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  • To read cultural stories.
  • To listen to instructions of how to make an origami shape.
  • To write a letter to a family member who is abroad.
  • To have the capabilities to introduce themselves in a correct and proper way.
  • To use oral expressions in order to use adjectives in oral context.
  • To use the cellphone after reading instructions.
  • To improve the comprehension of texts.
  • To comprehend what they listened.


For questions 1-7, match the stages of the lesson with the subsidiary aims listed A-H. There is one extra option which you do not need to use.

Lesson stages

Subsidiary aims

1 Check vocabulary from the last lesson.

2 Introduce the topic and elicit/present new words and phrases

3 Learners reorder jumbled paragraphs of a text

4 Learners match words in the text with possible meanings

5 Learners answer true/false questions

6 Learner underline examples of reported speech

7 Learners exchange texts and give feedback

A focus on form

B deduce meaning from context

C peer correction

D check detailed comprehension

E contextualise and pre-teach vocabulary

F check learners’ awareness of text organization (pronouns, linking, etc.)

G have controlled practice of target structure

H revise language already learnt

Download 121.67 Kb.

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