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Marty Beall
Coach Marty Beall has been with PTFC since moving to the area in 2009 to begin his tenure as the High Point University women’s soccer head coach. During this time, he has served as head coach for several of the PTFC girls’ teams, and currently leads the 01 Lady Black. Additionally, since 2012, Beall also serves the club in the role of Assistant Director of Coaching for the U15-U18 girls.
Marty Beall is entering his 7th season at the helm of the High Point women’s soccer team. In his first six seasons at HPU, he has led the Panthers to 57 wins including a 37-15-8 record in Big South play. He was named the Big South Coach of the Year in 2012 after guiding High Point to its first outright Big South Regular Season Championship.
Beall holds the HPU all-time program records for overall wins, conference wins, and has won 3 tournament championships and 2 regular season championships in just six years.
Off the field Beall’s teams have demonstrated excellence in the classroom. The Panthers were awarded the NSCAA Team Academic Award in five-straight seasons from 2010-14 and hold the highest GPA of any High Point team.

Beall came to HPU after coaching for 10 seasons at Francis Marion, including the last six seasons as the head coach. While at FMU, Beall helped transition the Patriot program from the Division II level to Division I. In his head coaching career, Beall owned a 56-44-7 record at FMU despite having to play outside a conference and consistently scheduling nationally and regionally-recognized programs. 
During his tenure at Francis Marion, Beall guided the Patriots to four double-digit win totals and four winning seasons. Under his tutelage four players developed into National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) All-Region performers including a pair of first-team selections. Beall’s pupils also garnered NSCAA/adidas All-America and Division I All-Independent team accolades. 
Prior to becoming the Patriots’ head coach in 2003, Beall served four seasons at FMU as assistant coach to Murray Hatzler, who established the program in 1995. While an assistant, Beall was in charge of all aspects of the women’s team and helped lead Francis Marion to one of its two NCAA Division II national tournament appearances in 2000. 
Beall spent two seasons (1997-98) as the women’s assistant coach at the College of Notre Dame in Baltimore, Md., before joining the FMU program in 1999. In addition to his collegiate coaching experience, Beall has also coached at the youth league, high school and club levels. He served as the Director of Coaching for the Florence Soccer Association and was the head coach of the South Carolina girls ODP staff for seven years. 
A two-year player at the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore, Beall served as captain of the 1994 squad. He also played one season for the nationally-ranked Montgomery (Junior) College in Rockville, Md.


He holds the Premier Diploma from the NSCAA and the USSF “B” license.

A native of Damascus, Md., Beall (41) earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Francis Marion in 2003. He and his wife, Paige, have 2 children, Callie Rae (3) and Campbell (4mo).

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