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Using Mother Tongue
The authors of kids’ english believe that english is best learned 
through english so we expect the teacher to use english as much as 
possible in the classroom.
of course there are some instances where pupils will need expla-
nation or clarification in their mother tongue. however we hope that 
teachers will try to resist the temptation to translate everything. 
Research has shown that pupils learn more effectively if they are 
encouraged to work out meaning for themselves.
V What are the General Principles of Kids’ 
The following principles must be taken into consideration as gen-
eral principles of Kids’ English: i) immersion; ii) listening precedes 
speaking; iii) learning through actions; iv) constructing reality.
Principle 1 Immersion
The main principle is immerging children into the target lan-
guage. immersion can be done through use of multi-sensory chan-
nels: auditory, visual, kinesthetic. Children must be actively in-
volved in all activities which will ensure left and right sides of the 
brain involvement.

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