International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan

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International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan

Done by: D.Nasirova

Checked by: sh.Akbarova

Analyze a listening task. Track 45.

  • Conversation 1
  • Hello, it’s Alan, isn’t it? How are you?
  • Fine, thanks and how’s conference going for you?
  • Very well, thanks. I think you were at my presentation yesterday, weren’t you?
  • Yeah, I was. You know I am a great admire of your work and the presentation really impressed me. I don’t know if …I wonder if we could perhaps meet up later on to discuss…

Conversation 2

  • Yes, I agree. What did you think of the presentation by Rozali?
  • Well, I am not sure actually which presentation you mean. Do you mean the one on the correlation between Calculus achievement and knowledge in General Mathematics?
  • That’s the one, yes. It wasn’t really my area of interest or expertise but I really interested in the topic and I actually met Rozali when she visited the University.
  • Oh, really. So, she’s been older?

Yes. Well, she was fully very good, well organized and very clear. I’d love to meet her. I’m actually meeting her for lunch. I could tell her that you would like to be introduced and you could perhaps join us coffee after lunch. Oh, that would be great, thanks a lot.

Both dialogues are happening among colleagues in the same area of expertise. In the first conversation, a lady is asking alan for his opinion about yesterday’s conference. Alan informed her that he really appreciated her presentation.

In the second conversation, a lady was asking her colleague’s opinion about rozali’s presentation and informed that she was really interested in that specific topic presented by rozali. So, a man became interested in the same and would love to meet her. So, the lady offered him to join them for coffee after lunch as she was meeting rozali.

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