Lab 7 – Radar Image and Edge Enhancement Introduction

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Lab 7 – Radar Image and Edge Enhancement


Fig. 1, PALSAR image of Pamlico Peninsulas.

Commonly used methods to analyze synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data include speckle suppression, image enhancement, edge enhancement, and texture analysis. In this lab, texture analysis is introduced in the detection of small ships off Oregon Inlet, Outer Banks, NC. Now, let’s start the s/w and view ALOS PALSAR 20061205.img (Fig. 1).The data were acquired on December 5, 2006 for areas around Pamlico Peninsula, Dare County, NC. The Pamlico Sound and Atlantic Ocean is on the east. Greenville, NC should be south-west to the image. Two white arrows point to two military bombing ranges in the area. The area shaped in a triangle and in black as pointed a black arrow is area with missing that is caused by the orbit of the satellite. Answer questions 1–3. Since this the final lab, only the print screen is given for the analysis. You are required to locate this program within the IMAGINE software through search and find. Answer questions 4 and 5.


  1. (1 point) Google what ALOS and PALSAR stand for?

  2. (1.5 point) What are the wavelength in centimeters, band name, and polarization(s) of the ALOS PALSAR?

  3. (0.5 point) Based on the shape of the missing data area, what was the satellite orbit (ascending or descending) when the PALSAR sensor was collecting the data. The PALSAR is always right-side looking, i.e., if the satellite is traveling south to north (that is an ascending orbit) the sensor is looking toward the east or right side.

  4. (1 point) Can you identify (guess) ships were within the image on 20071208_oregon_inlet.img and 20061208_oi_texture.img? If each bright spot is a ship, how many ships were within the area?

  5. (1 point) Your 20061208_oi_texture.img.


This lab handout was supported by an AmericaView grant to the East Carolina University at Greenville, North Carolina, 27858, USA. The 20061205.img© and 20071208_oregon_inlet.img© were granted by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to the East Carolina University.

Download 169.79 Kb.

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