Kimber Hills Preschool

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Kimber Hills Preschool

39700 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539

(510) 651-KIDS 

_______________________________(parent/guardian) for the care of________________________________.

1. We have read and understand the school's philosophy of an education that is Christian and its statement of faith, and we are in agreement with the purpose and philosophy of Kimber Hills Preschool.
2. We do hereby state that we have made a thorough investigation of the school's program, curriculum, discipline, dress code, etc., and we agree to make them our glad hearted choice for the coming school year.
3. We will faithfully support the school through our prayers and positive attitude, and in keeping with Matthew 18:15, we are committed to giving a good report by sharing any complaints and negative comments only with the people involved. Unresolved issues will be taken care of by using the school's chain-of-command.
4. We understand that the standards of Kimber Hills Preschool do not tolerate profanity, obscenity in word or action, dishonor to the Holy Trinity and the Word of God, disrespect to the personnel of the school, or continued disobedience to the established policies of the school.
5. We believe that discipline is necessary for the benefit of each student as well as for the entire school, and we give permission to the teachers and administration to make and enforce school regulations in a manner consistent with Christian principles and discipline as set forth in the Scriptures (Proverbs 22:6; Colossians 3:20; Hebrews 12:6). We further agree that we will cooperate and discipline our child at home as needed.
6. We will support the school by involvement in Parent-Teacher Conferences, Open House, Parent-Teacher activities, and other school-sponsored meetings and activities.
7. We understand and agree that continued enrollment and re-enrollment of my child(ren) in Kimber Hills Preschool is dependent on my parental support of the school, its staff, and its policies.
8. We also understand that the State of California Licensing Agency (Community Care Licensing) or Child Protective Services has the following authority:

a. To interview child(ren) or staff, and to inspect and audit child or facility records without prior consent;

b. To observe the physical condition of the child(ren), including conditions which could indicate abuse, neglect or inappropriate placement and to have a licensed medical professional physically examine the child(ren).
9. We understand the school’s legal obligation, as mandated reporters, to communicate occurances/incidents of suspected child abuse to the appropriate authorities.
10. We understand and will fulfill our financial commitment to pay for the educational services the school is providing for our child(ren).

a. Daily program services include a qualified staff to supervise activities that assist your child's learning process. This includes varied activities of play, reading readiness, music appreciation, stories, creative art, science, health, all of which provide for an educational experience of lasting value in the physical, mental, and

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emotional development of the child(ren). The teaching of Jesus will be shared throughout the entire curriculum. A mid-morning and afternoon snack will be served daily.

b. The parent or guardian agrees that he/she is contracting for the services which are marked below and will pay the stipulated rate.
11. I give my consent to Fremont Community Church including Kimber Hills Preschool to include photograph(s) and/or video(s) of my child(ren) in its promotional materials or its website. (Never using name, birthdate or any specific information.) Yes No_________


Hot nutritious lunch (Hot lunch is available Sept.-June from Nob Hill Catering)

Carton of milk (all year at an extra charge)

Each new core-day and full-day student will receive a Nap Kit consisting of a pillow, blanket, and bag from Kimber Hills Preschool.

TERMINATION CONDITIONS - Initials: Each child is accepted into the program on a probationary basis for the first ten days of his/her attendance. During this time, the child can be dismissed without prior notice and any unused prepaid fees will be refunded. Thereafter, the Preschool will give at least one-week notice of dismissal and will refund any unused prepaid fees. (See below for reasons for dismissal.) A child may be dismissed from the program if it is determined that they no longer benefit from attendance due to:

a. Child's inability to separate from parent and it is agreed by parent and school that the child is not yet ready for a school setting;

b. Child is unable to control aggressive actions to other children or staff personnel;

c. All children must be able, at appropriate age level, to reasonably manage and control all body fluids (i.e., urine, bowel movements, runny nose, etc.);

d. Parent or guardian has not cooperated with the Preschool regarding the child's discipline needs;

  1. Parent or guardian has not paid the agreed upon fee or has been late paying the fee more than twice in a six-month period.

  2. Repeated late pick-up after 12 noon, 3:30pm or 6pm may result in “regretful dismissal.”

We as parents/guardians agree that we have received and read a copy of the Parent's Handbook and agree to all of the Preschool's operating policies and procedures as described therein.

We as parents/guardians of the student applicant, do sincerely give our pledge to this entire agreement. We understand that failure of the parents or child(ren) to comply with the established regulations and discipline, parental commitment, or failure to meet financial obligations will forfeit the student's privilege of attending Kimber Hills Preschool.
The Preschool reserves the right to modify any of the conditions of this agreement upon 30 days written notice to the parent or guardian.

I have read this parent agreement and understand my commitment to KHP.
______________________________Date__________ _____________________________Date__________

Director, or Authorized Representative Parent or Guardian

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