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Fort Settlement PTO Board Meeting

Call to Order: A General Meeting of the Fort Settlement PTO was held at Fort Settlement Middle School in Sugar Land, TX on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. The meeting was called to order at 9:07am by Kathy Knight.

Members in Attendance: Kathy Knight, Laura Campbell, Donna Navia, Barbara Budny, Caroline Bohovich, Donna Camp, Zeming Liu, Melanie Anbarci, Sonia Gulhati, Carol Scott, Renee Mock, Jennifer Perry, Amanda Ward, Rhonda Day, Sadaf Patel, Sally Roden, Elena Farah, Rinku Ray, Joy Ku, Atousa Safa, Anne Stecklein, Mike Hedjucek, Pam Hubenak, Leigh Mattson, Shilpa Naik, Georgianna Slazinski, Fawzia Elsaddi

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Sally Roden to approve the March 2016 minutes. The motion was seconded. The motion passed by voice vote majority.
Officers’ Reports:
Treasurer – Donna Navia

  • Bank balance of $65,780.00

President - Kathy Knight

  • Kathy and Donna Camp received training on the new poster maker machine. If your committee would like to use the machine, please contact one of them for training.

  • Discussed fundraising ideas for next year with Mr. Hedjucek. We are looking at getting sponsors for the agenda, summer newsletter, PTO website and possibly athletics. If you would like to brainstorm ideas please email Kathy.

  • Before approving the minutes, Robert’s Rules requires reading the previous meeting minutes at each meeting. FSMS PTO has traditionally emailed for approval. This will be added to the PTO bylaws since bylaws take precedence over Robert’s Rules.

  • The agenda is aligned with Robert’s Rules. Only committees with reports should be on the agenda and if your committee has a motion for consideration, discussion and vote, it will be taken after discussion occurs. Committees with one (1) person only require a second motion. Committees with two (2) or more only require a motion.

  • New business is strictly for items that have not been given discussion time. It allows members an opportunity to make suggestions and bring up concerns.

Vice President – Laura Campbell

  • FSMS Family Spirit Night with the Skeeters is Friday, May 6 – you still have time to get tickets.

  • Continue to support our two major food sponsors – Red Mango Café and Falbo Bros. Pizzeria

Recording Secretary – Barbara Budny

  • Please sign in and check the roster for accuracy.

Corresponding Secretary – Caroline Bohovich

  • Sympathy card sent to Olga Gisser on the death of her father

  • Congratulations card sent to Mrs. Deutch on the birth of her baby boy.

  • Will send a thank you note to Xoxo-latte for donating a cake for library week and for the teacher luncheon.

Parliamentarian – Donna Camp

  • Thank you to the people who served on the nominating committee.

Committee Reports:

Beautification – Michelle Phillips

  • The spring landscape maintenance has been completed.

Cultural Co-Existence – Melanie Anbarci and Sonia Gulhati

  • Shared their YOU-nique banner.

Gifts – Carol Scott

  • Asking for funding for the following items:

    • $169.98 for Lifeproof case for iPads for Special Ed

    • $350.00 for UpFront Magazine subscription for Social Studies students

    • $888.72 for Map skills desk Atlas for students

    • $1,509.93 for dictionaries for English

    • $300.00 for umbrellas for the courtyard

    • $400.00 for floor wax

    • $4,500 for agendas.

  • Carol Scott requested to move vote for approval to New Business. Kathy Knight reiterated that according to Robert’s Rules of Order, motions and subsequent vote should take place after the committee report and discussion. Discussion on whether to vote for approval should occur after the Gift/Grant report or in New Business occurred. Carol Scott stated that this does not allow other committees a fair option should they need to make a motion for additional funds. Further discussion from various Board members included:

    • The available funds for spending are $30,000.

    • The budgets for 2015-2016 were set at the end of last year so committees should not have additional expenses.

  • Laura Campbell made a motion to approve $9,006.91 for grants.

  • Carol Scott made a motion to oppose. Stating the motion be brought up in New Business. The motion was seconded. The motion passed without a vote.

Hospitality – Renee Mock, Jennifer Perry, Amanda Ward

  • “Fiesta Before the Testa” catered luncheon was a success. La Escondida provided the lunch. Thanks to Xoxo-latte bakery for their donation of a gluten free tres leches cake. Donations were also supplied by parents.

  • May 4 will be an ice cream sundae bar.

  • May 9 and 10 will be Falcon Feeder snacks.

School Board Report – Elaina Farrah

  • Special Ed is reorganizing and eliminating some positions. Moving to a co-teacher model where special ed and regular teachers will work together in the classroom. This provides a more inclusive environment for the students. Training will be done during the summer.

Spirit – Sadaf Patel

  • Sales are dwindling as the year comes to an end.

  • Want to meet with the new committee for next year. Would suggest having some new spirit wear designs for next year or sales will be low since 7th and 8th graders will already have the old design.

  • On-line sales will really help boost sales.

VIPS – Sally Roden and Luz Uranga

  • Volunteer of the Month is Laura Campbell.

  • District would like feedback on the breakfast and lunch menus.

  • VIPS of the Year luncheon is May 18 from 11:30 to 1 at Safari Texas.

  • We are helping with Teacher Appreciation at M.R. Woods on May 13 with Clements. Will send out a Sign Up Genius. This will be the last year for M.R. Woods as they will be combining with Ferndale next year.

Special Committee Reports

Budget/Bylaws – Kathy Knight

  • Met and made suggested changes. Next meeting on May 4th at 9:30am in room 304.

  • No dramatic changes to the bylaws – mostly clarifying items and moving items into correct sections.

  • Will send out the draft with changes two weeks prior to the May General Meeting. Rinku Ray is also looking at the bylaws.

Fort Bend Education Foundation – Carol Scott

  • The spring luncheon was yesterday.

SHAC – Sally Roden

  • Talked about the changes with Special Ed for next year.

  • Discussed updating one water fountain in each school to accommodate water bottle fill-ups.

Bike Safety – Sally Roden

  • A crossing guard was added to the Elkins/Commonwealth intersection.

  • Spoke with Ms. Miller about including bike safety information with the announcements.

  • Ms. Minor will work on making short videos about bike safety.

  • Bike to School day is May 13. Meet at Memorial Park.

Principal’s Report – Mike Hedjucek

  • Working on cell phone usage plans for next year. Please email Mr. H if you are interested in serving on the committee – would like two parents. Would like to have a policy in place by August.

  • Thank you to the PTO for all the help and hard work you have given this year.

  • Soccer will be added next year at the middle school level.

  • We won’t have to make up the days missed due to the flooding last week.

  • Next year’s schedule will include an extra 25 minute period (Falcon Time) which will be used to focus on a different core subject each day. This time will be between 1st and 2nd period. Lesson plans will be developed over the summer. Tutorials will still take place in the morning before school.

Special Orders

  • The Nominating Committee presented their slate of nominees for next year (see attached). At least one person from each committee needs to try to attend the monthly PTO meeting so quorums are met and voting can happen.

    • Renee Mock made a motion to approve the 2016-2017 slate of nominees as presented. The motion was seconded and approved by a majority voice vote.

  • The 2016-2017 budget was reviewed line by line. See attached form for the changes.

    • Amanda Ward made a motion to approve the 2016-2017 budget as discussed. The motion was seconded and approved by majority voice vote.

New Business

  • Carol made a motion to approve $9,056.44 for the purchase of the aforementioned gifting items. The motion was seconded and approved by majority voice vote.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 10:43.
Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 25 at 9:00am, Room 304.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Budny

______________________________________ ________________________

Secretary Date of approval

Fort Settlement Middle School PTO

2016-2017 PTO Slate of Nominees


Person Nominated


Kathy Knight

Vice President

Laura Campbell


Larrissa Sharma

Recording Secretary

Barbara Budny

Corresponding Secretary

Caroline Bohovich


Almas Afzaal


Debra Andrews



Siri Vann

Cultural Co-exist

Melanie Anbarci

Cultural Co-exist

Becky Morales


Xin Li


Leigh Mattson


Carol Scott


Renee Mock


Jennifer Perry


Amanda Ward


Chelsea Hendrickson


Shaifali Shah


Rinku Ray

School Board

Elena Farah


Georgianna Slazinski



Pam Hubernak


Fawzia Elsaadi

Box Tops

Kitee Valenz

Shared Dreams

Atousa Safa

8th Grade Events

Sally Roden




Net Income

8th Grade Events




8th Grade Party




Career Day
















Spirit Merchandise












Falcon Fundraiser




LED Sign




Spirit Sponsors




Retail Share
















Cultural Co-Exist
















Shared Dreams (adhoc)




Bike/Safety Committee (adhoc)








Ft Bend Education Foundation




School Support




Classroom Enhance/$150




After School Clubs








Aim For Success




Teacher Awards-Attendance




Grants (PLUG-IN)








PTO Administrative








Sales Tax




Supplies/Admin Expense












* Additional funds/expenses expected TOTALS

** Additional income potential through Sponsorships .




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