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Friday, September 5, 2014: Letters of Intent (LOIs) are due in the JWF office by 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. Late Letters of Intent will NOT be accepted.

Completion of this form is required. You may reproduce it on your computer, and please limit your responses to three pages. LOIs and fiscal agent letters (if applicable) may be submitted via e-mail to LisbethC@bocafed.org. In order for LOIs to be considered received by JWF, you must receive an email confirmation of receipt from JWF within two business days.
Name of the Program for which you are applying:
Organization Name:
Contact Person:

  1. Is your organization a tax-exempt 501(c)3 public charity? Yes_____ No_____

  1. If no, what organization will serve as your Fiscal Agent? [Please include your organization’s letter of authorization from your fiscal agent.]

  1. Briefly describe your organization.

  1. Briefly summarize the program for which you are seeking funding. Is this a new or on-going project?

  1. Have you applied to JWF of South Palm Beach County before? If so, when? Was your grant request funded, and for what amount?

  1. From the list of indicators of social change described below, please check which “attempts to shift” best applies to your program? If your program addresses more than one of the indicators, please select the top two that most clearly reflect the work of your program. (See next page.)

    • Attempting to shift definitions and/or reframing of issues: An issue is defined differently in the community or larger society as a result of your work.

    • Attempting to shift individual and community behavior: People are behaving differently in the community or larger society as a result of your work.

    • Attempting to shift critical mass and engagement: People in the community or larger society are more engaged as a result of your work.

    • Attempting to shift institutions, systems and policies: An institutional, organizational, or legislative policy or practice has changed as a result of your work.

    • Maintaining earlier progress: As a result of your work, past gains have been maintained, generally in the face of opposition.

  1. Briefly explain how your program fits into one or two of the attempts to shift and how it promotes social change for Jewish women and children.

  1. Provide a list of the program goals, proposed objectives, and what indicators will be used to gauge the success of the program.

  1. Please indicate which grant category do you believe your program would fit in best. (Please refer to the Grant Categories page on our website for more information.)

  •  Economic Security/Legal Reform for Women and Children

  •  Health and Abuse Prevention for Women and Children

  •  Education/Leadership Development for Women and Children

  •  Other

  1. Identify your target population (including the age of program participants), geographic focus area, and projected number to be served.

  1. Estimated Project Cost $__________________

  1. Total Amount Requested from JWF of South Palm Beach County $_________________

  1. Have you applied to other Jewish Women’s Foundations within the United States?

  1. If so, please list which Jewish Women’s Foundations.

  1. If so, was your organization funded by these other Jewish Women’s Foundations?

  1. If so, when?

  1. For what amount?

Please send the completed Letter of Intent form and fiscal agent letter (if applicable) no later than 5 pm Eastern Standard Time on September 5, 2014 to Lisbeth Rock Cauff, Director of JWF at LisbethC@bocafed.org. Lisbeth Rock Cauff, Director, Jewish Women’s Foundation of South Palm Beach County, 9901 Donna Klein Boulevard, Boca Raton, FL 33428, USA, Telephone: 561-852-3188.

In order for LOIs to be considered received by JWF, you must receive an email confirmation of receipt from JWF within two business days. Please note: If your organization’s Letter of Intent is approved, you will be invited to submit a full funding plan with the grant proposal. Please refer to www.jewishboca.com/jwf for more information about our 2014-2015 grant cycle.

P/JWF 2014 Grant Cycle/Letter.Of.Intent.Form.2014-2015.7.22.2014

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