Mahatma Gandhi Society of Ottawa … Fellowship of those who esteem Gandhian Thought and Principles of Action

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Mahatma Gandhi Society of Ottawa

Fellowship of those who esteem Gandhian Thought and Principles of Action

Gandhi Jayanti 2009 Celebrations

Sunday, September 27, 2009



Invocation Hymn (Vaishnava Jan To … by Patnaik sisters)

Welcome & Opening Remarks by Dr. J. Humar, President, Mahatma Gandhi Society of Ottawa

Mahatma Gandhi and his Legacy – Reflections by H. E. Mr. S. M. Gavai, High Commissioner of India

The Influence of Vaishnavism on Mahatma Gandhi -- Talk by Dr. Harsha Dehejia, Adjunct Professor of Hindu Religion, Carleton University

Children’s Programs:

Dance – by Mukul Hindi School children

Group Dance

Famous Quotes of Gandhiji – by Malayalam School children

Ram Dhun by Patnaik sisters



Reception (Refreshments)


Play – “Satyam Shivam Sundaram (“Truth is Auspicious and Beautiful) directed by Mr. Madan Gopal

About Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi, was born in India on October 2, 1869. Forever committed to non-violence and truth, Gandhiji has been hailed as an apostle of peace and has inspired many of humanity’s leaders who employed non-violent resistance in their struggle against oppression and tyranny.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

(Truth is auspicious and beautiful)

A one-act play directed by Mr. Madan Gopal

Harish, office assistant in a Government Department, aspires to become the Section Head. In an effort to get his promotion he invites his new boss, Mr. Ghosh, to dinner.

To impress the boss Harish borrows furniture, utensils and crockery from his neighbors and friends. His wife, Savitri, has received her education in Hindi but has little knowledge of the English language. Considering this as set back to his chances, Harish persuades Rajani, wife of his close friend Prakash, to act as his own wife while they entertain Mr. Ghosh. Rajani reluctantly agrees. Harish also prevails upon Savitri to act as a maid. The stage is now set for impressing Mr. Ghosh. In the middle of this arrives Harish’s father, Mohan Lal, who lives in another city and is here to attend the meeting of Gandhi Sachhai Sansthan, an organization dedicated to spreading Gandhi’s message of truthfulness. This complicates the matters, but fortunately Mohan Lal leaves for his meeting before the arrival of Mr. Ghosh.

Mr, Ghosh is duly impressed with the arrangement. He is also pleasantly surprised to find that Harish’s wife is well educated, cultured, and modern; something quite contrary to what he has been led to believe by others in his office. He is also quite impressed by the quiet efficiency and demeanor of Savitri and wants to retain her as a maid in his household. Now the house of cards starts crumbling.

Will Harish get his promotion? Will truth prevail? How will the whole messy situation work out; these are things worth witnessing rather than being described.


(In order of appearance)

Savitri Harish’s wife Seema Kudesia

Sukhia Harish’s borrowed servant Amit Jain

Harish Office Assistant Surendra Sharma

Mohan Lal Harish’s father Kamlesh Gupta

Bahadur Neighbour’s servant Amit Rajesh Jain

Rajani Prakash’s wife Vandana Sharma

Bankey Mr. Ghosh’s peon Ram Sahi

Mr. Ghosh IAS officer Madan Gopal

Prakash Harish’s friend Ghalib Khan

Time and place of action: Harish’s apartment, 12 Noon

With Compliments from Our Supporters
(Reverse alphabetically)

Mr. Vaidy and Mrs. Chandra Vaidynathan

Bishop George Theckedath and Mrs. Theckedath

Mr. Vineet and Mrs. Alka Srivastava

Mr. J.N.K. and Mrs. Neela Rao

Mr. Raj and Mrs. Soundaram Rajan

Dr. Jagdish & Mrs. Krishna Pandey

Mr. Kailash Mital

Dr. Pradeep and Mrs. Anita Merchant

Dr. Johnson and Mrs. Elizabeth Kuruvila

Mrs. Malti Kesarwani

Mr. Rajesh and Mrs. Rachna Jain

Dr. Jagmohan and Mrs. Yash Humar

Dr. Rajendra and Mrs. Rashmi Gupta

Mr. Krishan and Mrs. Shalini Gupta

Mr. Harish and Mrs. Chitra Gupta

Mr. Shri and Mrs. Amena Gopal

Dr. Nishith and Mrs. Neeta Goel

Mr. Arvind Chhatbar

Dr. Anuj & Mrs. Supriya Bhargava

Mr. Subhash and Mrs. Sarita Agrawal

Mr. Mahendra & Mrs. Neeti Agrawal

Mr. Anil & Mrs. Suman Agrawal

Ceylonta Restaurant

AKRAN Marketing

Your generous support has made this event possible.

Thank you.

Mahatma Gandhi Society of Ottawa

Gandhi Jayanti 2009

Celebration of

the 140th birth anniversary of
Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Kailash Mital Theatre

Southam Hall, Carleton University

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