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What happened to equivalence

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5.1 What happened to equivalence  


Equivalence went out of fashion. German-language Skopostheorie made it even more 

unfashionable by arguing that since “functional consistency” (the closest thing they had 

to equivalence) was no more than one of many possible requirements, translation 

usually requires transformations of a rather more radical kind. For those theorists, 

equivalence became quite a small thing, a special case. At almost the same time

however, other theorists were dismantling equivalence in precisely the opposite way. 

For this second very broad group, for what Gideon Toury would eventually construct 

as “Descriptive Translation Studies,” equivalence was a feature of all translations

simply because they were thought to be translations, no matter what their linguistic or 

aesthetic quality (cf. Toury 1980: 63-70). That changed everything. If equivalence was 

suddenly everywhere in translations, or almost, it could no longer be used to support 

any linguistics that would help people create it, nor could the concept directly serve the 

prescriptive training of translators. Translation Studies was thus moved into a realm that 

was relatively unprotected by any parent discipline; it had to become its own discipline. 

The descriptive approach emphasized the need to carry out research on translation

mostly research of the kind done in structuralist literary studies, rather than expound 

principles and opinions. The theories associated with the research were thus positioned 

problematically out of touch with the growing number of training institutions; they were 

in an institutional context quite different from that of Skopostheorie. Here we will 

follow the adventures of that historical move. In the following chapter we will consider 

what the descriptions might actually have discovered.  


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