Learning strategies

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11. tasks Learning strategies
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Task 1. Match the words 1-10 and their definitions a-j.

Task 2. Listen to the tape. Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

1. Professor Johnson hasn’t made any work on methodology but is aware of

specific features of it.

2 A strategy is the only methodological term.

3 Learning strategies must be studied and then used by students at educational


4 Meta-cognitive learning strategies are general learning strategies.

5 Organizing or planning strategies help learners to fulfill any complicated task.

6 Monitoring learning strategy assists students to manage their anxieties or


7 Personalizing strategy is used for getting information closer to a learner’s

own conditions.

8 Learning strategies are only useful for foreign language studying.

Task 3. Listen to the tape again and fill in the gaps with suitable words.

a. To use______knowledge is one of the basic data of task-based strategy.

b. All specific features of learning_____can help for setting______ in future language learning process.

c. Personalizing strategy assists students to bring information______to his or her personal feelings, ideas.

d. Organizing strategy is responsible for_______or arranging some educational issues.

e. Effective and important______to learning can help a person to develop professionally.

f. There are four various_______of task-based learning strategies which are closely connected with each

Task 4. Answer the following questions.

a. What is a strategy as a general idea? What is a life strategy and how it affects our behaviour?

b. What is a meta-cognitive learning strategy?

c. What are some types of meta-cognitive learning strategies? How do they help with our studies?
Download 242,48 Kb.

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