Management based on the application of operation research methods

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Sarimsaqov D - Article
III, Molékula, Reja O’tkazgich materiallarining asosiy xossalari, 2.5. Пористый кремний, QUYOSH BATAREYALARI, 2 КУРС Автоматик бошкариш назарияси, 112933, Fuqarolik oraliq 2-variant, Fuqarolik oraliq 2-variant, Choyning zarari, Лютиков 2012, fayz, prezidenti virtual qabulxonasi to'g'risida, Fuqarolik jamiyati, Fuqarolik jamiyati

Sarimsoqov Doniyor Hamidovich
Research Assistant, Department of Economics, Andijan State University

One of the possible approaches` implementation is considered to form communication enterprise marketing strategy based on the application of operational research methods and that allows optimizing the choice of assortment, supply volumes, market segments and prices for communication services. The results of solutions to nonlinear partially integer programming problem using the proposed heuristic method based on an iterative increase in the prices of communication services and solutions to each step price change of linear partially integer programming problem by the Land and Doig method are presented.
Enterprise, marketing management, optimization model, communication service, target segment, sales volume, price, hierarchy analysis method.

Introduction. Relevance of the research topic is conditioned by forming an effective marketing strategy of the enterprise in conditions of high dynamic market parameters changes, high severity of competition and limited production resources [1].

The objective of the work is to develop analytical tools for optimal planning of product, marketing and pricing strategies of the enterprise, based on heuristic methods and models of mathematical programming. The proposed tools are based on a mathematical model for choosing the optimal assortment, sales volumes, market segments and product prices for the planning period [2]. Using the proposed optimization model, it is predicted to plan the production and sale of both previously manufactured and new products.

Formulation of the problem. Let the company work with its products in certain markets (or market segments). The product portfolio to the enterprise also contains types of products (or services) with which the company has not entered yet the market and for which it is necessary to decide on the feasibility of their production and market launch. Conducted marketing research allowed us to assess the capacity of the markets segments in which the company is already working or expects to go out with its products. Marketers have also identified price limits each market segment at which the consumer agrees to purchase products. The company's management sets itself the task of achieving in the planning period certain values ​​of such target indicators as profit from sales products and market share controlled by the company. The expected levels are available production resources (materials, equipment and labor resources) in the planning period are determined and used in planning as limiting factors. The norms of resource consumption per unit of each type of product are assumed to be given; implementation costs (transportation and trading costs, advertising costs) product units for each market segment; unit prices of each type of resource.
It is required to determine which market segments, with which products, supply volumes and prices the enterprise should enter the market, provided that the goals of the enterprise are realized, constraints on demand and production resources are taken into account, and the expected profit from production and sales of products reaches its maximum value .

The mathematical model of the problem. Formalization process of choosing market segments, product range, supply volumes and product prices are carried out in terms of mathematical programming. When constructing a mathematical model, random model parameters (for example, demand for products in various market segments) are replaced by their mathematical expectations. The construction of a mathematical model is carried out for a fixed time interval, i.e., the planning process is investigated in a static setting. If it is necessary to build a dynamic model, i.e., consider the planning process in dynamics, you should set the temporal certainty of all the variables and parameters of the mathematical model under consideration.

Consider the components of the proposed optimization model. Managed variables in the model are:

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