Lenny Montano how some tricks are done a) claimed b) pretended c) revealed (2)

Decide if these sentences are active or passive

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Decide if these sentences are active or passive.

(11) The record was broken for the second time this week. active / passive

(12) The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London. active / passive

(13) They’ll finish building the stadium soon. active / passive

(14) The rules were changed in 1988. active / passive

(15) All the swimming events will be held in the outdoor pool. active / passive

(16) They must decide when the competition will start. active / passive

(17) The game will be shown on TV. active / passive

Complete the three conversations with words and expressions from the box. There are three extra words and phrases.

a lot to be gained from aren’t you? no point in congratulations

didn’t we? excellent news Guess what? isn’t it? not at all

The same to you. don’t you?

Conversation 1

A: So, what’s this great idea of yours?

B: Steve thinks we should bid to host the next Olympics!

A: You’re joking, (18) _______________

B: No, (19) _______________. I think it would be great for the city.

A: What do you mean?

B: Well, there’s (20) _______________ having the Olympics here.

A: Really? Just name one advantage.

Conversation 2

A: (21) _______________

B: I don’t know. Give me a clue.

A: The Olympics.

B: We won, (22) _______________

A: Yeah, we did.

B: Great. Oh, and (23) _______________! I never thought we would win the bid, but well done!
Conversation 3

A: You like sport, (24) _______________

B: Yes. Why?

A: Haven’t you heard? The Olympics are going to be held here in 2016?

B: Wow. That’s (25) _______________!

Read the text and match the phrases in the box to the five people. Be careful! There are two extra phrases.

a roof over your head something to eat money in your pocket a steady job

friends and family someone to share your life with hope for the future

(1) Brian ___________________________________

(2) Mark ___________________________________

(3) Jackie ___________________________________

(4) Rick ___________________________________

(5) Scott ___________________________________
What matters to you?

We spoke to five people about what was the most important thing for them in their lives. This is what they said.

I’m a millionaire and everybody thinks I should be happy, but I’m not. I don’t have to worry about most things, but it’s difficult being on your own. Sure, I’ve got friends, but I wonder what would happen if I lost all my money? (Brian)
Humph, that’s easy. As long as I’ve got cash then I’m fine, aren’t I? I don’t really need anything else because I can buy whatever I need. (Mark)
Easy, people who love you! To be honest, if I had any problems the first people I’d turn to are my mum and dad. They’d always be there for me. (Jackie)
I’ve slept on the street before and it’s the worst thing that can happen. Once you’re there it’s so difficult to get a job and without a job you don’t have enough money. So, for me, it would definitely be somewhere to live. (Rick)
Last year I was in Caracas in South America and I was just amazed at how happy everyone was. There were people living on the street, they had no money and often looked really hungry, but they always seemed to believe that things would get better. So, for me, that’s what’s got to be the most important thing. (Scott)
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