled ways to deal with the backpacks. She believes the amendment would benefit the 6th graders most.
Ms. Canna indicates her daughter does not bring home anything.
Miss Merkle makes a motion to vote on the SAC’s position on amending the backpack policy.
Mr. Larry clarified the motion.
Mr. Durant said he would like to poll SAC.
Ms. Woodson-Schwartzman put forth a corrected motion.
Mr. DeLibro all in favor of amending the backpack policy as it stands

  • Mr. Durant opposed

  • 9 in favor

  • Mr. Larry abstained

  • Deb Seabrook and Sannye Jones did not vote

Mr. Delibro next agenda item is the Principals report.

Mr. Larry wanted to correct any misconceptions which may arise from the 54 students who were retained and the number of tutorials (24 sessions). Next, Mr. Larry spoke about the construction. He said the project was 12 days behind. The issue was reinforcement—the building is strong. Testing is coming around. Mr. Larry explained VAM scores and indicated the staff works hard. The students have responded well. We are working on students; we have 24 homeless and 60% of students on free/reduced lunch.
Ms. Goudreau asks about the number of classrooms in the new building.
Mr. Larry answers there will be 16 classrooms. He believes it will cut down on the numbers moving and split traffic.
Mrs. Goudreau asks what group is moving into the new building.
Mr. Larry answers he will be moving our present 7th grade into the building next year as 8th graders. They are a good group.
Mr. Durant indicates he was under the impression it was going to function as a Science wing.
Mr. Larry asks Mr. Durant Science wing or all the rooms?
Mrs. Goudreau asks about the portables.
Mr. Larry answered “good question”—projected size as well as the 50,000 cost to move a portable will come with the projections in February.
Mr. Durant asks about school grade.
Mr. Larry clarified we received a B last year around the end of the school year.
Mr. DeLibro makes a motion to close the meeting and Sannye Jones seconds.


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