Mcguffey high school

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Take Interstate 70 West to Taylorstown Exit (formerly Exit 3). At end of ramp, make a left and go about 100 yards to stop sign. Make a right onto Route 221 and go about one mile to the blinker light. Make a left (you will be on Route 40) and go to the top of the hill. School and stadium are on right.


Take Route 119 South, across Youghiogheny River. At traffic light (Sheetz on left), turn left onto Crawford Avenue. Continue on Crawford Avenue through town. Pass Route 711 and about 1/3 mile, Breakneck Road shoots off to right. Turn right off Breakneck onto Falcon Drive. Schools are on left.

Take 981 North to Route 30 (Latrobe Airport). Take 30 East for one mile to 982 North. Stay on 982 North for 5.2 miles. Total mileage from High School is 22.7 miles, Jr.High School is part of the High School complex.


Take Turnpike West to exit 3. Take 79 North to exit 30 - Slippery Rock. At the off ramp turn left, go 6 miles to the traffic light, turn right through town to the end of campus, turn left onto Kiester Road. Follow signs to Morrow Field House.

Take I-70 to New Stanton. Merge onto I-76 W PA Turnpike. Merge onto I-79 N via Exit 28 toward Erie. Take the US-422 W exit - Exit 99 – toward New Castle. Turn left onto US-422 W/Benjamin Franklin HWY. Turn right onto Currie Rd

Take PA Turnpike to EXIT 48 (Allegheny Valley). Go towards Pittsburgh on OLD 28 (you will pass Ames and the shopping center). Stay on this road until you come to the Hulton Bridge. Make a left turn onto the Hulton Bridge. After crossing the bridge make a right turn onto Third Street. Go past the High School and the Park will be on your right.
Take Route 119 South. Thru Connellsville. Past Connellsville WalMart.
Go Four traffic lights (Past Old Laurel Mall/New Pechins Store). Two traffic lights

Pennstate Fayette will be on the right .


RT 22 to RT 119 North (to Indiana) *Take Wayne Avenue Exit (pass the Holiday Inn on right. *Follow Wayne Avenue to Philadelphia Street – Giant Eagle/Get-Go on right at stop light (6 way intersection)…continue driving left…KFC will be on the left and Sheetz on the right. *Turn left onto Philadelphia Street. *Continue on Philadelphia Street for approximately one-mile, turn right onto College Lodge Road (top of hill) *One mile on College Lodge Road turn right before the sign.



From PA Turnpike’s Cranberry Exit. Follow Cranberry area to the Rt. 79 Exit off Turnpike. Continue on I79 North to Exit 87 (old exit 27) for Zelienople/Route 68. Turn left at the stop sign at the end of the off ramp onto Route 68 West. Continue 1 mile and turn left at traffic light to continue on Rt. 68W (also 19S). Go straight at 1st traffic light and straight at blinking light. Turn right at the next light (Fidelity Bank/711) to continue on 68W. Travel 5 m ore miles on Rt. 98W and turn right onto Brush Creek Rd. (the road that goes to the left is Rt 989). [If you go past the American Legion, you missed the turn.] You’ll be on Brush Creek Rd. for about 3.5 miles: turn left at the 1st stop sign, go straight at the 2nd stop sign, and turn left at the 3rd stop sign. You are now on 588W and will go across a narrow bridge and see soccer fields on your right. Travel about 200 yards to the Brush Creek Park entrance on right. Once inside the park, travel 2.0 miles on the park road to reach parking areas above the start/finish area.

Take I-70 to New Stanton. Merge onto I-76 W PA Turnpike. Merge onto I-79 N via Exit 28 toward Erie. Take the US-422 W exit - Exit 99 – toward New Castle. Turn left onto US-422 W/Benjamin Franklin HWY. Turn right onto Currie Rd

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