Lesson 6 Grammar The clock is on the wall. The ball is under

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Lesson 6 Grammar

The clock is on the wall.

The ball is under the table.

The cat is beside the armchair.

The carpet is on the floor.

The lamp is on the table.

The flowers are in the vase.

4- topshiriq.

  1. There’s a beach down here.

  2. There are four girls and two boys in her family.

  3. Is there a train to Manchester?

  4. There is a new disco near the college.

  5. Is there a good restaurant in this street?

  6. There are two hospitals in town.

  7. Are there a lot of children in the pool?

  8. There are three families in that house.

  9. Is there a television in the flat?

  10. There is a big grey cloud over there.

Lesson 7 Progress and achivements in education system of Great Britain

  1. Topshiriq.

Is education in G.B. free?

Is education in G.B. compulsory?

The education system in Great Britain is begins five or seven age and finishes sixteen age. This is secondary school and it is compulsory. After secondary school the pupils can study college or university. But it is free.

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