Mid-course assessment Task Define what kind of tests are described here

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Mid-course assessment
Task 1. Define what kind of tests are described here: proficiency; achievement; diagnostic; placement

1. Proficiency tests are designed to measure people's ability in a language, regardless of any training they may have had in that language. It is based on a specification of what candidates have to be able to do in the language in order to be considered proficient.

2.Placement test are intended to provide information that will help to set students at the stage (or in the part) of the teaching programme most appropriate to their abilities. Typically they are used to assign students to classes at different levels.

3. Diagnostic tests are used to identify learners' strengths and weaknesses. They are intended primarily to ascertain what learning still needs to take place.

4. Achievement tests are directly, related to language , courses, their purpose being to establish how successful individual students, groups of students, or the courses themselves have been in achieving objectives.

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