Meeting called to Order: by Lori Troxel, President at 12: 00 p m. Attendees

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N.E.A.C.E. Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2017
Corky Bell’s, 185 US-17, East Palatka, FL 32131

Meeting called to Order: by Lori Troxel, President at 12:00 p.m.

Attendees (members and guests): Total 24, James Acosta, Leslie Banta, Gregory Caskie, Chris Cooper, Michael Favors, Daniel Feagle, Michelle Forstrom, Robin Garcia, Patrick Irby, Henry Irving, Lakesha McGruder, Roderick Potter, Jacqueline Raes, Pelion Shugart, Milton Towns, Lori Troxel, Nancy Wales, Chip Wells, Cathy Martinich, Chris Wright, Neal Stahler, Charlie Erkman, Lisa Suarez, and J. Bradley Simmons (guest speaker).

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by James and second by Michelle to approve the May minutes. Motion carried.

Treasures Report: A report of the current balances given by James Acosta.
Savings: $2,440.15 Checking: $869.09
Petty Cash: $121.68 Grand Total: $3430.92

Approval of Treasurers Report: A motion was made by Leslie Banta and second by Nancy Wales to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.

Old Business: Meeting schedule, July will be Nassau County. September is Jacksonville and November is Alachua for Nominations.

New Business: Chris Cooper made a motion for NEACE to purchase gift cards for the F.A.C.E. conference in the amount of $200. Motion was second by Greg Caskie. Motion carried.

F.A.C.E. Update: Given by Leslie Banta and Michelle Forstrom. Both advised there is an app to download for the conference, which can be found on the F.A.C.E. website. The app contains the agenda, social feeds, voting information, and information on the Disney Springs excursion. Seating for the excursion is limited so you are encouraged to get signed up for it now. F.A.C.E. President Leslie Banta advised that the Board approved a reduced fee for retired members at $10, and that F.A.C.E. 2nd Vice Jeff Look and his committe are still trying to get additional webinars approved for CEH’s.

Leslie also reminded us that must go onto the F.A.C.E. website and subscribe to the email notifications t to receive email blast notifications. If you ever come across informational email or updates to email to the F.A.C.E. president for review to get to the entire membership.

The legislative committee has been sending legislative updates on the pending By-Law amendment and members should get an email if you are signed up to receive the updates.

Roderick Potter from St. Johns County introduced Peaker J. Bradley Simmons from Audit Services Department, St. Johns County Clerk of the Court & Comptroller Office. Mr. Simmons is from the Fraud Waste, and Abuse Division and told discussed scenarios regarding fraud, waste, and abuse,and how it affects everyone.

$37,400,000,000,000.00 of revenue is lost worldwide every year to fraud. The United States alone has 2.45 trillion dollars in lost revenue annually. The remainder between Japan and China is about $74 trillion.

What can make a difference, there are 3 factors. 1. Pressure 2. Rationalization 3. Opportunity.

These are things that people can’t control, and reasons that cause people to commit fraud.

You must eliminate opportunity. An example of an opportunity would be putting a camera on a bank clerk. If they know they are being watched, then the opportunity is reduced.

Some examples of this would be to look at the tourist development tax and reporting of such. Examples of how those funds can be fraudulent and not registered. An example is a Bed and Breakfast not registering as required, and the legal guidelines that are not adhered to with bed taxes being collected.

If you consider the dollar amount of stolen revenue in another picture, $500 billion could feed every hungry person in the world.

Question and Answer: discussion regarding some local cases that fit these situations and how Code Enforcement can assist in reducing the amount of lost revenue within their jurisdictions due to fraud.

A motion was made by James Acosta and seconded by Pelion Shugart to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried and meeting adjourned at 1:08 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Raes

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