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3775 Boca Chica Blvd. #1503
Brownsville, Texas 78521

Telephone/ fax:(956) 546-8660

Mobile: (956) 545-7256

I am seeking a challenging and interesting position in which decision-making, follow-up and obtaining results is encouraged and that there is the concrete opportunity for growth and advancement. Due to my cultural upbringing and life experiences I believe that I would contribute most in an international and multicultural environment.
My diverse background, experience and unique skill sets provide me with the ability to interrelate with a wide variety of people and situations as I am comfortable and skilled in dealing with North American and Latin American culture at any social or economic level, in a business or casual atmosphere. I fully comprehend the contrasting cultural, social and economic aspects of Latin America and the United States as I have lived and worked on and for both sides, in Mexico and the U.S. My character is of an international and global nature, coupled with an adaptable and resourceful nature. I enjoy interacting with different people, cultures and environments.
My multiple skills significantly complement and assist in marketing new opportunities or concepts, creating or fortifying existing relations, effectively bridging cultural variances and providing a clear and objective insight. As I was raised in Latin America and had spent my entire adult life in Mexico (up to 6 years ago), I am both bilingual (100% English - 100% Spanish) and bicultural. I have United States Nationality, am well-traveled and have no work or travel limitations.


Primary/ Secondary: The American Community School, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The American School Foundation, Mexico D.F.,
Colegio Nueva Granada. Bogotá, Colombia.
University: 1976- 1978 Menlo School and College. Menlo Park, California
Associate in Arts
1979- 1980 University of California at Davis (UCD). Davis, California
International Relations
1980-1981 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) México, D.F. Relaciones Internacionales
Additional courses: 1994 : Computer Training, Impulsora Mexicana de Sistemas S.A. de C.V, México
1994: Sales Training at Specialty Laboratories, Santa Monica, California
1996: Sales Training at SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories, California
1998: Property Management at the Austin Institute of Real Estate, Texas


March 2005 to the present: Merchant Direct, ISO/MSP of Chase Manhattan Bank Brownsville, Texas
Sales analyst for credit card processing services to small and medium size businesses of the Rio Grande Valley area. Main objective is to better the interest rates that merchants are presently paying for credit card services and if possible, supply businesses with state of the art equipment that is “smart chip” ready, prevents identity theft, automatically separates debit from credit etc.

June 2004 to March 2005: Law Offices of VanWinkle & Sams Sarasota, Florida

Organization and closure of Estates. Assistant to Mary E.VanWinkle, PA, Executor. Duties included the evaluation, quantification and classification of deceased clients Estate to be distributed to those named in the inheritance. All property, home, auto, furniture, artwork, and personal items either sold by obtaining appraisals and offers, holding estate sale, posting on eBay etc. or by donations to hearing and vision centers, community libraries, organizations for the homeless, Goodwill and Salvation Army. All files reviewed and organized for taxes, life insurance policies, discontinuation of services etc.

May 2004 to March 2005: Suncoast Pain Management Center, Dr. Kenneth A. Giraldo Sarasota, Florida

Medical Office, Receptionist and Clerk. Various duties: Telephones, appointment setting, follow-ups on present patients, reorganizing files and filing, data input, patient relations (bilingual abilities particularly useful) etc. Fast-paced medical office with a wide variety of patients, situations and issues requires constant multi-tasking yet all the while retaining a personal caring approach.

July 2001 to April 2004: Eckerd College, Student Affairs St. Petersburg, Florida

Housing Coordinator. Responsible for roommate matching and assignment of returning students, freshmen and transfers (approx. 1,200 per semester) to the College Residence Halls, Suites and Apartments on a private, liberal arts campus. Managed and supervised Housing work scholars and approximately 34 Residence Life Advisors. Improved the student’s residence life experience on campus and to meet residential deadlines move ins and move outs. Constant resolution of housing and roommate issues with the student (and at times, concerned parents) yet keeping within the policies and procedures of Eckerd College Housing. During my tenure increased the colleges housing occupancy and revenues dramatically by creating a Housing Department that best served both the students and the college’s interests by fair and accurate tracking and billing. Daily tasks entailed working closely with the Resident Advisors, Director(s) of Residence Life, the Dean of Students, Security, the billing office, facilities and house-keeping to maintain an acceptable standard for residence on campus. Constant patience, compassion, flexibility, decisiveness and a positive attitude in a myriad of unique situations ultimately increased the overall demand for on-campus housing. Extremely sensitive issues and widely varying personalities and nationalities were a constant challenge while making decisions about a students “home away from home”.

February - June 2001: AAA Auto Club South Sarasota, Florida

Membership Sales Representative. Sales and Business Development., targeted larger Organizations (Convention and Visitors Bureau, Technical Institute, Tax Collectors office etc.) in order to place literature within their organizations for group memberships for the Employees.
March -December 2000: CitroBio, Inc. Sarasota, Florida
Business Development Manager. Business to Business with Companies throughout Latin America, promoting the product, contacting and meeting with interested Distributors. Attended the International Trade Shows, assisted in the registration of the product in Mexico and successfully obtained the qualified distributors.

July 1998- June 1999: Parkview Place Apartments Georgetown, Texas

Property Management and Leasing: 120 unit middle- income apartment complex. Responsible for the many aspects necessary for the leasing of new apartments. Surveyed rentals in the area, set pricing, initiated rental operations, policies and procedures. Made the purchase of furniture and decoration of the leasing office, recreation rooms and foyers, promotional literature and banners, etc. Showed apartments, leased and attended to the initial new tenants.

1997- 1998: ABC Investments, S.A. de C.V. Mexico D.F., Mexico

Assistant to the Director, Lic. Ricardo Frank, of ABC Investments S.A. de C.V. Contacted North American Companies for the purchase and importation of Computers into Mexico for various entities of the Mexican Government. Coordinated and actively participated in the negotiations, drafted contracts, provided interpreting/translation assistance and transaction mediation. International and Public Relations activities were the integral aspect of my position.

1995- 1998: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Mexico D.F., Mexico

Translations and research. Responsibilities included research, written and oral correspondence, translations and interpretations of medical articles for the Associate Director of the UNAM’s Medical Center, Dr. Alejandro Castellanos Urdaibay. Assisted in the purchasing of Medical Equipment from the USA and in obtaining Laboratory Referral Services most suited for specific health screening campaigns for the University community..

1996- 1997 Laboratorio MSB ( J.V. of SmithKline Beecham & Medica Sur) Mexico D.F., Mexico

Sales & Business Development Manager. Responsibilities: Sales management and Business Development. Primary scope of activities included market studies of competing laboratories pricing practices and preliminary research for possible Laboratory acquisitions, while building a client base of Major Hospitals and Laboratories. Headed the effort to create a new company’s logotype, yellow pages advertisement, and in the remodeling and modernization of the laboratory facilities and offices.

1993-1995 Slimex, S.A. de C.V. (Specialty Laboratories International) Mexico D.F., Mexico

Clinical Analysis Representative. Responsibilities: Business development and client relationship management. Service sales to major Hospitals and Laboratories for the outsourcing or processing of their laboratory samples to the United States. Additionally, provided Clinical testing translations for Specialty Laboratories English manual to Spanish.

1991-1993 Deli Tlalpuente Mexico D.F., Mexico

Owner, specialized delicatessen and coffee shop located in the affluent area of Tlalpuente, in Mexico D.F (Mexico City) Mexico. Remodeled a quaint cabin and equipped as a small store in the center of this somewhat remote ecological development. As there was no select food store nearby, sold freshly roasted coffee, bread, tortillas, refreshments, cakes, dairy products, cigarettes, wines and delicatessen items to the community. Deli Tlalpuente provided a meeting place for neighbors and a “hang-out” location for the children. Eventually a larger store and shortly thereafter, a supermarket chain opened operations only minutes away. Deli Tlalpuente could not compete.

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