Mary Louise Pfeiffer

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Mary Louise Pfeiffer

19160 NE 19 Place

North Miami Beach, Florida 33179-4316

(305) 936-1494

<> or


LL.M. St. Thomas University School of Law, Miami, FL

Master of Laws in Intercultural Human Rights

M.A. Florida International University, Miami, FL, Master of

Arts in Religious Studies

B.A. Religious Studies, Dean’s List

Florida International University, Miami, FL

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

Art/ Design

A.S. Tidewater College, Virginia Beach, VA

Honors: Magna Cum Laude

Major : Biology Minor: Geology

R.T. Stouder Memorial Hospital, Troy, OH

Graduate, Radiological Sciences

Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Undergraduate Studies, Arts and Sciences


Florida International University:

Fellow, The Honors College, Visiting Professor

Department of Religious Studies, Adjunct Professor

Native American Religions, Healers & Mediums, World Religions,

Religion in America, Religion Analysis & Interpretation,

Department of Women’s Studies, Adjunct Professor, Native American Women

Larkin Community Hospital, Inc., Miami, FL

Breast Imaging Suite Consultant and Specialist, Instructor for Surgeons and Mammographers, Breast Biopsies

Tenet Hialeah Hospital, Miami, FL

Breast Biopsy Specialist Instructor: Surgeons and Mammographers

National School of Technology, North Miami Beach, FL

Director of Continuing Education, Instructor-Medical Division

Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami, Miami, FL

Instructor: Surgery and Portable Team, Radiological Technology Students, University of Miami, Medical School Interns


Caressa by Perry-Pfeiffer, North Miami Beach, FL

Aromatic Therapy Packs; Designer/Partner

Pfeiffer Originals, Miami FL

Art-Glass Studio, Design and Production, Owner/Operator

Miami Country Day School, Substitute Teacher, Miami Shores, FL
Larkin Community Hospital, Inc., Miami, FL

Breast Suite Consultant and Specialist

Hialeah Hospital (Tenet-Health Systems), Hialeah, FL

Breast Biopsy Specialist

Miami Heart Institute, Miami Beach, FL

Special Imaging Coordinator, Radiology Department

Breast Biopsy (ABBI) Specialist
National School of Technology, North Miami Beach, FL

Director of Continuing Education, Instructor

Mark J. Sinnreich, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Miami Beach, FL


Cedars Medical Center, Miami, FL

Mammography Specialist, Patient Coordinator

Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami, Miami, FL

Radiology Department


Who’s Who in America, 2008

Who’s Who of American Women, 2007, 2008
Fellow, The Honors College, Florida International University, Miami, FL
Advisory Board of Directors, College of Arts and Sciences, Florida International University, Miami, FL
Women’s Studies Board of Advisors (President 2008-2009), Florida International University, Miami, FL
Outstanding Service to the Religious Studies Department, College of Arts and Sciences, Florida International University, Miami, FL, April 2002; April 2000
Alumni Association Torch Award, Florida International University, Miami, FL, 2000
Fifth/Sixth Tribal Sovereignty Symposiums, Steering Committee and Board, St. Thomas University School of Law, Miami, FL, February 2000; September 2001
Theta Alpha Kappa, Alpha Gamma Pi Chapter, National Honor Society for Religious Studies, Florida International University, Miami, FL
Virginia Society of Radiography, Annual Convention, Virginia Beach, VA; First Prize, Staff Paper and Presentation: The Hazards of Asbestos in Shipyard Workers: Lung Disease and The Silent Killer: Asbestosis
Phi Theta Kappa, National Scholastic Honor Society for Junior Colleges, Virginia Beach, VA


Theta Alpha Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa

American Academy of Religion

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists: Mammography (Retired)

Alumni Association: Life Member, Florida International University

Native American Indian Museum, Charter Member, Founders Circle


American Cancer Society, Lecturer, Breast Care

PACE- Performing Arts for Community and Education, Miami, FL

Volunteer Chair, Hospitality Coordinator

Navy Relief Society, Meridian, MS, Counselor, Acting

Chairperson, 2000 Volunteer Hours

Naval Officers’ Wives Clubs, Oceana, VA, President; Secretary-Treasurer; Chairperson: POW/MIA Committee
Episcopal Youth Work: St. Thomas Episcopal Church, South Miami, FL,

Adult Director


NCHC Mongraph Series, Shatter the Glassy Stare: Implementing Experiential Learning in Higher Education, “From Cigarettes to the ‘Stacks’ and Beyond,” 2008
Contesting Sacred Space in Secular America: The Circle in the Heart of Miami, University of South Carolina English Department, “Communities in Crisis: Isolation, Desecreation, Tranformation in the 20th Century, 2007

Resacralizing Place: An American Indian Land Ethic of Sacred Sites and the Miami Circle, Master’s Thesis, Florida International University 2004

American Indian Spirituality, Fulford Methodist Church, May, 2004

Dade County Environmental Handbook, Current Edition in Progress:

Author/Editor for sections: Florida Indians, Miami Circle, Florida’s National Parks, Florida’s State Parks, FIU Preserve

Basic Radiography. National School of Technology and Ward Stone College, Inc.
Asbestosis: This Silent Killer. Virginia Society of Radiologic Technonogists, Annual Convention Publication

Letters of Reference available upon request from the following persons who have written recommendations on my behalf:

Dr. James Huchingson

Department of Religious Studies, DM 302

Florida International University

University Park Campus

Miami, FL 33199
Professor Dr. iur. Siegfried Wiessner

St. Thomas University School of Law

LL.M. ICHR Program Director

16400 NW 32nd Avenue

Miami, FL 33054-6459
Dr. Lesley Northup, Dean

The Honor College, DM 233

Florida International University

Miami, FL 33199

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