Mid-term assessment. Testing. Variant-i full-name: Group

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Mid-term assessment. Testing. Variant-I
Full-name: Group:
1. I was born in Africa _____ 1970.
A) on B) at C) in C) last
2. My parents moved back to England _____ I was five.
A) when B) ago C) * D) for
3. We lived in Bristol _____ three years.
A) last B) for C) at D) *
4. I left college three years _____.
A) nothing B) ago C) for D) in
5. I found a flat on my own _____ last year.
A) at B) for C) * D) on
6. I usually go home _____ the weekend.
A) in B) when C) at B) of
7. I didn’t go home ____ weekend because some friends came to stay.
A) for B) last C) * D) at
8. They arrived _____ three o’clock _____ the afternoon.
A) at / in B) in / for C) when / ago D) last / *
9. _____ Saturday evening we went out to a concert.
A) Last B) In C) For D) On
10. _____ we got home we listened to some music.
A) For B) Last C) Last D) When
11. Every morning Tessa _____ at 7.30.
A) is getting up B) got up
C) get up D) gets up
12. Oh, someone _____ in my seat!
A) is sitting B) sits C) will sit D) sit
13. I’m sorry. I can’t help you at the moment. I _____ dinner.
A) will cook B) am cooking C) cook D) cooked
14. I _____ a pain in my leg.
A) has B) having C) have D) am having
15. Mrs. Steele _____ to her boss. I’ll tell her you phoned.
A) talked B) talks C) talk D) is talking
16. Turn the T.V off. No one _____ it!
A) watches B) watch C) is watching D) watched
17. She is not ready. She _____ her hair.
A) is washing B) washes C) washed D) wash
18. Derek’s good at golf but he _____ very often.
A) aren’t play B) isn’t playing C) doesn’t play D) didn’t play
19. The sun _____ in the day time.
A) shine B) shone C) is shining D) shines
20. In Britain people _____ on the right.
A) are driving B) drives C) drive D) drove
21. This is a great party! Everyone _____.
A) dance B) is dancing C) dances D) are dancing
22. Last weekend I _____ some friends and we _____ a meal.
A) see / having B) saw / have
C) seeing / had D) saw / had
23. I _____ English food. It’s wonderful!
A) am loving B) loved C) love D) loves
24. Pierre is French. He _____ from Toulouse.
A) is coming B) came C) come D) comes
25. _____ the computer at the moment?
A) Does Mr. Taylor use B) Is Mr. Taylor using
C) Did Mr. Taylor use D) Will Mr. Taylor use
26. Dave _____ a student with her work now.
A) helped D) help C) is helping D) helping
27. “ It’s very noisy”
“Suzy _____ to rock music.”
A) listen B) listens C) listened D) is listening
28. Carol _____ hard for her exam last week.
A) didn’t study B) isn’t studying
C) don’t study D) aren’t study
29. Most of the students _____ these days.
A) didn’t smoke B) aren’t smoking
C) isn’t smoking D) don’t smoke
30. You look nice, Anne. _____ a new dress?
A) Do you wear B) Does she wear
C) Are you wearing D) Did you wear
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