Listen to the podcast to find out the answers. Listen and write correct answer

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Listen to the podcast to find out the answers. Listen and write correct answer


  1. How many teachers in the UK are now trained to teach mindfulness?

5 000

2. According to Catherine how people practise mindfulness?

People practise mindfulness, the noun, by focusing only on their breath, and not allowing themselves to be distracted by passing thoughts

  1. What does “secular world” mean in the podcast?

It means “non-religious “ world. In other words, It’s a place where is far from religion.

  1. Who is Alison Mayo?

A teacher who’s practicing mindfulness with students for many years also, Head of Early Years, Dharma Primary school

  1. What specific characteristics belong to children?

Being in the present.

  1. Which phrase is mostly used by people practicing mindfulness?

To be in the present or present moment.

  1. What are advantages of being grounded?

It helps students concentrate and learn in a relaxed way.

  1. What is medical advantage of practicing mindfulness?

It helps treat conditions like depression and anxiety, also it reduces levels of stress hormone, cortisol.

  1. What's the difference between mindfulness and meditation

Meditation is a broader term , mindfulness is a particular kind of meditation.

  1. What is meditate?

It means to take quiet time to focus deeply on something.

Write a brief summary of what the podcast (50-100 words)

In this podcast two person speak about mindfulness which is one type of meditation that helps people in their psychological and physical health, for example treating depression and anxiety, reducing stress also by eating mindfully( eating slowly, not too much,not being distracted and tasting the food) to lose weight in a healthy way.
Download 16.92 Kb.

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