Mid-course assessment Task Define what kind of tests are described here

Task 2. Find an example for the specific characteristics of PROFICIENCY TEST

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Task 2. Find an example for the specific characteristics of PROFICIENCY TEST:

a) An example of this would be a test designed to discover whether someone can function successfully as a United Nations translator. Another example would be a test used to determine whether a student's English is good enough to follow a course of study at a British university.

b) They are administered at the end or a course of study. They may be written and administered by ministries of education, official examining boards, or by members of teaching institutions. Clearly the content of these tests must be related to the courses with which they are concerned.

c) We may be able to go further, and analyse samples of a persons performance in writing or speaking in order to create profiles of the student's ability with respect to such categories as 'grammatical accuracy' or 'linguistic appropriacy'.

d) They can be bought, but this is to be recommended only when the institution concerned is sure that the test being considered suits its particular teaching programme.

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