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A communicative activity in a learner-centred class

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A communicative activity in a learner-centred class
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As can be seen, the teacher is free to listen, monitor, think ahead, 
re-plan the next stages and hear her pupils teaching one another the 
vocabulary and grammar they know.
While communicative activities are in progress, the teacher no 
longer “teaches”, she/he organises, sets up activities and ‘monitors’ 
them discreetly, that is she/he listens to the pupils and makes sure 
that everything is in order. The teacher should help only if she/he 
is quite certain that his/her pupils cannot manage on their own. The 
teacher should be like the conductor of an orchestra: conduct but 
not play.
At first teachers may find some of these activities a little dif-
ficult to organise but they will soon get used to them. We are sure 
that pupils will find them so motivating and enjoyable that they will 
help their teacher.

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