Lenny Montano how some tricks are done a) claimed b) pretended c) revealed (2)

Choose the correct form of the word to complete each sentence

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Choose the correct form of the word to complete each sentence.

(9) What’s the probably / probability of that happening again?

(10) Oh come on! That’s impossible / possibly. I don’t care what you say.

(11) I can’t say with any certain / certainty.

(12) I don’t know, but I think it’s quite likelihood / unlikely.

(13) How can you be so definite / definitely?

(14) I’m absolutely certain / certainty it was here earlier.

Complete the sentences in direct speech so that they mean the same as those above in reported speech.

(15) He told me to be quick.

“__________________________________________, ” he told me.

(16) She asked me what I had been doing.

“__________________________________________?” she asked.

(17) Angela insisted that I called her at nine.

“__________________________________________,” insisted Angela.

(18) John warned me to be careful.

“__________________________________________!” warned John.

(19) He said he would do it the following day.

“__________________________________________,” he said.

For 20–25, choose the sentence, a, b or c which as the same meaning as the sentence above.

(20) I’m certain it’s a trick.

a) It can’t be a trick. b) It might be a trick. c) It must be a trick.

(21) I think it’s probably a fake.

a) It can’t be a fake. b) It might be a fake. c) It must be a fake.

(22) I’m sure he isn’t a magician.

a) He can’t be a magician. b) He might be a magician. c) He must be a magician.

(23) She’s got different colour hair.

a) She can’t be the same woman.

b) She might be the same woman.

c) She must be the same woman.

(24) I don’t think he was there, but I’m not sure.

a) It couldn’t have been him. b) It might have been him. c) It must have been him.

(25) I didn’t sleep last night.

a) You could be tired. b) You might be tired. c) You must be tired.


Read the articles about the Nazca lines and Stonehenge and complete them with phrases from the box.

as a calendar to mark important events in religious ceremonies

other lines make up shapes or pictures you will see an amazing thing

you will suddenly come across

Nazca Lines

In the Nazca Desert in southern Peru there is a collection of lines that appear to be nothing unusual from close up. However, if you fly above the desert (1) ______________________. Many of the lines are perfectly straight and run for many kilometres while (2) ______________________. There are over seventy such pictures including a spider, a monkey, a hummingbird and a 300-metre-long pelican. The most mysterious part is how anyone could make such lines and drawings more than 1,000 years before the invention of the airplane. The other mystery is why the lines were drawn. One idea is that they were used (3) ______________________ and were designed to be seen by the gods.

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