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Principle 4 Constructing reality

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Principle 4 Constructing reality
Children cannot learn if someone will just tell or explain reality 
to them. They must construct reality through first-hand experience. 
The world famous swiss psychologist Jean Piaget called this process 
of language acquisition 
constructing reality
The approach must simulate a natural way of acquiring the first 
language. Children are not interested in how the language works but 
they are very interested in understanding and expressing themselves 
in the target language. 
before the children begin to speak they go through a long way of 
the process in which language was imprinted upon body movements. 
Children can decode the language through the medium of body move-
ments such as looking, pointing, touching, walking and others. They 
can express themselves by the same medium until readiness to speak 
in the target language takes place.
VI What is the Common European 
Framework of Reference for Languages?
The Common european Framework of Reference for Languages: 
Learning, Teaching, Assessment, abbreviated as CeFR, is a guide-
line used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages 

across europe and, increasingly, in other countries. its main aim is 
to provide a method of learning, teaching and assessing which ap-
plies to all languages in europe. The six reference levels (see below) 
are becoming widely accepted as the european standard for grading 
an individual’s language proficiency.
Theoretical background
The CeFR adopts an action-oriented approach that regards lan-
guage users as social agents who develop 
general and 
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