Mid-course assessment Task Define what kind of tests are described here

Task 6. Match the tasks (1-4) to the types of assessment (a-d)

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Task 6. Match the tasks (1-4) to the types of assessment (a-d):

1. Listening hard to the learners communicating at the end of the lesson to see how well they are using the targets. b) informal, summative testing;

2. An end-of-week written test to see what needs recycling. c) formal, formative testing;

3. Setting an end-of-course examination to see who goes up to the next level. a) formal, summative testing;

4. Stopping in the middle of a lesson and getting the learners to tell you what they have learned so far.

d) informal, formative testing;

Task 7. Choose the best answer: true-false, multiple-choice, short answer, matching;

1. “An exam question in which students must uniquely associate prompts and options is called a
matching question.” Students respond to questions by pairing each of a set of stems (e.g., definitions) with one of the choices provided on the exam.

2. short answer questions are typically composed of a brief prompt that demands a written answer that varies in length from one or two words to a few sentences. They are most often used to test basic knowledge of key facts and terms.

3. multiple-choice questions are composed of one question (stem) with possible answers, including the correct answer and several incorrect answers.

4. true-false are only composed of a statement. Students respond to the questions by indicating whether the statement is correct or incorrect.
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