Insanity of the Obsessed

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Deathquake Records is proud to present the Death Metal Trio, WARFACE, and their full-length debut album Insanity of the Obsessed. One of the genre’s most talked about releases of the year!” declared METAL MANIACS, further stating, “Expect this band to emerge in the North American sweepstakes!” PIT MAGAZINE has announced WARFACE’s Insanity of the Obsessed to be “some of the finest Death Metal America has to offer.” Insanity of the Obsessed has quickly earned WARFACE widespread support and recognition throughout the metal community and has been described by as “Easily the most imaginative and musically ambitious Death Metal release of the year,” by BLASTING-ZONE.COM In addition to turning the heads of metal enthusiast and a rapidly growing fan base, WARFACE’s Insanity of the Obsessed is making Rock and Metal history featuring a lead female guitarist, writer and producer in an Extreme Metal Trio. The extreme metal genre has not yet seen a female out front handling all rhythm and lead guitar duties single handedly as well as writing and producing. WARFACE has been deemed as “Death Metal’s fiercest up and comers,” by RUIN Magazine. Hailing from San Diego, CA the three piece is comprised of Dave Smith (Vocals/Bass), Laura Christine (Lead Guitar), and Tyson Jupin (Drums).

Insanity of the Obsessed is a follow up to their self-titled EP, which was released in 2001.  Their previous release achieved them critical acclaim in the underground.  METAL MANIACS Magazine praised WARFACE as “A little piece of all the major players that defined Death Metal is packed into one little three-piece [Warface]."

Since the release of their EP, WARFACE has grown and developed its unique style and chemistry giving fans powerful, unrelenting music that they can really sink their teeth into.  When Deathquake Records came knocking, they recognized the band’s amazing talent and catchy metal music and signed the Death Metal trio immediately. After signing, the band was sent straight to the studio to work with world-class engineer/producer Alan Sanderson (SYSTEM OF A DOWN, SLAYER, ROLLING STONES, JOHNNY CASH).
Insanity of the Obsessed blends complex yet catchy moody-melodies with low brow pounding grooves that hook. This style of writing makes the songs memorable and sticks in the listener’s head and soul. OUTBURN Magazine described WARFACE’s musical debut with the following, "Pantera has a song on Cowboys from Hell called 'The Art of Shredding,' and it is difficult not to think of that phrase in the context of the fiery guitar hero riffs and solos of Warface's Laura Christine. Christine's guitar tone makes neck hairs stand at attention, and her soloing is as much about feeling as it is accomplished musicianship." EXPLICITLY INTENSE Magazine added, "Fellow headbangers ... (Insanity of the Obsessed) will level an entire city block with its lethal hurricane force sonic winds. This band certainly stands next to some of Death Metal's sickest names, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Cattle Decapitation.  Warface is surely capable of some of the most punishing Death Metal known to the human ear..."


WARFACE has been picked and endorsed by the biggest names in music equipment including: Axis Percussion, Dunlop, Coffin Case, EMG Pickups, and GHS Strings. KXK Guitars have also recognized WARFACE talent and designed a custom line of KXK WARFACE V Guitars while currently building a signature KXK WAR Bass series.


WARFACE has surfaced onto the metal scene with intent to support and add to its Brutality Worldwide. WARFACE is not trying to reinvent metal, but simply carry on the tradition of bringing quality metal music to the masses. Insanity of the Obsessed is available in stores and online everywhere.

Download 28 Kb.

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