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Organising the Learner-Centred Classroom

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Organising the Learner-Centred Classroom
here are some suggestions for making pairs, threes and fours for 
a classroom with fixed furniture. in the diagrams below the pupils 
are shown as 
 and the teacher as 

here are the twelve pupils doing work with the teacher listen-
ing. The dots show where each pair is focusing.
here are the same twelve pupils doing pair work, but pairing 
with a new partner this time, although they are each sitting in their 
original places. The teacher is helping.
c here are the same twelve pupils working in threes. They still 
have not changed seats. The teacher is listening to one group of three.
d in these fours, the pupils can work in twos with the person 
Pupils will often work in pairs, threes and fours, so it is worth 
working out in advance of the lesson, how the teacher will organise 
these groupings. once pupils have made their groupings a few times, 
they will remember them and make groups quickly.

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